Surf Royal Baleal offers specialized surf holidays for families, couples, and individuals that want an easier approach to surfing.

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Yevgeniya Soldatova

from Czechia, May 2022

"Best Surf Experience "

Sandro was very attentive and caring. Moreover he can make you to do stand up from the first lesson. I have been doing surfing before, however, never succeeded to do that, and now thanks to Sandro I can! Moreover he was very friendly and picked me up from the Peniche bus station. I had only three lessons, but after that I can go to the water by myself and with more confidence. What is more, after the course I have received video as a souvenir and professional recommendations. I will definitely recommend Sandro as a surf lector

Hugo Naia

from Portugal, August 2021

"Awesome experience"

Everything was perfect.

Sandro was my instructor he is the best in town.

the accomodations were perfect, everything was very clean and organised.

Laura Bertoni

from Italy, August 2021

"Amazing experience"

I love the surf experience at all. I am not a surf addicted, it was my first time surfing and it couldn’t be more perfect. Sandro is a very nice person and instructor, he teach you with passion and you can see how much he loves his job. When I arrived he came to pick up me at the bus station in Peniche. Than we arrived in Baleal and he brought me to the surf house.

The school give you everything, swetsuits, board and is very nice, it is inside a sort of castle on the beach.

Than the lesson, they bring you to the beach and start to introduce this sport to you with some exercise on the sand. One time you are in the water until you have some energy Sandro is happy to help you, correct you and push you to be always better in the next wave. The last day they film you. It is nice and useful to understand where you made it wrong, but also is a good “souvenir” to bring at home with you. So if you want to surf for the very first time, in my opinion this is the best place to came. And this school is in a very cool place, Baleal where all the people came from Europe to do that. It’s a kind of world apart, and it’s cool. Thank you for everything Sandro and see you in Baleal another time, I will be back 😜!


Jim Hennissen

from Netherlands, July 2021

"Amazing experience!!"

Sandro is an expert in teaching how to surf. Next to this he is also a great person to be around!

Tatiana Savenko

from Czechia, July 2021

"The best of the best, no kidding!"

Do you want to feel special? Do you want to learn how to surf with an absolute guarantee? Choose this school! I don't have enough words to express the whole range of my feelings! It was a magical experience! We chose a program for 3 days, it seems a little, but with Sandro it's enough to get on the board! I was sure that I was hopeless. But Sandro showed me what I'm capable of. His teaching style is very simple, clear and at the same time effective. With him, you feel just special...You are not afraid to make mistakes, because Sandro helps you to correct them in a friendly way. Your coach, interlocutor, drinking companion.. This I shim. If you choose this school, then an unforgettable experience is guaranteed for you! I realize that I sound quite enthusiastic.. But it's true! The best moment of my summer 2021. The combination of "price-quality" is ideal. And the personal attitude of the instructor simply cannot be bought for money. I recommend it from the bottom of my heart! No kidding.

Franz Mayr

from Portugal, February 2020

"Excellent experience"

I loved the experience, Sandro is a great instructor, great surf lessons (and good tips for the spots).

Besides giving me surf lessons, he really did everything to help me enjoy my stay. It really felt like I was visiting friends.

Regarding the beaches, Baleal has nice waves for everybody (not only begginners). Sandro was always making sure to take me to the place that was more appropiate, so you can rest assured that you will have the right waves.

About food: breakfast was really complete.

I would totally recommend Surf Royal Baleal, I've just left and I'm already thinking of coming back!

Claudia Almer

from Austria, November 2019

"Authentic, Amazing and Fun Surf Camp"

As I was the only student at that time, I got the whole house with kitchen, living room, double bed, billiard table, TVs, huge breakfast && on my own. My instructor Sandro was really attentive, I had the luck to have individual lessons with him, he was really patient with me, supportive, praised me a lot and let's pretend he was laughing with -not about- me when I made dumb mistakes ;) He was really fun and chill, always brought his cute dog, showed me around, picked me up from the train station and even borrowed me a bike! To be honest, I'm really glad I decided to participate in this surf camp, it surpassed my expectations a lot, above all the videos of yourself surfing are hilarious and the dealing with the students is very personal and attentive.