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René Egli

René Egli offers windsurfing and kiteboarding rentals, courses, and holidays for all levels year round.

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I just had a wonderful experience of 2 days of windsurfing. Hope to go back. Thank you!

a traveler United Kingdom

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I got a trial lesson for my son and I. We both really enjoyed it. The seadoo bringing the learners back to shore was great. We used this a lot, which means you can drift wherever as a learner and still get back to shore quickly. It helps us build the skills so you don't have to worry too much about having to return to your starting point. I highly recommend it.

Richard J Netherlands

TripAdvisor website

I had great kite lessons from Alex La Marca for IKO 3 level with high level of energy, cool interventions, and lots of time.

Joaquin R

TripAdvisor website

My experience was as a beginner with Alex as the instructor. He was friendly, exigent, and involved. Eugenio was also a great instructor. My objective point of view is that if you want to learn kite in good wind conditions, this place is the one. It was safe and the lagoon periods were even better.


René Egli Facebook page

Amazing place, providing the best sails and boards of the Year (JP, Starboard, Neilpryde). The crew has been always ready to provide us the best boards, and the organisation is very professional. A true great experience.

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