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Surf Insight is personal guided travel offering surf camp which combines the adventure of travel with the luxuries of a well-deserved vacation.

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Michael Chlala Oahu, Hawaii Islands

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"All I can say is how stoked I was to check out new waves, cultures, and new experiences I didn’t even know existed and how that translates into the rest of your life...You had me at warm empty tropical reef passes”."

Rick California

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"I have used Surfinsight on three occasions and have been very impressed with their tour packages. I am a busy professional and when I can sneak in a week of surfing I want to get the most out of my seven days. Surfinsight's local knowledge of swell and wind conditions was crucial in scoring great surf the entire week. I will not hesitate to use them again in the future."

Andrew Florida

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"Flying in over the island the word excitement doesn't even describe it... Hawaii has always been a dream and was completely unknown for me and my friends... Upon arrival there was a solid swell 10-15 feet I can't begin to tell you how stoked we all were and not to mention completely oblivious to the definition of size in Hawaii! As soon as we got in Chris was waiting for us. I figured we would just grab a bite get settled in and find some waves first thing in the morning... I was wrong. He asked us casually on the ride back "so you like hollow right hand barrels?" ... "Great we will be there in 30" what? Oh yea we still have an hour we are hitting a spot on the west side... That's all we knew.... We all went nuts because we came to surf the "north shore" and 'day one' we are hitting the west side to score barrels before dark? Best intro to surf trip! I knew I was in for trip of a life time! We were shocked at the beauty and the waves; completely suprised that in the first hour we scored so good!!

There are so many spots that favor different angles and conditions... Everyday multiple times a day we were asked what types of waves we wanted... Fast barrels, long ripple walls lefts rights we surfed it all and always had an amazing meal for us to re-energize! Fresh local fruit and food! I have never surfed so many hours and still felt like a grom! On the second to last day the winds went a little on-shore for the north shore; being from Florida this wasn't a shocker to me, and hey- it's a surf trip, it's always a gamble, but yet again, Chris asked us if we like long ripable lefts we all smiled as he did it again.... We surfed a spot that rarely breaks for hours with the most epic back drop I have ever seen!

I can't wait until my next trip with Surf Insight... Next stop American Samoa. I never knew that place existed! If your looking for a surf trip with friends that is off the beat in path with great food and accommodations, this is the company! I have taken other in Costa Rica it's just a commercial travel agency these guys know the in and outs of these locations and will give you the most memorable personalized trip of your life!! "

Harrison California

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"Within an hour off the plane i was paddling into the best waves of my life. The food was amazing! Trip of a lifetime!!"

Thomas San Franciso

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The day I landed we surfed until sunset in just boardshorts. I never knew Galapagos had such amazing surf. Definetely going back next year!

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