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Sun Salute Retreats offers yoga retreat vacations for individuals and helps organize yoga retreats for people bringing their own groups.

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  • Josephine Borgstrom Republic of Malta

    December 2017, BookSurfCamps

    First of all, I love the teacher, Amanda Dee very much. She is a talented and very accurate person, with a big heart. The course gives you everything you need to become a good teacher. The course also deepens your understanding of the body's anatomy, how every muscle is connected and how to prevent injury during practice. I would love to recommend this course, and of course, Amanda Dee - you won't regret the choice. Remember yoga is a lifelong practice, why not practice with a good teacher. :)

    I think some people find the course very hard. But if you love to study and learn new things, it will all be worth it in the end.

  • Madeleine Latapie France

    November 2017, BookSurfCamps

    The location was beautiful, the house was right on the beach. The kitchen was full of all breakfast food and fresh fruit. The two yoga classes in the morning and in the evening were always wonderful, challenging and guaranteed to help you progress. During the day, various activities including hiking, bike riding, city visits and just enjoying the beautiful beaches were possible. Overall, a real treat!

  • Meg Hughes Great Britain

    October 2017, BookSurfCamps

    The location of the house and the views could not be better, the area so quiet and felt very safe. The food supplies were varied and ample and they had thought of everything! The yoga classes and studio were the highlight for me, Amanda’s knowledge is first class and she caters for every single student and can recognise what they individually need from their practice which is pretty special. I left feeling inspired.

    I can’t think of anything! I wished I’d stayed longer!

  • (anna) Lena Gustafsson Sweden

    June 2017, BookSurfCamps

    Amanda is a warm and wonderful person and a very experienced teacher. She shared all her knowledges in a very generous way.

    The food we got was clean, healthy and very tasty.

  • Gina Ashby Great Britain

    June 2017, BookSurfCamps

    This holiday was a lovely experience, I'm new to yoga so this was a valuable, informative and inspiring holiday .I left feeling more flexible than when I came ,left feeling very inspired from the teacher Amanda and really want to improve my techniques.The house was amazing with a beautiful view of the sea.Fantastic value for money and generally amazing !!

  • Bridgette Bishop Great Britain

    June 2017, BookSurfCamps

    The yoga was amazing. Fantastic education

    Being stung by a jelly fish in the sea

  • Lola Abellán Spanish State

    April 2017, BookSurfCamps

    Clases de yoga

    No poder alargar mi estancia

  • Lucille France

    BookYogaRetreats website

    My yoga retreat with Sun Salute was fantastic. The teacher, Amanda, was incredible, one the best I've ever had. Her teaching style, based on anatomy, was particularly compelling. All best!

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  • Michelle Stuart Bergin

    Sun Salute Retreats

    I’ve been meaning to write for a while to thank you for an amazing retreat in Spain this past May. The location was beautiful, the food was delicious and the vibe was relaxed and comfortable. I look forward to joining you guys on another retreat soon! It was amazing! Thank you, thank you!

  • Petra C.

    June 29, 2017. Sun Salute Retreats

    This is the second teacher training I am doing. I already got 400hours YTT but choose to do the first 200 hours again with Amanda. I decided this after I had taken some of her clases and she has not disappointed me. Amanda is certainly a class of her own, I can not compare her to any other teacher trainings, highly recommended. I have learned so much this year and I am really grateful to have had the opportunity to study with such a skilled and wonderful person. Thank you so much.

  • Pepa Martinez Spain

    Sun Salute Retreats website

    What can i say about this YTT? Amanda is not just an amazing yoga teacher, she is not just an incredible 'anatomy reader', Amanda makes you come into your body and your spirit so easily, so gracefully that it is absolutely impossible not to fall in love with her teachings. I surrendered to yoga, so deeply, so happily that I cannot imagine how was my life before. And it is Amanda´s fault, for sure. In poetical terms, she has sculpted my body and my soul. I am eternally grateful. I seriously recommend not do this training if you do not want to get (joyfully) obsessed with any little breath or tiny movement of your body ;)

  • Marilo Solano

    Sun Salute Retreats website

    Thank you Amanda for this life changing experience. I fully enjoyed the Yoga Training Course.

