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  • Kristy Murphy United Kingdom

    Quintessentially Travel Facebook page

    Called to make a last minute hotel booking for my multi-million pound client to be told 'I am sorry we cannot help - call back Monday'. Don't worry I'll take my business elsewhere. A travel company that doesn't work weekends - gosh I would lose all my clients if this was my approach.

  • Carmen McKiernan United States

    Quintessentially Travel Facebook page

    They have partnered with Ted Baker, one of my favorite designers, and helped plan an amazing trip to Paris for us!

  • Gareth Davies United Kingdom

    Quintessentially Travel Facebook page

    Had a fabulous trip to New York City booked by Quintessentially Travel. I hate a noisy hotel but wanted something central. So I set them an impossible challenge, to find me a classy hotel that's as quiet as a mouse and they succeeded - the Quin was AMAZING!!!! Totally beautiful, fashionable, and right in the thick of it all. Yes, yes, yes! A fabulous trip Quintessentially Travel was dead easy to deal with. Loved it!

  • Leon Capmbell United Kingdom

    Quintessentially Travel Facebook page

    Just back from an amazing road trip to California all organised to perfection by Quintessentially Travel. Great hotels, great advice on what to see and do including lunch spots for the journey. Everything from Alcatraz to helicopters over the Grand Canyon and LA's most rock and roll hotel made it a fantastic trip. Thanks to everyone at Quintessentially Travel.

  • Carla Vieira United Kingdom

    Quintessentially Travel Facebook page

    Thank you so much to everyone at Quintessentially Travel team for the wonderful flowers, card and everyone's wishes. Mia and I are doing really well and she is growing fast. We will be visiting soon. Happy New Year to everyone. Missing you all.

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