Pure Flow Motions

Sagres 8650-367, Portugal

Pure Flow Motions offer yoga and surf retreats in Algarve, Portugal. A week to develop a deep connection through yoga, surf, meditation course, and wonderful hikes in natural park.

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7 Days Hiking, Surfing, and Yoga Retreat in Algarve, Portugal

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Great 9/10

Based on 28 reviews
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7 days / 6 nights

Great 9/10

Based on 28 reviews

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Michael Bijker

Yoga Alliance E-RYT 200, RYT 500 (Yoga)

Yoga Alliance RYT 300 (Yoga)

From the Netherlands, Michael has been traveling around the world encountering more knowledge for his passion for body and mind work, especially mediation, yoga, Qi Gong, Tai-chi, surfing and other techniques. A certified 800-hours YogaAlliance teacher with a yoga therapy certification from Paramanand Institute of Yoga Sciences and Research, Indore. He teaches yoga in the styles of Iyengar, Hatha, Vinyasa and mindfulness to really be able to deepen your practice, whether you are practicing for years already or a complete beginner.

Nicolau da Costa

Half Portuguese, half English, having travelled around the world, Nicolau's passion drew him back to this part of the world in Europe where he was brought up in order to dedicate himself to activities that are more directly linked to nature. He has experienced a wide range of activities connected with the ocean and the land, as sailing, diving, professional fishing, surfing, natural bee keeping and organic agriculture, landscape architecture, and nature guiding. His best skill is his deep connection with nature.

Marta Mealha

Originally from the centre of the Algarve, she has been coming to surf to this area since a very young age. Eleven years ago, she decided to move indefinitively to the Natural Park of Vicentina Coast (Southwest Algarve Portugal) and set up a surf school so she could live within the ocean surroundings, live among unspoiled nature, and of course, to surf. So she has been a surf teacher for the last 10 years as well as a local surf guide.

Reviews 28

  • Melissa Casey Netherlands

    November 2017, BookSurfCamps

    This retreat literally blew my expectations out of the water. Marta, Michael and Nicolau are unique and incredible humans with whom I feel honored to have spent a week. The food and accommodations were fantastic, the surrounding nature gorgeous and the vibes as harmonic as could be.

  • Helen Barkley Great Britain

    October 2017, BookSurfCamps

    A full on but relaxed schedule. Plenty of variety and the team are very knowledgeable and welcoming.

    I am completely new to surfing and Marta was very encouraging.

    The hotel setting is perfect for watching the sunrise and it's a very picturesque area of Algarve.

    Veggie food was great too!

    I had to come home

  • Annmarie Sizer Great Britain

    October 2017, BookSurfCamps

    The instructors were very good, patient and observant.

    The choice of food for breakfast great, lunches were excellent, tasty and covered all the nutritional needs of a vegetarian meal.

    Hotel and location fantastic, staff of the hotel very helpful, a calm and beautiful environment.

    Yoga room in the hotel perfectly located, listening to the sound of the waves and feeling the sunrise was a beautiful experience and added to the whole good feeling.

    Dinners catered for by the hotel were ok, but were not greatly composed or as tasty as the lunch meals. This is definitely something to improve on.

    I felt that the schedule was a bit 'full on' but the instructors were brilliant and clear that we could opt out of any activity if we wanted a break.

  • Philippe Brand Netherlands

    July 2017, BookSurfCamps

    Very nice people, everything well organized, good location and facilities, beautiful view, good breakfast and lunch!

    Dinner could be better but breakfast and lunch were great

  • Holly Irvine Ireland

    May 2017, BookSurfCamps

    The team were fantastic, warm & friendly, very accommodating and extremely knowledgeable. The hotel was stunning, all meals were delicious, the location and views were breath taking. I can't wait to go back!

    Nothing, it's all good ;)

  • Gill Bristol United Kingdom

    BookYogaRetreats website

    It iwas a perfect combination of inspiring yoga and meditation, gentle walking in a beautiful setting with great company and learning to surf with no pressure and patient tuition. Michael, Marta and Nicholau are wonderful hosts. The food is absolutely delicious and the hotel is modern, comfortable and perfectly located overlooking the sea. I left feeling relaxed and re-energised. I will definitely be back. Thank you all.

