Surf Cascais is a solid surf tourism company in the surf town of Lisbon, that provides all off the facilities and services needed for a complete surf holiday!

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8 Day Exciting Surf Camp in Cascais, Lisbon

Jun | Aug | Sep | Oct | Nov, 2022
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5 Day Yoga and Surf Camp in Cascais

Jun | Aug | Sep | Oct | Nov, 2022
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8 Day Yoga and Surf Camp in Cascais

Jun | Aug | Sep | Oct | Nov, 2022

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David Moore

José Bica

Alejandro Van Oppen

Reviews (38)

Joanna Bartoszczuk

from Sweden, May 2022

"Great experience!"

Everything was simply great - the staff, surf lessons and instructors, yoga lessons, villa, surroundings!

Ania Hiler

from Poland, April 2022

"perfect way to spend your spring or summer vacation:))"

The surf instructors and all the volunteers were so kind and helpful in every aspect of the trip (major shoutout to Stephanie!!) Not only were the surf instructors amazing surfers with their very best knowledge on hand, but they were patient and understanding with all the campers. They made it such a fun experience and I will definitely be coming back next year!

As for the house, the bedrooms and bathrooms were very accommodating and there was never an issue with either. Everyone had free range of the kitchen and was able to cook for themselves. The house was very comfy and cozy, the perfect environment to get to know all the other campers and feel at home!

Alexis Thual

from France, April 2022

"Very enjoyable stay in Cascais"

I had a wonderful 10 days at Surf Cascais. Their team is organised, kind, energetic and yet flexible and easy-going. We would mostly go to the same spot (Carcavelos) and usually ended up there early enough to have a nice peak for us. I could seamlessly change boards depending on the conditions, and always felt safe being with their team of surf instructors (thank you Bica, Pedro x 2, Ugo and Stéphanie for dealing with all my last-minute changes haha).

Besides surfing, I was staying in their quiet, cosy and well-furnished apartment, which is not to far from Cascais city center (20-minute walk) and to the villa (5-euro uber) where I could hang out to meet with other guests.

I definitely recommend staying there, whether you are a beginner or an intermediate surfer! 🏄

Vasiliki Athina Georgaki

from Germany, March 2022

"Awesome days"

Everything, I loved the family dinners, I loved the effort the volunteers were making to prepare the breakfast for us every morning, I like the energy of the instructors, always positive, they look like they really love what they do, i liked the villa, I liked the yoga lessons.. everything!

Evgenii Tkachev

from Estonia, September 2021

"Feels like home."

Wonderful people and very friendly atmosphere, I had equally good time surfing, doing yoga, hanging out around the pool or having a beer with guys. Super friendly and lovely atmosphere. 10/10 would do again.

Anna Kostyukova

from Germany, August 2021

"Amazing vacation!"

Villa was so cool. My heart is stolen by staff and surf instructors 😍 They are so friendly and responsive. And thanks to instructor Andy I caught my first wave on the first lesson!

Thais Cardoso

from Sweden, August 2021

"Great experience, but a few things to adjust"

Other than those few observations, my boyfriend and I had a great time. Good vibes, stunning villa, nice people to hand out with, great yoga sessions, lovely double room for couples in front of the pool, transfer services, communication (excellent! fast, flexible, kind), lovely sense of community, international feeling. We made friends, exchanged contacts and left with a smile on our faces. For the first time in my life I enjoyed waking up early to surf with great people and amazing scenery. The feeling of standing on your boars is unforgetabble!


from France, July 2021

"Really great experience, I recommended it :) "

I had a very good time at Surf Cascais! It was my first surf experience and it went really well, all instructors were very good and patient! Besides, the house is really pleasant and confortable. You get to meet a lot of new people, but you can also remain independent so, for me it's the perfect balance! At the end, the localization is really great, the beach where we went to surf is really beautiful, and Cascais is a really cute city!

Teddy Wang

from Ireland, July 2021

"Wonderful experience "

It was such a unforgettable experience for me, from the surfing lessons and accommodation, everything was delivered with care and love and professionalism. The vibes in the whole group were super fun and a good mixture of people literally from everywhere.

Witold Witowski

from Poland, July 2021

Great place with fantastic people! Full of energy and passion for surfing. Totally recommend

Anelis Hernandez

from Switzerland, September 2020

"Amazing experience with Amazing people!"