    Thank you for being so dedicated, so kind, so wonderful. I love your vast knowledge in anatomy and how you explain in great detail the poses. How the postures should be and feel!!! With amazing adjustment techniques and expert verbal cues. The philosophy part has been well integrated with plenty of time to discuss it in group. And of course the setting of the studio and accommodation by the sea has made the whole experience magical!!!

    Forever grateful.

  • Maria Canovas Spain

    Sun Salute Retreats website

    For at least a year, I doubted about investing my money in a Yoga Teacher Training. I have to say it has been the best choice of my life. Having Amanda in Spain is just a present for all her students, and that includes me. I feel my knowledge has raise really high since i have done the training, which is full of physical and anatomical themes. Added to it, you learn loads of yoga techniques, which give a full range of understanding of this wonderful discipline (philosophical and physical aspects). By now, I feel really confident with what I have learnt, and that is thanks to Amanda and the great team that she leads. If you are interested in anatomy of yoga, correct alignment and hands on adjustments, i think Sun Salute is the best place for it. I love yoga, and Amanda has known how to transmit that true love.

    In addition to it, the studio is just a few meters to one of the most wonderful beaches in the area, the food is great, made with fresh and local products, and the weather is just stunning all over the year.

    Worth it!

  • Brianne Grogen United States

    Sun Salute Retreats website

    Amanda's yoga teacher training was amazing. It was well-rounded and comprehensive, not only covering yoga asana and how to be an awesome teacher, but also how to live a yogic lifestyle. I came to the training with a basic knowledge of the postures, but I left understanding how to perfectly align and adjust these postures PLUS how to explain and begin "diving deep" into the history and philosophy of yoga. Amanda's training was a pivotal moment in my life. Since completing the course, I've shifted my personal vision of how I want to live my life, and also my vision of what I want to do for my career. It all feels positive, intuitive, and RIGHT. Like I said... Amazing. So glad I took the leap and made the commitment of time and energy!

  • Elke Finkenauer

    Sun Salute Retreats

    I absolutely loved my 5 day trip to the Sun Salute yoga retreat in Torre de la Horodada. Amanda is a lovely person, and an excellent and experienced yoga teacher. She explains postures thoroughly to help the class understand the pose and get the most out of their yoga practice. The classes are interesting, varied, and inspiring, and the locals who attend the classes are very friendly. It was a rewarding experience and I felt both energized and relaxed after my 5 day visit. The apartment accommodation is very cute and a perfect getaway, right on the beach overlooking white sand and ocean. The town was quiet when I was there (November), the skies were clear and the sun was shining. It was everything I had hoped for! Amanda and Unai are also very generous. They arranged a cheap transfer to/from Alicante airport for me, and when I arrived at the apartment the fridge was extremely well stocked with food. On one of the days I was there Amanda very kindly drove me to a spot from which I could do a beautiful walk through a nature reserve and salt flats. I would definitely go back to Sun Salute/Torre de la Horodada for another visit.

  • Sara Ramsey

    Sun Salute Retreats

    I was lucky enough to go on the Sun Salutes Yoga/Safari retreat in Tanzania. It was such an incredible experience, I can not recommend it enough. Well-organized with lovely accommodations, delicious food and jaw-dropping nature. And if you’ve never taken Amanda's yoga classes before, she’s one of my all-time favorites (and I’ve taken classes with so many amazing teachers in New York and Los Angeles). You truly feel the love and passion that she puts into every class. I can’t wait to go on another Sun Salutes retreat! Thanks!

