Sunset Suzy Surf School

Hawaii, United States

Sunset Suzy Surf School offers surf lesson packages designed to cater to beginner and intermediate surfers looking for both private and group surf lessons on Oahu.

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  • a traveler Hawaii

    Trip Advisor website

    My family moved to Oahu about a year ago and our eight year old had been uncertain about surfing. After bribing her with a week of horse camp if she would do Suzy's surf camp she learned to love surfing. I found Suzy online, gave her a call, and she sent us a confirmatory email with instructions to call the night before camp to determine where to meet. Suzy tries to avoid overcrowded beaches and yet finds locations with the right sized waves for her students. The student teacher ratio was very low. Some days it was 1:1 other days it was 1:2. Suzy's instructors were fantastic. Lucy mostly worked with Chad and Chris. Both of these guys are excellent surfers, but being a good teacher requires patience, enthusiasm, and an ability to instill confidence in the learner. Both of these guys were fantastic. Our week-long camp was 4 children (3 girls, 1 boy) aged 7-9 with varying levels of experience. My daughter had never touched a surf board before, two children had a handful of experience, and one girl lived on the North Shore and was already quite a good surfer. The instructors managed to work with all of the children so that each got instruction at their level and were able to improve over the course of the week. Suzy is very laid back and kind. She encourages the parents to borrow one of her boards to try surfing themselves. She understands that if parents learn about surfing and experience it they'll be better able to encourage and motivate their kids with surfing. Personally, I had tried surfing once before about 15 years ago and never caught a wave. However, with Suzy's board and a little instruction by the end of the week my daughter and I were both catching our own waves fairly regularly. This was a lot of fun. But surfing aside, we enjoyed talking with the instructors and the other families at the camp.

  • Ryan Norris Washington

    Triip Advisor website

    Their team was perfect for our four kids. They went above and beyond in the lesson. I will use them every time we are here. If you want the best work with Suzy!

  • A traveler United States


    I am 61 years old. My husband is 56. We were taking our trip of a lifetime to Hawaii. I saw a review of Sunset Suzy's Surf School and thought "Why not? If I can stand up on a surfboard long enough to have my picture taken, I'll call it good!" It was a very cool experience. I got a personal response from Suzy as soon as I made the reservation. We texted after we got to the island, up until our lesson. Our instructor was a very easy-going and patient young man named Chris, and after a short lesson on the beach where everything was explained, we hit the water. I stood up briefly on my second attempt and stood up longer on my third! I actually ended up getting motion sickness (even though I was medicated - who knew?) and had to cut my lesson short, but my husband went a few more times and got in a couple of great rides! A professional photographer named Greg Rose was out in the water, sitting on a surfboard taking pictures of all the action, so we have a marvelous (and funny) account of our adventure. We probably will never get on another surfboard, but what a fun day! They were all great to work with and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them.

  • A traveler Washington


    My girls (ten and eight) just finished their surf lesson with Sunset Suzy and they begged to come back already! Chris and Kenny were so patience with them and amazing guys to work with my girls! I would definitely come back and have my girls surf with them again!

  • A traveler Illnois


    We have surfed the north shore before and Suzy is the best! Chris taught my daughter too so her other instructors share her spirit and commitment. We had fun, got great insider tips, were treated like we mattered, and it really enhanced our trip. My daughter's goal was to get good enough to surf on her own and she accomplished that! Suzy added so much to our vacation. Can't thank you enough!

  • Dana H. California


    We recently visited Oahu and I booked lessons with Suzy for our very first day. We have three kids (nine, eight and five years old). I reserved one instructor for my two older kids, one for my youngest and one for my husband and I. Even though my husband and I are experienced surfers, I thought it would be good for us to have some pointers. As the day unfolded, each of our kids ended up with their own instructor and Suzy was giving us pointers along the way. The waves were perfect! Each of my kids had a huge smile on their face as they charged down a wave and so did I! Suzy and her crew were super easy going, fun and knowledgeable. My youngest daughter's instructor rode tandem with her the whole time. She loved it and he was so great with her. I highly recommend Sunset Suzy for your surf lessons on the North Shore! I would do it again! And by the way, if you see Greg in the water taking pictures of you, be sure to talk to him and check out the pics! They are beyond amazing and worth it! All my photos are credited to Greg Rose of Waterlogged Video Productions.

  • Hee Seon Yeon South Korea


    I participated Suzy Surf Camp for five days.

    I went there by myself knowing anyone over there and it was my very first surfing lessons. Suzy and her crew made my staying just more than perfect, they tried everything to make me satisfy and be comfortable. They are more than flexible to arrange surf lessons and other activities following your desire and condition.

    Suzy always wants to make sure that your joyness, comfortableness and satisfaction with learning surf and she definitely knows right timing to advise right thing due to make you enjoy surf.

    On top of that she took care of me more than anyone else can do.

    I absolutely do this again with Suzy and team for next time. Already can't wait for next!

    No Suzy, no north shore, Hawaii!

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