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Sofi 64 offers a broad range of French courses giving students the chance to live and study in the colorful city of Biarritz. In addition to French courses, they also offer surfing.

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Stéphanie Houset

Stéphanie has 12 years experience in teaching French as a foreign language (FLE). She was born and raised in Biarritz and grew up feet in the water. She lived abroad for many years (La Réunion, USA, and Australia) and taught French to adult learners from all places. Passionate about French language and surfing, she founded Sofi 64 (Sud-Ouest French Institute 64) in 2011 to offer an intimate place to learn French and enjoy surfing.

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Miriam Denis Le Sève United Kingdom

Sofi 64 Facebook page

I spent two weeks at Sofi 64 and had a fantastic time. Immediately felt at home because of the warmth and humor of the teachers, classmates, and potentially the best dog in the world, Gypse. The intensive course made my French improved dramatically. The classes are very well-structured, well-paced, and include a good mix of speaking, reading, and writing.You're set daily homework too to keep you on the ball. I stayed with a lovely host which was a great way to progress quickly too. The location is fabulous, right by the sea and across the road from an amazing patisserie. The classrooms are clean, colorful, and equipped with text books, French DVDs, magazines, and cake on Friday. Thank you so much Sofi 64! I really hope to be back again!

Geoff Forrest Australia

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Sofi 64 is an excellent place to study or refresh your French while visiting the beautiful Southwest France. It is great and fun to learn to surf too. The surf is really brilliant in this region. I found the lessons were focused and fun. In 5 weeks of study at Sofi 64, I refreshed nearly 3 years of learning back home. It is a great environment to learn and have a lot of fun at the same time. Highly recommended!

Gideon Jonathan Shimshon Netherlands

Sofi 64 Facebook page

I had an amazing time to learn and surf a lot. Thank you Steph and crew!

Francisco Miguel Guerreiro

Sofi 64 Facebook page

A fantastic school to learn French and surf as well as to make new friends. I highly recommend it! I took a course for four weeks in August 2016. During this time, my French had improved significantly because the classes were very dynamic and appropriate to each person’s level. The director of the school provides you with the most effective learning path. Besides that, there is also an incentive to speak French outside the school in different activities organized by the school. I was also enrolled in a surfing course through the school. The teachers were very experienced and extremely friendly. They provided me with personalized and specific guidance which was fundamental for my improvement. Thank you very much to all of you for this awesome and unforgettable experience!

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