  • Louise Durk

    Sun Salute Retreats

    In September 2016 I was truly blessed to take part in the YTT in Torre de la Horadada. The training was very intense and complete, not to mention the 8 months of study and homework completed before the training. Amanda Dee is a fountain of yogic knowledge, she explains everything so clearly and is a true inspiration to anyone wanting to improve their yogic knowledge. She preforms yoga asanas with true grace and beauty. She is one of those few teachers who teach more from the heart than from the books. My YTT 200hr Certificate does not give justice to what Amanda has shared with me, for now I am not only a Yoga Teacher who stays on her mat demonstrating the whole class, I am also a choreographer, a DJ, an expert in anatomy, a healer with my hands with the adjustments, a good listener, a masseur, the list is endless. Amanda is a humble soul who has ignited the flame of yoga which I have always had deep within my heart. Thank you so much Sun Salute Studio.

  • Samantha Harrington

    Sun Salute Retreats

    The 200hr Month Intensive YTT at Sun Salute Studio was absolutely what it says it is: intensive. I felt like you really took us students to deeper levels than most 200hr YT trainees, which really helped me for the "real world" of becoming a teacher. I was (and am) so glad for the 8 months of homework pre- (and post) training because it prepared me more than I thought it would for that month and for teaching in general. It also gave me a deeper love and appreciation for not just asana practice, but for philosophy and yoga anatomy. I loved the outpouring of knowledge you gave to all of us and your encouragement to dig deeper than surface level. You really trained us to know all aspects of yoga and I was glad that you pushed us like you did. I also loved all of the workshops we had and the guest speakers! It was an incredible month. Better than I could have ever imagined, and staying in Torre was wonderful. The house was absolutely amazing and I felt so at home there. You and Unai really made sure we were all taken care of, and I can't say how appreciative I was of that, especially for someone who had never even been to Europe. I would absolutely refer others to take this teacher training program if they really wanted to dive deep into yoga and become knowledgeable teachers. The program was intense, yet so much fun and if I could do it all over again, I would. Thank you, Amanda!

  • Jenna Conner

    Sun Salute Retreats

    I had the time of my life during this teacher training! It was a small group of people so we really all got personal attention from Amanda to help us grow and learn more each day. Amanda was very thorough in her teaching and gave us a lot more information than you normally get in a 200 hour certification. The location was amazing, right on the beach, and there were lot's of fun activities to do as well. We all got the opportunity to teach several times. Amanda's program is very special because she is one of a kind with her New York training, British charm, and worldly travels all coming together to create a one of kind learning experience!

  • Michelle Finley

    Sun Salute Retreats

    I had been looking for a yoga school to take my 200 hour YTT certificate. I considered a few schools in London but when I saw that Amanda was offering YTT, I knew immediately that I need look no further. I’d practiced with Amanda at her studio in Spain a number of times since it had opened. I loved her classes and her style of teaching, in particular, her way of communicating alignment in the postures. I knew that by being trained by such an awesome teacher, I’d stand a really good chance of becoming a great teacher myself. The course was excellent. I studied online for 7 months while travelling, keeping in touch with Amanda over email and Skype. Any questions I had about the homework were answered quickly and her guidance was easy to follow. The month in Spain with Amanda and the other trainees was an experience of a lifetime. I made friends for life with some truly beautiful souls. The knowledge and passion that Amanda passed onto us was incredible and 2 months later, I am still taking it all in. The course was just the right blend of hard work, study and of course fun. I’d come back do it all over again in a heart -beat. Thank you Amanda! I hope to make you proud.

  • Mira Sophia Adornetto

    Sun Salute Retreats

    When I heard about the yoga and safari retreat June 2016 with Amanda Dee I immediately knew I had to go. How could I pass up a yoga retreat in exotic lands with the opportunity to see wild animals roaming the Serengeti live and in person? This is the stuff dreams are made of! I had high expectations and was not disappointed. The place we stayed in Zanzibar was lovely and the island itself is wonderful. We had a nice balance of exploring, relaxing, and yoga with two excellent yoga instructors - one being Amanda. The safari part was every bit as exciting as I had hoped. I will never forgot spotting our first elephants, and then later giraffes, lions, zebras and so much more. There is nothing like it. I don't know how many people can say they went on vacation, lost all of their luggage and still had an amazing time but I can.

