Soul Surf School

Soul Surf School is a surfing Australia approved and affiliated surf school based in Byron Bay offering surfing lessons across all skill levels.

Instructors 3

Tommy Flint

Tommy loves the ocean. He grew up in a small surfing community on the mid-north coast of South West Rocks where he has managed surf schools up and down the coast and has been coaching since he was 16 years old. Tommy has been with Soul Surf School since the start, managing the surf school and making sure lessons are always of a high standard. When he’s not working, he’s saving for his next surf mission to Indonesia or on tour with his tough rock band “The Badlands”

Kyle Riley

Kyle is a great instructor and outstanding surfer. If you get him taking your group, you're lucky. He has a great success rate of getting people up and riding in no time at all. Kyle has travelled the world in search of waves. But love nothing more than being back here in Byron Bay, known as the tropical paradise on the east coast who can blame him.

Ross Jones

Experienced surfer and passionate coach, Ross is a real life chameleon adapting to both private technical sessions and groups of surfers ensuring that everyone is progressing at a fast rate.

Reviews 13


from Netherlands, October 2017

"Good but overpriced"

Good surflessons and good accomodation.

Sally Wilkins

from Great Britain, November 2018

"Best time surfing ever!"

Fun instructors but also very informative and take the time to make sure you progress. I had never surfed before and I felt so comfortable in the water. By day three I was out surfing on the blue waves which was the best feeling! Now all I want to do is find another holiday to surf!

Sandra Boubee

from New Zealand, October 2018

"5 Day Delux Surf Camp"

The environment, layed back but positive, friendly, approachable instructors.

They all really cared about your back story and what they ciuld do to devop your skills.

Alison Penn

from Australia, October 2018

We recently did a 3 day surf and stay at Byron Bay with Soul Surf. All the instructors were absolutely fantastic! We had the pleasure of working with Rodrigo, Ross, Chris and did a semi-private session with Kroft. Each instructor showed enthusiasm and patience towards all surfers give the best experience possible. They remained down to earth but were willing to offer additional information and support in order to learn the key components to surf independently. I would definitely recommend Soul Surf to anyone wanting to improve or learn some new surfing skills.

Maja Krogh

from Australia, May 2018

"Perfect surflessons"

Really good, pasient and awesome instructors. Liked that we change the surf location a couple of times.

Ségolène Bossard

from Australia, February 2018

The surf school is very good and the instructor is very nice!

Sohyun Park

from Australia, February 2018

"I definitely revisit."

I liked the Bellina beach. It was a perfect place for beginners.

It is impressive that Soul Surf have 6 spots so the instructor choose according to the daily weather and wave.

Elin Kaasa

from Australia, September 2017

"I didn't have any of the instructors listef above."

They were very kind and welcoming, and you Could really feel they enjoyed their work! They treated us as their friends as well:)

Nathalie Häcki

from Australia, June 2017

"Great adventure"

Nice beaches

Good food and a lot of bars :)

Wunderfull place

Laura Anglada

from Australia, April 2017

"Great experience"

The Surf instructors and the lessons were great

Testimonials 5


TripAdvisor website

I tried to surf two times before going with Soul Surf and wasn't able. The first try after the lesson on the beach, I got it! I got it all the time after. I spend the whole morning surfing and like it so much! We saw dolphins. We had a very great time!


TripAdvisor website

I had a great day with them and even I never tried any of board sport they somehow managed I was able to stand on the surfboard. They divided us into two smaller groups so at the end each group has approx six people plus the instructor. There was a system so you had to wait in a queue every time. At the end, I had around 20 attempts with help of the instructor. But it was enough especially for dummy beginner as I am.


TripAdvisor website

I have had two surfing lessons at Soul Surf School, and they were the best lessons that I have ever been in during all of my travels in Australia. The staff is wonderful, and truly want nothing more than to see you succeed. I am a lost cause with surfing, and they still never gave up on me. They care, and take the time with each individual thoroughly. I was worried that being in a group lesson I may not get as much one on one time as I had hoped, but I was wrong! It was amazing. I definitely recommend going here!

a traveler

TripAdvisor website

Initially, we booked half day, but as we already stood on the board within hours we got hooked. Rob and all the other boys did a tremendous job, heaps of laughs and always a good vibe. Go there if you want to learn how to surf!


TripAdvisor website

Great experience and caught some great waves. The staff is really friendly en funny and they try their best to teach you how to surf and have patience with everyone. Thanks so much guys!

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