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Sasak Soul, with over 20 years of experience, offers surfing lessons and personalized guided tour around Lombok, Indonesia.

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My boyfriend and I went surfing with Helen and Sandy and we had such a great time with them. We were glad we met another couple who recommended them for us. The beach was beautiful and perfectly chosen for us as we had been surfing twice but we were still beginners. Sandy and another friend of him went with us in the water which was perfect. They helped us with our techniques and gave us very good feedbacks, and we felt like we were really improving. Hopefully, we will come back to Lombok one day.

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Sandy and Garren were fantastic coaches and all-around great people to spend time with. My kids had five days of two-hour surf lessons with them and they improved substantially each day. It's not just the surfing that made Sasak Soul the ultimate guides in Kuta, but that they were born and raised by local people of Kuta, and they know everyone and everyplace. There was not a single person in Kuta or the surf beaches that did not say hello to us and warmly greet us as friends of Sandy's. On my daughter's birthday, they organized a beach barbecue with fresh-caught (by Sandy's cousin) red snapper, deliciously cooked over a bonfire. Sandy's mother even made her a secret homemade coconut dressing for the salad. My daughter said that it was her best birthday ever! When you go to Kuta and need a local guide, Sasak Soul is the best. My family and I will definitely book them again. Thank you, Helen, Sandy, and Garren!

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