10 Days Surf Camp in Taghazout, Morocco

  • Taghazout, Agadir-Ida Ou Tanane, Souss-Massa, Morocco

10 Days Surf Camp in Taghazout, Morocco

  • Taghazout, Agadir-Ida Ou Tanane, Souss-Massa, Morocco

Taghazout Surf Camp Morocco

Everybody from surf beginners to professionals, individual travelers, families or groups - everyone is welcome to stay with Surf Coast Morocco. The instructors and guides there will take you to the surf spots according to your level and will help you to achieve your surfing goals by analyzing your improvements, correcting your moves and technique, sharing the knowledge about the ocean, and how to choose the best conditions every day. You will learn so quickly that you won’t want to stop!


  • Daily surf lessons
  • Visit the market in Agadir
  • Boards and wetsuits rental
  • Daily breakfast, lunch, and dinner
  • Transport to the best surf spots
  • 9 nights accommodation
  • Party night in Agadir
  • 9 days with instruction
  • English
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Surf Coast Morocco offer apartments in their beach house in Taghazout. The house is directly at the beach, with a nice view from the common rooftop terrace overlooking the beach and the ocean. The apartments have a private living room, bathroom, kitchen, and a double room. The house can accommodate up to 10 persons and is very calm and ideal for families, groups, or travelers who wants to relax after surfing and keep their privacy.

  • You will start the day with a morning yoga session (with an additional cost) at 08:00, and then you will have breakfast around 09:15.
  • At 10:00, you leave for surfing and your surf lessons with the surf instructor.
  • Around 12:30 or 13:00, you will have lunch at the beach. After that, you can enjoy relaxing, playing some games, or go into the water to practice surfing on your own.
  • At 16:00, you leave for home and get ready for the evening yoga session at 18:30.
  • Dinner will be at 20:30.

Surf spots

11 kilometers

Left hand wave which is close to the surf house and most of the time it is not busy. 11 kilometers is a point break where you can improve your surf in low tide and high tide.

12 kilometers

It’s a nice wave at a sandy beach and it’s not too powerful. In 12 kilometers you can find an easy left and right hand wave for beginners and intermediates.

Devil's rock

this point is right in front the village of Tamraght. Good waves for all surf levels, offering punchy lefts and rights with a mainly sandy bottom. When big swells wash the sand banks away, you can notice the rocks for a couple of weeks before the sand banks build up again. It can get very crowded.


A sand bottom point break, quiet and very beautiful place, great for beginners. With it’s fast hollow right-hander sections, be sure to get a good rush at this spot.

Hash point

There are better waves in the region and this is one of the most fickle breaks out there (working only on a westerley swell and at mid to high tides). That being said, the fact that it is in the center of Taghazout means that it is so easy to get to that you will always find yourself having a cheeky little session on it.

Anchor point

A great surfing point and the most crowded. Very big waves that are known throughout Morocco, which produces a long right-hander peeling off the rocks. An endless succession of long mellow speed walls.


A surfing point where anyone can hang out in a friendly atmosphere. The right hand section provides a nice ride especially on the incoming high tide. The ideal swell angle is from the northwest.

La sourse

Fresh water springs bubble up from the onshore rock formations forming ‘the Well’, providing performance walls and a high lifting a-frame, perfect for all levels of surfing abilities.

Killer point

Deep water right hand point break. Best on large north eastern swells and low to mid tides with long walls breaking from the outside across the bay.


Vampire teeth shaped rocks give the name to this big swell handler. A fast right hander pushes some punchy often large sets, definitely not for the faint hearted, known as boilers evil twin.


This place is a right hand reef break with different conditions in onshore and offshore with clean conditions. It’s next to dracula’s. You can surf boilers in high tide and in low tide.


A sandy beach break and a strong currents. For beginners, just be aware how far you have drifted down the coast. Works on different tides depending on how the banks are and also on the swell.


Sharp rocks and sand, very good waves for all levels. Right hand point break and high tides with north-easterly winds. If the spot works well, it’s beautiful. Sometimes the whole beach works, not just the point, so there’s space for everyone.


Tifnit a great local fishing village famous for its cave houses “grots”, and probably one of the best swell magnets in the area of Agadir. This little gem can make your trip worth while with its miles of empty breaks and wild beaches. With a number of reef’s beaches and slabs along this coast, there is a wave for everyone.

