Rancho Delicioso

Cobano, PU, Costa Rica

Rancho Delicioso is a permaculture center, yoga retreat, and surf camp, aiming to create an organic community of eco-minded artists and nature lovers.

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Josephine Hintzy

Josephine is from various European countries. She’s one of the most friendly and talented people you will ever meet. She handles bookings, leads volunteers, teaches yoga, is a vegan chef, and so much more.

Geoff McCabe

Geoff McCabe, originally from Seattle, came to Costa Rica in 2004 and is the main owner and visionary behind Rancho Delicioso and Anamaya. He lives on the farm and sometimes fills in to teach various classes such as the aerials, raw chocolate-making, archery, and surfing. Geoff was a professional fire dancer for 10 years with Pyrosutra.

Adriana Pal

Adriana Pal is from Costa Rica and she teaches the permaculture classes and leads the excursions. She will usually be around all the time during your retreat, helping with anything and everything.

Janine Jordan

Janine Jordan lives on the farm and teaches yoga. She’s also the brain behind the Greenwave non-profit organization that backs many of the sustainable projects in the area. She’s also a wicked hula-hooper and one of the best dancers you will ever see. Furthermore, she is also the founder of EMA, the Electronic Music Alliance.

Julito Lopez

Julito Lopez is from Nicaragua and manages a team of farm workers who do most of the hard labor. They dig, plant, chop, clean, and work all day in the tropical sun to make Rancho Delicioso the “Garden of Eden” type paradise that it is.


Laura is a Tica chef and you will delight in her amazing, healthy cooking. She was trained in Anamaya’s kitchen and comes to the farm for the retreats to head the kitchen. Many of guests threaten to kidnap her to take her home with them.


Farm mamma and co-owner, Yasmin Tobon grew up on a farm in Colombia and takes care of just about everything here. She loves people, especially children, and animals, cooking, growing stuff, and just about everything else.

Reviews 1

  • Nicolette Shasky United States

    May 2017, BookSurfCamps

    Great time filled with activities, and a lot of learning opportunities. The food was amazing, as well as the yoga patio and house.

    Wish it were a bit closer to the beach.

    Testimonials 8

    • Kimberlee Smith

      Rancho Deliciosos Facebook page

      Rancho Delicioso was a life changing experience like no other. The best permaculture center in the � world.

    • Sarah McCabe United States

      Rancho Deliciosos Facebook page

      We had a great stay in January in the River Palace... It is incredibly magical.. The farm is beautiful.. I came with four friends and we had an incredible stay.... truly inspiring! xxooo Love you Rancho Delicioso family

    • Christine Alix

      Rancho Deliciosos Facebook page

      Our stay in the river palace was rivaled only by our perma-culture & surf camp. Awesome, immersive experiences & PHENOMENAL food. Great way to get immersed in nature with wonderful people!

    • Maria Fatima Ikram

      Rancho Deliciosos Facebook page

      Missing this magic place so much! Beautiful energy, beautiful people, beautiful nature! Waking up to meditation,yoga, love-filled food, sustainable living cultivated an open heart to receive sacred lessons on permaculture.. I am truly grateful for this experience as it allowed me to take a step back and connect with our Earth. Everyday I try to remind myself of my higher purpose and my experience at Rancho serves as a beautiful reminder on how to actively participate in the cycle of life and also on ~~feeling free to feel freeee~~, Love you guysss!

    • Irmydel Pilar Lugo-Velazquez

      Rancho Deliciosos Facebook page

      This experience reinforced my conviction of making a sustainable living. Before, I felt out of place where I live; I knew that there should be another sustainable way to live, but had no direction as to where to start. The internet has so much information, but I found that seeing it in person is the best way to learn. These people live and use earth's resources in the purest way, wasting as little as possible. Everything is done here, from grinding chocolate and coffee, to composting organic waste and paper, to making their own hygiene products and essential oils.

      I learned so much about permaculture, and it gave me the direction I was missing on how to put the knowledge into practice. They are also very savvy on yoga and meditation, with techniques that enhanced my experience with it and made me want to dig deeper into it. The fact that the people in the farm are so cool and genuine and the surroundings are so beautiful, only made the experience better. All the people in our group felt that this was a life-changing experience.

      This is how life should be lived and these people are changing the world little by little. . The world needs more Ranchos Deliciosos.

    • Mindy Jurgs

      Rancho Deliciosos Facebook page

      My husband and I visited this past June and stayed in the tree house. Everything about this place was beautiful and Kathia was amazingly sweet and the best masseuse ever. We also met and spent much time with the volunteer on site. When we come back to Costa Rica, we will stay here again. Thanks again!

    • Paul Neal Rohrer

      Rancho Deliciosos Facebook page

      My daughter is there now and loves everything and everyone involved. I sincerely hope to have an opportunity to visit. Respect of land, food, water and for each other is critical to a better way of life, love and future.

    • Silvana Martos

      Rancho Deliciosos Facebook page

      Amazing community of conscious beings. Beautiful permaculture gardens, ponds, and farm-animals. Close to Montezuma's beach, waterfalls, and Anamayas yoga retreat.

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