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Rincon , Puerto Rico

SASS Global Travel creates life-changing adventures around the world. Between winters, a love of surfing developed into a similar obsession and the desire to share that feeling soon followed.

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  • Sergio M

    TripAdvisor website

    We arrived on a day that most surfers would love but not for us first timers. 20 foot swells, were bigger than we were willing to tackle, so we followed our Brian's, our coach, advice and come back the next day. The next day we found some smaller and more manageable waves. After my second time I was able to hang ten. Brian would coach after each surf and kept us motivated. Next time I would get multi day lessons to try different surf spots with different types of waves.

  • Greg P Vermont

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    These guys do it right! I have been back three years in a row and can't wait for next year's trip! Travis has such enthusiasm you can't help but get stoked! The instructors are all true "watermen" and their knowledge of surfing and the local waters is unsurpassed! From absolute beginner to the experienced surfer these guys are the way to go for sure!! Special thanks to Whit. We went out on our second day and the conditions were not ideal but he had us catching waves the whole time!

  • Caitlin E District of Columbia

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    Went to RSS last week with a bachelorette group - six women who had never surfed - and the whole experience was great. Both James and Eddie took us out and were super helpful and fun. Personally, I took a bad fall on some coral and got scraped up but the staff there could not have been better. Especially Brett, who performed some critical sea urchin removal (you are awesome!) after I got back from the beach. Above and beyond with the service :)

    I think all of us ladies have some serious work to do on our surfing skills but it was a really good place for first timers. The instructors go over everything with you ahead of time, the beach is beautiful and the resort looks really nice too even though we didn't stay there. If I ever come back I'd definitely try RSS again!

  • Leslie B

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    The nicest people on the island! So accommodating and knowledgeable! I felt comfortable the second I got there would highly recommend Rincon surf to anyone!

  • Michele S New Jersey

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    We just returned from Rincon where we stayed at the Rincon Surf Resort and took lessons with the Rincon Surf School. We have done a lot of fun family vacations (Nevis, Disney World, Turks & Caicos, Ireland, house boating on Lake Powell, AZ) and we all decided this one was our favorite. Rincon itself is a very laid back place where we felt very welcome. It is not commercial at all but is still beautiful with lots of great places to eat. As one local said to me, "We consider you travelers, not tourists."

    The Rincon Surf School is amazing. The accommodations are fairly basic but clean and spacious. We had the suite on the third floor facing the ocean. The view was amazing and we spent a lot of time (when not taking surfing lessons) relaxing on the covered veranda with a beautiful view of the ocean.

    Over the course of six days, we had four 3 hour lessons for our family of beginners (2 adults and 2 boys aged 12 and 10). Our instructors were Anthony and James who were both awesome. They were great with both the kids and us adults and were very knowledgeable, and more importantly, very passionate about sharing something they both clearly love. These guys are not just going through the motions. They had different styles that really complimented each other. They had both our boys up on their boards straight away and had endless patience with me who took much, much longer. Both of our boys are now super excited about continuing with surfing.

    We got some great recommendations from Brett for locals eats. He was also super helpful with giving advice and setting up activities for when we weren't surfing such as SUP, snorkeling, horseback riding, hikes, and on site massages.

  • a traveler

    Sass Global Travel Facebook page

    Had an epic time at SassArgentina! Everyone is super fun, incredibly knowledgable, and the pow is off the hook. Will definitely be going back!

  • a traveler

    Sass Global Travel Facebook page

    Wanted to go 8 years ago and finally pulled the trigger this past summer, and minus some weather issues out of our control, it was everything i wanted and more. The people are amazing, the food is great, and the mountain, when the sun finally breaks through, is so much fun. Got to learn from some really amazing coaches and can now feel a bit safer when traversing out into the side country. Definitely going back next summer!

  • Jorge Manuel Fernandez Argentina

    Sass Global Travel Facebook page

    Fully SASSfied! There's no better way to travel, hands down the best camps you'll find: amazing locations, professional and accurate logistics and management and the most fun and safe experience!

  • Heather Hendricks California, USA

    Sass Global Travel Facebook page

    SASS Global Travel is the absolute best of the best. Once you adventure with this crew, you'll want to adventure with them for the rest of your life. Super Bueno.

  • Lucas Kiely United Kingdom

    Sass Global Travel Facebook page

    I honestly can't say a bad thing about the camp. It truly was an exceptional, well run program. Everything was just perfect!

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