The house is beautiful, the people is always nice and really open, the surf instructors are fantastic, super funny and really committed to help you with your surf skills! I came just for one week and I had to stay one more because I didn’t want to go!


from Great Britain, September 2020

"Great villa and great people "

What made this experience exceptional was the people behind Surf Cascais. Everybody we met from the surf/yoga instructors to the volunteers from the house was very welcoming and kind. The villa was very clean and had everything we needed. Thanks for everything!

Kristina Gergedava

from France, September 2020

Nice villa, cool atmosphere, a bit far from the Cascais, but to get Uber to the town is quite cheap. Great experience overall 😊

Sebastian Ruta

August 2020

"Big Time!"

All about the surf camp was great: the hosts, the guests, the villa, and surfing and yoga sessions. Just as I have expected and desired. Friendly, amicable, and respectful vibe all around the place. Professional surfing training. Great retreat. Hard to find any drawbacks, really.

Now, here some more fun facts about the hosts you might find interesting:

Bica is a joker and he used to perform gags in Jackass Team back in the day but now he keeps it secret.

David got his moustache once he went to Eastern Europe learning that it's in fashion. Both Pedros are twin brothers in fact. Henrique rolls with the babes in the weekends but on an usual day he doesn't want to admit it.

Randy creates new apps every now and then, being a multimillionaire, but he hates that so he keeps it easy. Ceci used to be a truck driver back in the 90's America. Bernardo is a ballet dancer.

They all make fantastic team of course.

Love you guys!!! Greets from Poland! :)

Lookng forward to having a next visit

Hans Christian Hellstern

from Denmark, September 2019

"We had one of the best times of our life at Surf Cascais!!"

The people at the surf camp made our week into an unforgetable experience! Even when it was hard to catch waves at Praia do Guincho, the mood was top. All fun nights and crazy days at Surf Cascais!


from Germany, June 2019


The Villa was beautiful and clean. The instructors and volunteers were awesome and it makes for a fantastic experience. The surfing is also amazing.

Marine Uytters

from Belgium, September 2021

"It was so great ! "

Nouveau concept qu'on a voulu tester avec mes copines, on a été super agréablement surprises !

La villa est agréable, toujours propre, avec une grande cuisine, un salon et une super piscine.

L'ambiance est très sympa, plutôt des jeunes, staff adorable et prêt à aider et les moniteurs de surf sont géniaux !

Des activités sont proposées (dîners, bbq, sunset dans les montagnes, shooting photo du surf et debriefing,...) puis il y a un petit bar sympa et on peut aller faire la fête à cascais après.

On a choisi le forfait 1 semaine avec une séance de surf par jour le matin et 2 cours de yoga, les cours étaient d'une grande qualité et grâce aux conseils des moniteurs on peut améliorer super rapidement notre niveau !

(Si vous êtes débutants comme nous je vous conseille de prendre une séance de surf et pas deux car c'est génial mais très fatigant, puis le reste de la journée on peut rester à la plage tranquille ou bien aller visiter cascais et les environs).


from Germany, August 2019

Great atmosphere and spirit, villa is gorgeous, lovely people, such a great time!!

Sandra Galdames

from France, April 2022

The staff was very friendly and helpful. A very 'ice house with all accommodation, clean and modern.

A lots of good vibes there, thanks a lot for those great 4 days😎😁.

Harry Sami

from Great Britain, April 2022

"Amazing surf camp "

I had a short stay at Surf Cascais and my only regret is that I wish it were longer!

All the volunteers and instructors at the camp were amazing and very welcoming. The surf training itself was quality and they managed to help me feel comfortable on the board within a few lessons!

The atmosphere at the camp is second to none with a real family vibe and a great experience for solo travellers like I was, I managed to enjoy the BBQ night on my last day which was extremely fun too.

All in all can't recommend it enough and I hope to come back soon!

Eva Gaitanarou

from Great Britain, April 2022


the villa was always super clean, the timings were always super respected, great atmosphere, instructors great and very responding on the emails before my staying :) I will definitely return :)

Kim Pascard

from Great Britain, October 2021

"Amazing stay"

The villa and the staff are so great !