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Surf Simply is all about technical surfing taught simply at their boutique resort in Nosara, Costa Rica.

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a traveler Brazil

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This is the best team on teaching surf techniques. It was our first time at the Surf Simply. Definitely we will go back. We learned a lot during the last week. Surf is a difficult sport and we still have a lot to learn. The team were very focus on making my trip pleasant because they are helpful and funny. They also will help you to improve your surf or teach you how to surf. We definitely recommend them to people who want to spend a week surfing with safety and at the same time improving their skills!

a traveler Germany

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A week at Surf Simply was really one of the best weeks ever. The team was incredibly friendly and the instructions were just really professional and changed my surfing completely. Living in Europe, I don't have the chance to surf regularly and therefore, my progress was pretty slow. I was already thinking that surfing might be not for me. But the week at Surf Simply made it so much easier to understand the ocean and my coach, Jessy, was really amazing and helped me a lot to progress. We had pretty big waves during that week and she was always there to calm me down and motivate me. I stayed a little longer in Costa Rica after my week at Surf Simply and I now get almost every wave I'm paddling for and this is really just because of all the things I learned during my week there. The accommodation is also perfect and the food is absolutely amazing. Thanks to everyone of the Surf Simply team for the great time and I hope to be back soon.

Angie and Peter

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Our week was really amazing! We were blown away by how passionate all the coaches are about both surfing and teaching. The coaching is based on actual, thoughtful technique (not the norm for surf lessons) including great education sessions on-land. There is great value if you have never surfed or if you've been shredding for years. I've surfed for a number of years and I learned a ton from my coach, Fran. Angie's coach, Tommy, took her from the basics to catching waves on the outside. I promise you'll never eat as well on any other surf trips. Dennis is a master chef and Lulu's muffins are the bomb! All said, it's a must-do trip for surfers of all levels. We will return!

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