  • Kylie Spain


    Pure Flow Motions is a week of fun, activity and relaxation in a beautiful setting. The hotel has a wonderful location, the rooms are spacious and well appointed and the breakfast has a good selection for all tastes. Michael, Nicolau and Marta are all inspiring people and instructors, I learned many things from all of them. The yoga sessions were suitable for all levels and were well suited to our other activities. The surf lessons were fun, lots of laughter and everyone felt they achieved something. The hikes across the bluffs were made very informative, the scenery was made more beautiful by knowing about the plants and rock formations. Everyday we were served a warm vegetarian lunch at the beach or on the trail and the evening meals were enjoyable back at the hotel after the second yoga session. I can't recommend this retreat highly enough, it was well run and we felt the instructors were having as much fun as we were. After a week I felt very relaxed and much more flexible, I hope to keep up my yoga practice until I have a chance to go back for another stay with Pure Flow Motions. Thank you to everyone involved.

  • Nathalie Sanchez France


    Thank you Michael, Marta, and Nicolau! This retreat was more than what I expected. A perfect mix of good energies, mindfulness and sport. A full program with some moments of freedom and relax. The hotel was super comfortable, very beautiful, quiet and contemporary. The view was amazing and the yoga lessons every morning and evening were real moment of pleasure.I keep practicing in Paris every morning (for surfing and hiking in the city it's more difficult !) I hope you will continue this retreat every year. Enjoy your winter!

  • Marian United Kingdom


    I thought the yoga and meditation was exceptional. For the last three years I have had ill health , but going on the PureFlowMotions retreat was the best medicine for body and mind. It has given me a new way of life and made me more grateful for the simple moments in life and how to live in the moment. Marta, Nicolau and Michael have created a week long programme, but the lessons and experiences will stay the rest of my life.

  • Sarah United Kingdom


    An ideal setting for a memorable week of mind and body connection. Michael, Marta and Nicolau are warm, welcoming and talented teachers. A great combination of relaxation and excitement. The whole of me feels alive, energized and blessed. Thank you for creating this wonderful experience!

  • Carol Ireland


    This was exactly how a retreat should be. Plenty to do if you want, but also plenty of time and great places for moments of soltitude of you wish. All the staff were friendly, helpful, patient, tolerant and compassionete, allowing for people of all different levels and abilities.

  • George United States


    Pure Flow Motions was for me a chance to reconnect with myself and nature. Everyday was a learning and fun experience. The PFM crew really made it their priority for you to have the perfect retreat. Michael is one of the best yoga teachers I have had, he knows to explain everything in a very understandable way.

  • Antje Germany


    Everything was fine with Pure Flow Motions. It was a very nice holiday with very warm, attentive and competent people who did everything to make us participants feel welcome.

  • Andrew United Kingdom


    I actually hadn't realised how disconnected from the present moment I had become until this week. I have had a very gentle but nonetheless dramatic shift in focus. Marta, Michael and Nicolau really care and put so much effort into the experience. It's authentic and lovely and a genuine retreat.

  • Hathi United Kingdom


    It was a totally relaxed vacation which was just filled with many nice and enjoyable activities. Everybody was extremely nice and welcoming and I had a wonderful vacation!

  • Class Germany


    A great experience with lovely people. Lots of laughs and an authentic taste of the laid back way of life at the end of Europe.

  • Lisa Austria


    I really have been expecting a lot because of the reviews and pictures on the home page, but still this week was giving me so much more. I am totally hooked up with surfing now! Thank you so much!

  • Bunsi United Kingdom


    This retreat has provided the perfect mix of peace and energy for both the mind and body. I enjoyed every activity and they complemented each other so well. I feel totally relaxed but also energised. I have learned a lot about how to just be. I intend on taking back and putting into practice each day. Thank you so much to all of you, providing me with experiences of yoga, meditation, surf, hiking and a great food every day.

