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Stoked School of Surf

Stoked School of Surf offers a variety of surf lessons, multi-lesson packages and surf trips to some of the best surf spots in South Africa.

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Sam B

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I had two lessons with Stoked and by the end of the second I was actually surfing (warning: an addictive feeling). The instructors are great; patient, good fun, and clearly love what they do. They have great knowledge of both surfboarding and where to surf/conditions required for the best surfing. I should probably note as well for the more experienced surfers that during one of the lessons there was a more experienced surfer present, yet the instructors still catered for him whilst teaching us beginners. If you're looking to do any surfing whilst in Cape Town (if you weren't, you should be...), these guys are awesome.

Marija M Croatia

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The guys, Alexis and Markos, were laid back and helpful from the very start. They explained everything, why we are going to surf at a certain beach, how are the waves, what we can expect. The lesson was awesome. Alexis took us step by step and explained every detail so it was not hard to stand up on the board (and it was my first time ever so I was skeptical that was going to happen). We spend a lot of time in the ocean more then two hours and had enough time and space to experience the stoke :). I loved the entire Cape Town experience and trip, but surfing was by far the best part.

Liz Z

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I absolutely have had an amazing experience with Stoked. The teachers are each talented, friendly and full of enthusiasm. They provide you with good skills and tricks and help you to a higher level with every lesson. It's personal too because of the small groups. During the lessons there will be taken some photos and the transport is cool with a fun stuffed with surfboards. Just an other cool experience when visiting Africa, I caught the best waves ever and I'm so very satisfied. Thank you very much Stoked team for the awesome time and the new skills I've gained. FAB ;-).


Trip Advisor website

Highly recommend Stoked surfing lessons!! It is very individualized and they make sure you have everything you need to succeed (including a wet suit and a ride from your hotel that is included in the cost!). Our coach was Chester and he was the most easy-going and encouraging person! He always cheered us on and told us how to make it better for the next time. It was only my second time surfing and I was able to stand multiple times because of him! You have to pay in cash so make sure you bring plenty (and some extra to tip!). Chester really went above and beyond. The entire ride there and back, he was telling us the history of different areas that we passed and recommended places for us to visit. I could not have had a better experience!!