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Sal Surfing Tours

Sal Surfing Tours offers surfing tours for visiting surfers who are looking for a unique experience on their travels to surf in Portugal.

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Hans Yankowsky

Sal Surfing Tours website

Great lessons, great location, very friendly crowd. This was a great tour to spend some time at the beach. I was most impressed with the instructors themselves. Relaxed, professional, fun.

Bryan Kamau

Sal Surfing Tours website

An excellent place to learn surfing, with multiple bays providing steady waves throughout the day and the year.

Helena Pynte Belgium

Sal Surfing Tours Facebook page

We had an amazing time with sal surfing tours. Ask for Tome, he is such a nice and experienced surfer and coach. He will really make sure you enjoy your day/week of surfing and that you have the full experience. I did a couple of surf classes before, but this one was by far the best I ever had. Thumbs up Tome and Sal surfing tours! We will definitely come back!!

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