Soul Surf and Yoga

The Hague, Netherlands

Soul Surf and Yoga offers surf and yoga retreats in The Netherlands and Bali, Indonesia.

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  • Sasu

    Soul Surf 'n Yoga website

    I took yoga classes from Jessica for about a week, twice a day. I enjoyed her professionalism and knowledge but also open-minded approach and humour a lot. It was the first time I found someone I wanted to took classes with and was really happy about it. Jessica was able to correct plenty of mistakes I had collected during the years of doing yoga alone and without instructor. Thanks!

  • Antye

    Soul Surf 'n Yoga website

    I spent a week with Jessica ‘s yoga in Gili meno, Indonesia. I liked her practical and direct approach to yoga, her sensitivity for individual needs and care when problems occurred. We were often lucky to have individual assistance from her. She is very considerate to safety and also helps building muscle! I had a lot of spine issues when I started and through careful curation I was able to improve throughout the week. Jessica is a free spirit nature.

  • Lumi (10 years old)

    Soul Surf 'n Yoga website

    Jessica was my first yoga teacher. I learned so much. She explained really well. It was also funny. My favorite postures were ‘the crow’ and ‘birds of paradise’ I like it so much that I took 2 yoga lessons per day and even used my own pocket money. Jessica is really cool.

  • Kyra

    Soul Surf n Yoga website

    Amazing! Easy to follow and do-able for an inexperienced surfer like myself! The balance between yoga and surfing was great! The surfing could be even more but that’s because I liked it so much haha! Would recommend this to get to know both ‘sports’.

  • Sylvia

    Soul Surf n Yoga website

    The surfing tasted like: I want more! Thank you for the fun and see you on the waves in the future!

  • Aurelie

    Soul Surf n Yoga website

    It was indeed a great retreat with the perfect weather. Thank you very much and looking forward to see you again!

  • Marju

    Soul Surf n Yoga website

    Perfect weekend! Thanks girls

  • Adrienne

    Soul Surf n Yoga website

    Thanks for a great fun weekend!

  • Viviane

    Soul Surf n Yoga website

    Yes, had a really good time, thank you! Exhausted now but feels great!

  • Valesca

    Soul Surf n Yoga website

    Thanks again for your enthusiasm! When I came back from one of the surfdays my daughter said to me: mom you look intensely happy. Doesn't that say it all?

  • Lotte

    Soul Surf n Yoga website

    Thank you! I had a great time at the beach and am happy to have met you all!

  • Zazu

    Soul Surf n Yoga website

    Thank you for all the yoga lessons, I really liked your down-to-earth approach to it and I'm happy you were my first yoga teacher!

  • Arnout

    Soul Surf n Yoga website

    Loved your yoga classes, thank you!

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