Sattva Yoga Studio

Sattva Yoga Studio is an Iyengar yoga studio located in Athens, Greece with certified Iyengar yoga instructors.

  • Athens, Greece
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Lina Charitou

Junior Intermediate II (Iyengar Yoga)

Lina Charitou is a certified Iyengar yoga teacher, level Intermediate Junior II, and founder of Sattva yoga studio. Yoga came to her life accidentally. But as nothing happens for no reason, for her, it was love at first sight. Her life gradually changed through yoga. She found peace in her mind, body, and soul and that’s why she named her studio Sattva. In 2011, she took her Introductory level II diploma. In December 2016, she passed the assessments of Junior Intermediate level II. She is grateful for all the gifts that yoga brought her, especially for meeting wonderful people as a teacher.