  • Merav Ben Horin

    Sun Salute Retreats

    I led a yoga retreat in Spain last year (May 2016) in collaboration with sun salutes retreats. The experience was amazing and went smoothly in every single aspect. The team was extremely professional and kind. They helped me organize the retreat schedule in terms of activities, meals and commute so I didn't have to take care of anything and I could focus on what I love doing most which is teaching and spending time with my students. The food was amazing, the rooms were clean and the activities were super fun and well planned. It was very easy and pleasant to communicate with them before and during the retreat. In general It was a pleasure working with them and I can't wait till next time!

  • Michaela Metcalfe

    Sun Salute Retreats website

    I have had the wonderful opportunity to travel with Amanda to Costa Rica twice, Guatemala, and Peru. Each retreat had a unique mix of yoga, meditation, adventure, culinary delight, and friendship. Amanda is truly gifted in creating an amazing community of love and laughter. She shares her gentle kindness both as a devoted yoga instructor and citizen of the world.

  • Wendy McCulloch

    Sun Salute Retreats website

    I attended Amanda's retreat in Tuscany in 2013. The setting was wonderful and the yoga sessions were great. Amanda is the best yoga teacher I've ever had. She puts a lot into her sessions. She is very attentive during class and is always giving helpful adjustments and guidance. She has a wonderful personality and makes everyone feel welcome and special. She would vary the program and there were excursions too. I would highly recommend one of her trips.

  • Mary Gatchell

    Sun Salute Retreats website

    Amanda is not only a loving, caring, and soulful being, she is a consummate and highly creative yoga teacher. As a musician, I was often in awe at her extensive skill of weaving in and out of poses seamlessly and artfully, just like a jazz musician improvises combining musical understand and soul. It is a craft with Amanda and one she excels in. She is truly unique in this manner. Taking classes and doing retreats with Amanda has been life changing for me and I am forever indebted to her for sharing her gifts with me. She is a gem!

  • Tatyana Cherkasets

    Sun Salute Retreats website

    Amanda is one of the best yoga instructors with a heart of gold and a very unique ability to even in group classes make you feel like you're the only student there. She is incredibly organized which is key for any leader of yoga retreats. But while Amanda is experienced in getting groups of people to show up on places like Machu Picchu, she is always flexible and kind, and adjusts programs where needed. Since almost decade ago, I had come to Amanda's studio in Manhattan. Since that, I have been following my teacher to the several retreats including Italy, Peru, Nicaragua, and Costa Rica. Her spirit is felt throughout her classes. All the activities she plans during the retreats are appropriate, fun, and set the right tone. If I could go to every one of her retreats, I would book ten years in advance!

  • Lynna Borden

    Sun Salute Retreats website

    I met Amanda when she was teaching yoga in New York and would always rush out of work so I could make it to her class on time. There are a ton of yoga teachers in New York, but Amanda is truly unique. Her classes are thoughtfully sequenced and challenging, with a keen attention to form, alignment, and breath. I attended Amanda's 2014 retreat in Bali and needless to say, it was an amazing experience. Not only is Bali a magical and spiritual place, but everything about the retreat space Amanda selected was perfect. The food was healthy and locally influenced, the space was serene and beautiful, and the staff were welcoming and accommodating. Aside from that, Amanda herself is such a kind and generous person. She really goes out of her way to make sure everyone is happy and able to get the most out of their experience. I can definitely see myself doing another retreat with her in the future!

