Surf Town Morocco

Surf Town Morocco provides full board accommodation, surf lessons for all levels, guiding, and shuttle service.

Instructors 4

Aziz Skoutti

Aziz is the surf camp manager, local surf instructor, and surf guide from Tamraght. He is an experienced surfer and has surfed since 1994. He speaks Berber, Arab, French, English, and Russian languages.

Abdallah Trawri

Abdallah is an experienced surf instructor and surf guide local from Tamraght. He has surfed since 2004. He speaks Berber, Arab, French, English, and Russian languages.


Yassin is an experienced surf instructor and local surf guide from Tamraght. He has surfed since 2004. He speaks Berber, Arab, French, and English languages.


Mohammad is an experienced local surf instructor from Tamraght. He has surfed since 2006. He speaks Berber, Arab, French, and English languages.

Testimonials 5

Liubov P. Russia


I liked it so much! Great, nice place to live, good food, and top terrace where you can relax, play game with other people and smoke hookah. It was my first-time surf experience and I can only tell that the guys who taught us were the best! Two weeks I spent there were really relaxing and I enjoyed myself a lot! I'd really love to go there again soon!

a traveler Russia

TripAdvisor website

Nice villa with an ocean view from some rooms and from the roof terrace, perfect local cuisine dinners, very friendly staff. SurfTown team is great! Ready to help, friendly and cheerful. Visited different spots during our 2-week stay, including several located rather far away.

Evgeny F.

TripAdvisor website

Enjoyed a nice 2-week surf trip with my friends in the SurfTown camp. Well-organized, honest, and in-time service. Surf spots were visited according to wave level and group surfing skills. Instructors supported both novices and intermediate surfer groups. Big range of board sizes and types. Would highly recommend SurfTown to enjoy Moroccan surfing, special thanks to Abdullah and Aziz.

Masha Luch


Let’s start from the very beginning. Your morning begins with the choice of the spot suitable for your abilities! After receiving a surfboard, and putting on wetsuits, your lesson begins: theoretical skills, safety instructions, and at last the practice!

The instructors of the school will teach you to surf, even if you are a no-hoper. They will explain you to the last, and you will have no choice but to learn to catch the real waves! By the way, they speak English, French, Russian, and Arab and Berber languages so you will understand them! During your lessons, your teachers control you all the time and you can know about all your mistakes and progress! You can also ask them to take some photos of you. Such photos will help you to analyze your mistakes and will bring back fond memories.

The lessons begin at 9 o’clock in the morning and lasts 7 hours so you will have enough time to enjoy surfing.

I want to give information about the location of the school. Surftown is situated in a very quiet and nice village which is called Tamraght. It's only 15 kilometers from Agadir. Tamraght is a place where you can admire the ocean, feel the breeze, and meet happy people! You won’t want to leave this place. You needn’t have to worry about the location of your camp, you will definitely like it. And if you want to hang out and find some parties, you can go to Agadir.

I have been here many times and I'm sure if you want to learn to surf, to catch the best wave, to admire the ocean, to enjoy yourself, to sunbathe, and just to have fun, this is the best place in the world.

Asya M.

TripAdvisor website

This summer was the second time I came to Morocco. One of the reasons is SurfTown for sure. It's an amazing, friendly, and homely camp. I love everything about it: quality surf lessons, the great qualification of instructors, and their sensitivity. They are always ready to give you a hand no matter what you're asking. If you want to feel the real atmosphere of Morocco and kindness of local people, you should spend at least a few days at the camp.

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