  • Reda Brthman

    Reda was born in Paradise Valley, Morocco and found his passion for surfing when he was a young teenager. With more than five years experience in surf camp business and guiding, he knows a lot about surfing and the most beautiful spots of Morocco. Always patient and happy he cannot wait to get you on the board and into the ocean.

  • Marouane El Amri

    He has been working in the surf industry more than eight years, well known around the area, good personality and likes to party.

This surf retreat will take place in a small fishing village of Taghazout 19 kilometers north of the city Agadir in the south west of Morocco. Taghazout Bay gives you ideal conditions for learning and improving your surfing, not just for the different kind of beach breaks you can find, but also for the weather and sunny days nearly 365 days a year. It is close to surf spots such as panorama, hash, and anchor point, perfect for surf beginners to intermediates and professionals.

Nearby places

  • Agadir–Al Massira Airport (AGA) - 50 minutes


Let the sunshine in your heart and start your surfing day with a delicious Moroccan and continental breakfast on their terraces:

Sweet Moroccan mint tea, fresh coffee and milk, freshly baked bread, omelette, pancakes, honey, jam, fresh fruit, cereals, cheese, olives, and eggs.


The lunch package will be served at the beach. Enjoy a fresh made salad or sandwich filled with fish, meat or cheese, vegetables, and delicious fruits as dessert. Take a good break and listen to the sound of the waves while eating!


After a long day of surfing and activities at the beach, a delicious dinner of international and Moroccan cuisine with hot tagines, fish or meat, veggies, and fresh bread will wait for you on their beautiful terraces. Once a week, all the guests are invited for a barbecue.

Using fresh and healthy ingredients is their priority, so you can start your next day with a smile and full of energy. If you have any food intolerance or allergies, please feel free to inform Surf Coast Morocco.

If you feel like a break from surfing or for those of you who don’t surf, then horse and camel riding and quad biking are all close by and easily organized. For those who’d like to relax, there are miles of empty golden sandy beaches to discover or you can sunbath and chill out in the privacy of the villa or your apartment.


Agadir is a major modern city in the southern part of Morocco. It is of interest primarily because of its location, as it is surrounded by the Anti Atlas, the Sahara desert on the Atlantic coast with many national parks, and secluded beaches which are all easily accessible.

El Gezira

Amazing red cliffs of El Gezira in Mirleft, a tiny town with beautiful sandy beaches.


A large fishing harbor, the old medina with its fortified walls and a long sandy beach. Enjoy the french flair and take your time to explore Essaouiras rich culture: diverse art galleries, spice markets, and the easy-going local people.


Feel the magic and oriental vibe of the Red City where Moroccan tradition meets modernity.

Paradise Valley

This inland gorge is another great outdoor recreation destination near Agadir. Mountain trails lead to Berber villages and waterfalls at Ida Ouatanane tumble off the cliffs during the spring. The winding gorge is filled with palm trees, and the chance to visit a traditional Berber village is a real treat. It’s a full day trip, but well worth the effort.

  • 9 days surf lessons in small groups
  • 9 nights accommodation
  • Daily breakfast, packed lunch, and dinner
  • Party night in Agadir (optional)
  • Transport to surf spots
  • Use of surfboards and wetsuits
  • Visit the market in Agadir
  • Airfare
  • Airport transfers
  • Flights
  • Optional extras
  • Yoga sessions

Arrival by airplane

Please book your flight to arrive at Agadir–Al Massira Airport (AGA) or Marrakesh Menara Airport (RAK). Transfer from and to Agadir–Al Massira Airport (AGA) is available upon request.

Verified BookSurfCamps.com reviews

  • K
    Review by Anonymous

    CONS Cons: There was no time schedule nobody introduced themselves. We didnt who to ask anything. No clean towels available.

    PROS Pros: Kind people, nice view. We were really in the centre with locals which was nice.

    2017-Jun-28 05:42:30

  • O
    Review by Oliver Kirkham from Great Britain

    2017-May-04 14:47:05


  • Review by a traveler from Egyp
    10 out of 10

    "Amazing place for surfing very clean equipment are new I really like the place best time to surf from September till April the rest of the year you can enjoy the sea and other water sports & Rada the instructor took good care of us we is really nice and good surfer."

