Sun Wind Beach Kite Resort Kalpitiya

Sun Wind Beach Kite Resort Kalpitiya, owned and operated by local kite surfers, provides rustic cabanas, kitesurfing lessons, and delicious Sri Lankan cuisine.

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Susantha Fernando

Susantha Fernando is Kalpitiya's first local kite surfer with the biggest smile in Sri Lanka! Susantha will ensure that your stay at Sun Wind Beach is relaxing and memorable. If you need kite lessons, just ask Susantha. He has an excellent reputation as an instructor and is one of the friendliest and patient guys around. Susantha loves accompanying his guests on kite tours to amazing flat water places such as Vella Island and Mannar Island.

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Daniel Webby

Sun Wind Beach Kite Resort Kalpitiya Facebook page

Sun Wind Beach is a beautiful little family run resort, the hard work Susantha and his family put into the place is very obvious from when you arrive, during my stay the wind was a little light being to early in the season, but it's still a lovely resort to relax. Thanks Susantha for being a great host and thanks to your mum and dad for the hard work they do hopefully be back again soon!

Filipe Lima Da Cunha

Sun Wind Beach Kite Resort Kalpitiya Facebook page

What an amazing place to disconnect from everything! The little cabins are so lovely and offer a 5 star Robinson Crusoe experience with delicious meals from Susantha's mom!

Their little cat Vegas will keep you entertained during the meals or come by to greet you while you are relaxing on the hammock

Badia Askari

Sun Wind Beach Kite Resort Kalpitiya Facebook page

I appreciate beauty-and as soon as I arrive at Sun Wind Beach, I am surrounded by beautiful things: I step out of the taxi into a garden adorned with seashells and colorful flowers. The wind performs a calming melody as it rustles through the fronds of surrounding palm trees. Sunshine dances between clouds and sky, casting shadow and light in mesmerizing patterns around me.

My host Susantha greets me with a smile so bright and beautiful, it rivals the sun.

My stay at Sun Wind Beach Kalpitiya exceeded my expectations. Susantha's entire family showed exceptional hospitality-I always felt welcomed, safe, and well taken care of. I hope to one day again enjoy these beautiful accommodations with such wonderful people whom I now consider to be friends.

Sergey Bakaev

Sun Wind Beach Kite Resort Kalpitiya Facebook page

The place to be if you are in Sri Lanka and it doen't really matter, do you kite or not. Just coming here, you are immediately found yourself in it's magical atmosphere. The guys are super calm, so you also have no chance to be worried about anything. The rooms are great, shower is something special and really nice area, with everything you need, with different places to hang out and lots of trees which means lots of shade.

Christina Marie

Sun Wind Beach Kite Resort Kalpitiya Facebook page

The place to stay when you're looking for a kitesurfing holiday in Kalpitiya. Great accommodation and food plus a really relaxed atmosphere. Susantha and his brother/cousins make you feel very welcome rightaway and offer competent advice whether you want to kite or explore the rest of the area. There's no way you won't get on with them! We will definitely visit again! All the best for the future guys, you're doing an amazing job!

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