  • Charlotte United Kingdom


    This is a well balanced retreat with an excellent mix of mindful and fun activities. As a result of the healthy eating and mind & body workouts, I feel fully rejuvenated. Thank you to the team, such a wonderful mixture of complementing personalities.

  • Georgia United Kingdom


    The week exceeded all my expectations with the perfect balance of activity, healthy living and new experiences. I could not have hoped for a better week and I know I will approach the real life more calmly and better equipped to face its challenges.

  • Femia Smit Netherlands


    I didn't know what to expect this week, but it exceeded all of my expectations. It was such a relaxing week. The combination of yoga, surfing, walking, and the food was perfect.The yoga classes were very good. Michael talks you through all the exercises and corrected you in a very gentle way. It was not just some lessons as he started a kind of project and showed us how to practice the exercises and meditation, so that we could take it home and continue the project and stay connected with body and mind.The surf lessons were given by Marta with a lot of patience and joy. She teaches us step-by-step what to do and that worked wonderful. The walks by Nicolau were really great. It was such a beautiful scenery and the walks were very interesting and mindful.Thank you so much of all your kindness and love.

  • Sharlin United Kingdom


    It's an absolutely fabulous retreat - Micheal, Marta, and Nicolau are absolutely fantastic, very considerate, and caring people. They have put together a very enriching and rewarding experience - I would go again.

  • Josephine United States


    This yoga surf hike retreat was my ultimate dream retreat! I was able to clear my head and just be in a very calm and relaxed state of mind. The yoga instructor is the best I have had. I am a beginner and I like he softly talked thru each movement, corrected my postures and helping me doing it right. You just naturally follow his voice into a very comfortable self.And there is activities too. The nature hike was guided by a knowledgeable guide. Seeing the fantastic views of the coasts, makes you connect. The surfing was fun. My first time, was nervous at first but it was so easy to enjoy soon. The lunches are great! Made by a lady who really know how to cook yummy flavorful vegetarian food.The organizers are pure nature and yoga lovers, not business people so you have to make more efforts in communication and booking. They may forget to tell you what to bring or wear before heading out to an outdoor activity so make sure you ask ahead.All in all, this is a great retreat I would recommend to everyone!

  • Samira


    Everything went very well. I would say that I was welcomed with open arms and got treated very good by Martha, Michael and Nicholau! Dont have any negative feedback about them at all!

Testimonials 45

  • Laura

    Pure Flow Motions

    Thank you so much for an unforgettable week. It’s been wonderful in every aspect. So relaxing, energising & inspiring. You are a wonderful team and I really hope to see you again. Lots of love and best wishes.

  • Sally

    Pure Flow Motions

    The retreat was wonderful. The team was so caring and atentive, taking great care of you along this special journey as you learn to understand and recentre your body and mind. The backdrop of Sagres for the retreat is truly spectacular and the team helps you to reconnect and appreciate the gists of nature. I would highly recommend PFM to anyone looking to pause, reflect and be inspired.

  • Jessica

    Pure Flow Motions

    Thank you for such an incredible week of reconnecting with myself and connecting with some wonderful people. It was amazing to spend a week trying new things, being in the outdoors and eating some beautiful food! I would recommend this retreat to anyone and will almost certainly be back :) Thank you Marta, Nicolau and Michael! Peace and love.

  • Marlene Norway

    Pure Flow Motions

    I had a wonderful time. Amazing teachers, delicious food, great location, it was a perfect week. I will definitely come back again!

  • John & Sarah

    Pure Flow Motions

    We had a really invigorating week. Loved the yoga with the sunrise and sunset and left very clean with all the vegetarian food. Michael is a great yoga teacher and Marta was really helpful with the surfing. We had a lovely week and enjoyed the programme very much. We left feeling newly calm and restored.

  • Andrea Germany

    Pure Flow Motions

    After my second retreat in three years I can confess; it makes your body fit and your mind calm! At one of the most stunning and beautiful places at the ocean in Europe in an outstanding hotel. Meeting wonderful people from all over the world and having delicious food. A heartfelt thank you!