    Trip Advisor website, edited

  • Review by Emily from Australia
    10 out of 10

    "Taghazout is magical. It was my favourite place in Morocco by far. The hostel I stayed in was less than a 10 second walk to the main street, from the terrace you could check the surf at 3 different beaches. The atmosphere was great too with communal dinners every night with the most delicious Moroccan meals being prepared so freshly. What made this experience so outstanding was the unbelievable hospitality that was shown to me by all the staff including Reda, the surf instructors, the hostel staff and the yoga instructor. As a solo traveller they welcomed me so graciously and made me feel like family. They were able to help me with anything I needed and were so happy to do so. I was driven anywhere I needed to go including which beach was best to surf on that day. Some of my best memories are cruising down the coast with the windows down and a stack of about 5 boards on the roof of a small car. I spent a day out in Paradise Valley jumping of the high cliffs into deep blue swimming holes. On the way out there we stopped in at an Argan oil farm and saw how it is made which is something you need to do if your going to by any of this magical oil. The surf in Taghazout was perfect for me to learn on when I was there (in May) and the boards and wetsuits were in good condition. Taghazout is such a small place it only took a few days for me to feel like I already knew most people. Overall this was the high light of my trip and I loved every second of it. It had a very relaxed feel so I could choose what I wanted to do each day. Would recommend it to anyone visiting Morocco."

    Trip Advisor website, edited

  • Review by Kate E.
    10 out of 10

    "I stayed with Surf Coast Morocco as a solo traveller - my first solo holiday abroad and my first time surfing, so I was unsure of what to expect. I couldn't have been made to feel more at home. I stayed at the camp's (much smaller and quieter) accommodation in Tamraght, which is a nice little fishing village on a hill a few minutes away from Tagazhout, where the camp's busier and bigger house is based. The Tagazhout house is from what I understand a bit more of a party and communal experience, with more organized events based from there in the evenings, and may better suit people who fancy the fun of staying in a backpacker dorm with a large crowd. For my money though Tamraght is a more idyllic location and the smaller group in the house (just one other visitor plus me, at the off-season time I went, together with our live-in host Julia) was for me the perfect size (helped by the fact that we all got on so well!). The house is clean and cosily furnished and a quick drive down to the beach. What really sets Surf Coast Morocco apart however is the hosting. You are treated absolutely as if you are a family guest. My booking, for example, included all three meals - this turned out to mean that our host Julia or others from the camp would prepare us a different spread each day of fresh traditional Moroccan food, often on request or with snacks of our choice. We were driven everywhere by the extremely accommodating staff on the team - from the beaches to the souks, to the Tagazhout house for classes - and again the attitude taken was that if you say you want to go somewhere (within reason!) one of the hosts will be happy to make it happen and drive you there. There was no additional charge whatsoever for these kind of outings, which I'm sure must be unusual on camps of this kind. Overall a really special stay, and one I would highly recommend. The Tamraght house in particular was perfect for a solo traveller looking to discover a new hobby (unlimited surfing and classes all day!) and make new friends."

    TripAdvisor, edited

  • Review by Betine G.
    10 out of 10

    "The rooms are clean and nice, good location, and nice breakfast. Perfect ocean views on the terrace where you can spend time and relax. The staff is the best about this stay. They will help you with everything you need. Very warm and friendly people who made my stay amazing. I would defiantly recommend this! The surf instructors are very good and experienced too. I will come back here!"

    TripAdvisor, edited

  • Review by Olga M. from Italy
    10 out of 10

    "If you want to fully enjoy your holidays in Morocco, Surf Coast Morocco is the best choice to stay during your vacation. Breathtaking view from the terrace where you can enjoy amazing sunset everyday or just contemplate endless ocean, clean and nice designed rooms, helpful and friendly staff, surfing and yoga classes are waiting for you if you choose Surf Coast Morocco. It was a pleasure for me to spend my holidays there and i definitely recommend you Surf Coast Morocco to get the most from your Moroccan journey."

    TripAdvisor, edited

  • Review by Kuba M. from Poland
    10 out of 10

    "It was really nice to stay over at Surf Coast Morroco. Rooms (with bathroom) are clean and equiped in necessary stuff (wardobe, sheets, etc). We also had terrance (with ocean view) Wi-Fi and AC in our room. Food is deliscious - you can be sure that you will have chance to taste variety of local specialities (tajin, couscous, berber omlette, mint tea). Beach is five minutes form hostel. Last but not least - people. We have great host - Rida who is really easy going and helpful fellow. You can be sure that eveything will be settled and any additional request most likely will be fulfilled."

    TripAdvisor, edited

Taghazout, Morocco

Surf Coast Morocco is a young professional team of locals and international surfers with an extensive experience in teaching to surf.

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