  • Sharon Lindeman

    Sun Salute Retreats website

    Amanda is one of the most accepting and loving people I have ever met. I have found her to be a masterful teacher. At whatever level one finds oneself at, she is there with you. Whether you have never taken yoga or are a yoga teacher yourself, she inspires. Her retreats are more than just about postures. They are about union, the yoking of the body, and the soul. They are also about understanding oneself and others and letting go of fear. She is highly educated in anatomy and physiology, so when you ask her a question, it comes from a knowledge deep within. She deals not just with the physical but with the realm of spirit, of how to bring a joyous spirit to the practice and to one's life. For me, this is the essence of Rumi's poem "spirit sees nothing to criticize". Amanda sees people in their wholeness and this is the gift she shares with others.

  • Kat Bates

    Sun Salute Retreats website

    Hold the phones and listen up everybody! Amanda is the best yoga teacher in the universe and her retreats are ridiculously fun and relaxing. I have literally been on every single retreat for seven years now. Not only that, but I have formed numerous lifelong incredible friendships from the amazing people on these retreats. Amanda always pulls in a great crowd of retreat folks and she puts forth so much work, dedication, and effort to make these retreats as fantastic as possible. I have seen the world and been on beautiful journeys with Amanda. My heart is filled with so much joy, gratitude, and thanks for the many years of service and friendship that we have had together through her being my yoga guru, mentor, teacher, and friend. You will eat delicious food, do crazy fun activities, meet amazing people, and literally have an experience of a lifetime if you come on Amanda's yoga retreat. Also, you will probably meet me too and I'm pretty awesome!

  • Derek Rose

    Sun Salute Retreats website

    I had so much fun on Amanda's retreat to Peru in 2010! Amanda is such a kind, giving, and fun person who truly loves life and it rubs off on people. And as a yoga teacher, her classes are challenging, yet accessible. I cannot wait to go on another retreat with her!

  • Nancy Ma

    Sun Salute Retreats website

    One thing that can be described of Amanda's retreats is that you'll not only enjoy great yoga classes in beautiful settings all over the world, you'll have loads of fun and adventure! I have experienced something new on each retreat I've attended. I have gone rock climbing in Peru, hiked up a volcano in Guatemala, went diving, went on a three day safari in Africa, and learned to surf in Nicaragua. Amanda is one of the sweetest souls I've ever known. As a teacher, she is gifted and nurturing with a keen understanding of alignment and the subtle movements of the body. Her classes are dynamic and flowy with intelligent sequencing. Having lead retreats all over the world, Amanda has the experience to anticipate the needs of every type of client. I can't recommend attending one of her retreats highly enough!

  • Theresa Banovic

    Sun Salute Retreats website

    I went on Amanda's yoga retreat in Tuscany in 2013 with my partner. The venue was sublime. We both enjoyed our time there immensely and left feeling rejuvenated, inspired, and having made new friends and kindred spirits. Amanda's passion for yoga and spreading its positive benefits radiates out to all around her. She is a gentle and free-spirited woman with a wealth of yoga experience to offer her students. The yoga sessions were inspiring and supportive, and if any adjustments were needed, she seemed to always be there softly adapting the posture to individual needs. We really hope to attend another Sun Salute Retreats in the near future.

  • Grisel Olivo

    Sun Salute Retreats website

    Wow! I think that's the best phrase to describe both Amanda and the various retreats I've been on with her. Like a good craftsperson, over the years, her art just keeps getting better and better. Her knowledge base never fails to impress me. I feel like every time I take a class with her, I learn something new. I have witnessed my own yoga practice evolve time and time again under her guidance. Amanda also knows how to pick great retreat spots and her naturally caring and joyful personality has a way of bringing people together. The lasting friendships I've made at the retreats have not been few. I can't wait for the next adventure!

  • Paul Gruen

    Sun Salute Retreats website

    Amanda's attention to detail makes her retreats a shining star in a sea of mediocrity. She cares about the experience of every one of her students, and she bends over backwards (literally!) to offer a spiritual vacation, as well as yoga retreat. She comes with a plan for fun things to do everyday but will also understand if your choice is to simply chill. Her classes are filled with the joy and expertise that she brings to every aspect of her life. She works hard to keep the prices reasonable and somehow still finds the time to make herself available to anyone who needs a little one on one. I highly recommended these retreats.