  • John B United Kingdom

    Pure Flow Motions

    Deeply restorative and relaxing. The perfect antidote to everyday stressful life. Wonderful Zen yoga, stunning hikes and invigorating surfing

  • Sarah S United Kingdom

    Pure Flow Motions

    Pure Flow Motions was completely faultless. Incredible teachers, delicious food, lovely hotel. It was a great week all around, it left me feelings so relaxed and really healthy! I was so impressed with the yoga classes and guidance, it was really good to have the variety in the classes. I would recommend this to everyone.

  • Elisabeth Norway

    Pure Flow Motions

    Inspiring and amazing! I will definitely be back again. We will miss you!

  • Heather Connor United Kingdom

    Pure Flow Motions

    You offer a truly balanced and unique activity holiday! Wouth your open, friendly and warm personalities you can´t help but join in, feel inspired and really challenge yourself. Thank you .

  • Maryse Netherlands

    Pure Flow Motions

    I absolutely loved it. I am definitely leaving with more energy then I came with. Great people awesome instructors and dinner was amazing every day.

  • Camilla Norway

    Pure Flow Motions

    Although I was here for a week, I feel I have had a months rest! I have learned so much and I will be forever grateful for the tools, techniques, laughter and memories. Thank you all so much and I´ll be back one day!

  • Joanna M United Kingdom

    Pure Flow Motions

    This was an amazing experience. My friend recommended this retreat to me last year and now I will also recommend it to everyone! Thank you for such a wonderful week.

  • Elisa and Rob United Kingdom

    Pure Flow Motions

    An amazing holiday. The combination between yoga & surfing & hiking fits very well. The food was also excellent ( I am even thinking of going vegeterian ;) . Really inspiring week overall that has given me motivation to start making changes in my life to make it better and be happier! "

  • Karen Manion

    Pure Flow Motions

    This retreat gave me much more then expected! I really got to understand the meditative part of yoga. The surf, yoha , hike and great food is a splendid combination.

  • a traveler Portugal

    Trip Advisor website

    By visiting Sagres,the Memmo hotel has a tremendous view over local fish harbor. You will be quite surprised over this fantastic hotel.We went here for birthday and 23rd wedding day celebration.Fantastic staff.They even found out by their own that my wife had birthday and showed up with nice small cakes ad champagne in our room.We wold love to visit this hotel in the future.

  • Katherine Swingler

    Pure Flow Motions Facebook page

    Thank you all for a fantastic week. The whole experience exceeded my expectations by far and although I don't think I'll ever be a champion surfer, it was great fun trying!! I would definitely recommend the retreat to anyone who wants and needs a complete break as I've come back home feeling refreshed with a new perspective on the every day things. Looking forward to visiting again sometime x

  • Carole Bender United Kingdom

    Pure Flow Motions

    This was exactly as a retreat should be. plenty to do if you wished. But plenty of time and great places for solitude if you wished. All the staff were friendly, helpful, patient, tolerant and compassionate allowing for people of all different levels and abilities.

  • Erin M Denmark

    Pure Flow Motions

    This retreat has the best of everything. From delicious food, beautiful accommodation and being pampered. This week was action packed yet still relaxing. It was a great balance of yoga and meditation and enjoying the outdoors surfing and hiking. Thank you!

  • Sonia G United Kingdom

    Pure Flow Motions

    My mind has been opened, stresses released. I can now feel who I am and I am beautiful.

  • Joydeep United States

    Pure Flow Motions

    With wonderful energy I leave completely revived, renewed and connected with the world! I can´t wait to come back again.

  • Yana Spain

    Pure Flow Motions

    After completing an amazing week with Pure Flow Motions and it´s unique and lovely team, I feel truly recharged and just grateful to have been a part of it all! Come here with an open heart and mind and you are in for a special treat in the beautiful Algarve.

