Surf and Kitesurf Morocco offers all that you need for comfortable clean rooms and a great surf just a few steps from the hostel.

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Yoth Yothman

Lahcen Ouazzan

Reviews (8)

Jill Fattibene

from United States, June 2019

"One of the best kite instructors in Dakhla"

Arguably the best kite instructor in Dakhla! I could not be happier with my experience. Lahcen was always on time and prompt with communication. He would give me a briefing of the plan for the next day so I knew what to expect.

Lahcen's coaching was direct and easy to understand. My goal for the week was to confidently be able to ride upwind. Lahcen helped me to quickly check this goal off my list and pushed me to practice more advanced skills. By the end of the week he taught me how to jump :)

I never once worried about my safety on or off the water, Lahcen was always looking out for me and kept me safe!

I highly recommend booking lessons with kitesufing DAKHLA.

Massimo D'anna

from Jersey, March 2019

"Amazing week and great company"

The hotel was five minutes away from the airport which was very helpful and we couldn’t complain about the the room which was fine. Free breakfast every morning was great value and we will definitely miss it! The instructors were great and were very patient with me having never Kitesurfed before and helped me learn really well in the week we were there. Would definitely go back for another week - highly recommended !

Ruth Matuska

from Morocco, December 2018

"Beginner kitesurfer"

Lahcen is a patient instructor who is fully engaged in helping his students to learn to kitesurf and enjoy the experience of learning as well.

Le Gavrian Malo

from Belgium, December 2018

"trip in Dahkla november 2018"

I really enjoyed my journey with Lahcen, he is cool, take attention of us, very good surfer and kitesufer, flexible on what we would like to do, and have good recommandation. condition was exellent this week for kiting and the 2 half days without wind we took the opportunity to go on surf spot on the sea which also worth it, Lahcen for this occasion found appropriate surf board for me from a friend = many thx Lahcen for that. kite Material was in very good condition, I am intermediate level on kiting: I could progress and get accomodated with the strapless board which was great for me. trip to the white dune is a "must to do" , like eating seafood tagine in oyster place! Regarding kitesurf spot, I have really appreciated the beach near the camping because the people athmosphere is relax; "speed spot" is totally different, less crowded and wild: the island and beach with birds in low tide is a magic area. I am usually not crazy about dog but Leo (Lahcen dog) is simply perfect :)

Lieke Schroeder

from Netherlands, July 2019

"Best first experience with kitesurfing"

Dakhla Kitesurfing is a proffesional organisation and they really know what they are talking about. The teachers do have so much knowledge, patience and excellent coaching skills. I had such a great experience with them! I only can highly recommend if you are looking for a Kitesurfing school in Dakhla.

Rik Tersteeg

from Netherlands, June 2019

"Exceeded my expectations on all aspects"

Lahcen is a very genuine guy and fun to hang out with. Because the hotel didnt serve breakfast during Ramadan he already arranged for me to stay at another house in the area. He showed me all kinds of cool places in and outside the city. Days where there was no wind he arranged boards to go surfing. And finally when I had an accident with surfing he really helped me through the next couple of days. All things that are not formally included in a "package" but definately made my holiday. Thanks for everything dude!


from Netherlands, May 2019

"Great team!"

Lahcen is an ever energetic, optimistic, enthusiastic and still patient instructor. He has shown us some great kitesurf spots outside of the beaten path with far less kites. Perfect for us as beginners. I very much would like to recommend Lahcen and his team for kite surfing instructions.