  • Joshua Levine

    Sun Salute Retreats website

    I've been on several retreats with Amanda Dee. I had taken her classes for about a decade in New York City and I was fortunate enough to go with Amanda and about twelve yogis to Nicaragua for a week. I also did two more local retreats with her after that. I find her classes have just the right mix of playfulness and groundedness. Her manner is so comforting and her flow so great that you naturally push yourself to new levels without really feeling like you are pushing. She is a lovely person to be around outside of yoga classes and I find that she attracts a really mature, but fun loving group. I recommend joining Amanda Dee for a retreat anytime, anywhere. Out of five stars, she gets ten!

  • Leah Greenglass

    Sun Salute Retreats website

    I've been on a few of Amanda's retreats, including a trip to Peru in 2010. Her retreats are the perfect mix of yoga, adventure, relaxation, and culture. We practiced yoga outside in beautiful nature, which was so different than practicing in a studio. Amanda is such a warm, loving, and knowledgeable yoga teacher, that she makes every moment fun!

  • Paul Gruen United States

    Sun Salute Retreats website

    Amandas attention to detail makes her retreats a shining star in a sea of mediocrity. She cares about the experience of every one of her students, and she bends over backwards (literally!) to offer a spiritual vacation, as well as yoga retreat. She comes with a plan for fun things to do every day but will also understand if your choice is to simply chill. Her classes are filled with the joy and expertise that she brings to every aspect of her life. She works hard to keep the prices reasonable and somehow still finds the time to make herself available to anyone who needs a little one on one. Highly recommended.

  • Erica Heinz Europe

    Sun Salute Retreats website

    Amanda is the sweetest person and her yoga retreats are amazing. I got to explore Guatemala, Nicaragua, and Tuscany because of her awesome research and planning. She finds beautiful local spots, leads a variety of movement classes, and organizes lots of optional activities, so at the end of the retreat you're both drunk on yoga and high on vacation fun. Her classes are thoughtful and inspiring, teaching you about anatomy and philosophy while you sweat, dance, or meditate. She takes great care of her groups, and somehow makes it all affordable too. So grateful to know her!

  • Danica Budinek

    Sun Salute Retreats

    Amanda querida: soy la Mama Argentina del viaje Africa 2012. Con los souvenirs arme "mi rincón africano" como presencia diaria en retina y sentir en cuerpo el atardecer. del Océano Indico, con su sol dorado y el yoga. En blancas arenas viendo el ir y venir de barcazas de Pescadores, ver mujeres de coloridas ropas, con redes en agua, obteniendo la comida del día. Zanzibar: la isla de las especies. Kilimanjaro: con sus nubes y su nieve. El Safari: convivir. El habitat de los animales. Dar Es Salam: como "Broche de Oro", el "taro humano" que a pesar de la pobreza en que lo dejo la explotación, No perdieron la sonrisa por la vida... Amanda: Gracias hasta el cielo, por la perfecta organización y selección de lugares... Gracias por permitirme ser parte..."Argentinian Mom"

  • Irene Algar Spain

    Sun Salute Retreats website

    Es difícil resumir en pocas palabras todo lo que opino, siento y aprendí en la Formación de Profesores de Yoga (YTT) impartida por Amanda. Por un lado, Amanda es la mejor profesora que he tenido en mi vida, a nivel técnico, teórico, práctico y emocional. Desde que la conocí supe que si un día decidía formarme, lo haría con ella. Y así hice.

    El curso es super completo, con un profundo aprendizaje sobre anatomía y los aspectos mas físicos y terapéuticos del yoga. Los materiales son los más adecuados, la didáctica de las clases son perfectas y una vez acabada la formación, yo al menos noté como mi práctica había mejorado muy considerablemente y mis conocimientos teóricos se habían ampliado mucho mas de lo esperado. Recomiendo 100% esta formación. Yo volvería a hacerla miles de veces más!

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