Rancho Delicioso is a permaculture center, yoga retreat, and surf camp, aiming to create an organic community of eco-minded artists and nature lovers.

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Instructors (6)

Josephine Hintzy

Geoff McCabe

Jivana Jordan

Julito Lopez

Irene Alpizar

Santiago Moringa

Reviews (2)

Kat Cline

from United States, May 2018

"Amazing experience! So much more than yoga!"

I loved the schedule. Tons of stuff to do but it never felted packed in other rushed. I had plenty of down time. I loved the classes and getting to see so much of the Montezuma area

Nicolette Shasky

from United States, May 2017

"Great Retreat in Costa Rica"

Great time filled with activities, and a lot of learning opportunities. The food was amazing, as well as the yoga patio and house.

Testimonials (1)

Kimberlee Smith

Rancho Deliciosos Facebook page

Rancho Delicioso was a life changing experience like no other. The best permaculture center in the � world.