  • Claire E United Kingdom

    Pure Flow Motions

    It outdid all of my expectations. A full week of surfing, hiking and yoga, with very special teachers. The hotel and food were both excellent and great to meet new people and share experiences. The Pure Flow Motions team all went the extra mile and made everyone relaxed , included and at one with nature and themselves no matter if you are alone, with friends, young or old, fit or unfit. You will leave relaxed, refreshed, invigorated both mentally and physically. I highly recommend it !

  • Hana

    Pure Flow Motions

    You guys are amazing! Such great vibes here and being with you. Loved every minute! Keep up the good work.

  • Ami United Kingdom

    Pure Flow Motions

    Thank you so much for this beautiful experience. You are wonderful hosts and companions. Thank you for all your passion and commitment to make everyone feel good and to have a great time!Thank you for great conversations and this experience will surely stay with me for a long time to come!

  • Fieke M.

    Pure Flow Motions

    Whether you are beginner in yoga or surfing or a pro, all is good. The surf lessons are practical and safe, the yoga classes wonderful for body and mind. Perfect. I had a great week with Pure Flow Motions.

  • Peter Germany

    Pure Flow Motions

    Thank you for teaching me in a way to make my heart smile.

  • Patty H. Netherlands

    Pure Flow Motions

    It was a wonderful week which put my mind and body at ease. I felt like a child again enjoying the waves, trying to surf them and wandering on the cliffs was breathtaking. Excellent!

  • Denelle United States

    Pure Flow Motions

    Thanking I selected this retreat after reviewing many others because of the variety of activities and not only was I impressed with all of them, but everything else from the home cooked meal to the laid back atmosphere that made me feel at home. The teachers are all amazing humans, not only in what they say or what they teach, but also in how they live. It was inspiring just being in their presence. Thank you!

  • Sonia

    Pure Flow Motions

    Thank you so much for changing how I feel about life. I feel more positive and relaxed. I love you all!

  • Nicole

    Pure Flow Motions

    Starting everyday with a smile! Never knew a full program could be so relaxing. Thanks it was an inspiring week. Good vibes!

  • Jenny Prokop United Kingdom

    Pure Flow Motions

    I didn’t know what to expect but it couldn’t have been a greater experience! So much heart in everything! Thank you for everything Marta, Michael, Nicolau and of course Anina!

  • Catherine United Kingdom

    Pure Flow Motions

    Dear Michael, Marta and Nicolau, just a quick note to say thank you. It was a really special experience to be so welcomed by you all and to share everything with you - yoga, surfing, beaches, cliffs, beauty, peacefulness and your home last night - we were all really touched by your genuine openness and generosity. After a week where every day was an unexpected treat that you had put so much thought into, the meal last night was a perfect end - the colors and flavors and the time and care that went into making it just right will stay with me.. and I hope your spirit of giving will also remain a part of me. lots of love.

  • Claire Silva Morreira Belgium

    Pure Flow Motions

    You have all three managed to convey your passion and now I feel very happy. Many many thanks!!! The meditation in the forest was a very good experience for me. Thanks, brigado, gracias, merci, danke...

  • Charlotte Rawlings United Kingdom

    Pure Flow Motions

    This is a well balanced retreat with an excellent mix of mindful and fun activities. As a result of the healthy eating and mind & body workouts, I feel fully rejuvenated. Thank you to the team, such a wonderful mixture of complementing personalities.

  • Robert United Kingdom

    Pure Flow Motions

    I enjoyed a fantastic week. Plenty of variation, great food and a great company. Feeling much healthier and with a slightly changed attitude to life. Awesome, thanks!

  • Jan Puttevils Belgium

    Pure Flow Motions

    You guys are wonderful, complementary dream team! I came here with no expectations for the yoga and surfing and you opened up a whole new world for me. We walked through ourselves during yoga and meditation and we walked through nature with an open mind. You made us come more in contact with ourselves and with nature and the ocean. I was amazed by the thrill of surfing. I hope I can come back soon to ride the waves of our mind and the ocean with you guys again! Keep the good work! Love you!

  • Charlotte Sexton United Kingdom

    Pure Flow Motions

    I arrived in Portugal feeling mentally and physically tired. After a week of yoga, meditation, walking, surfing and healthy food my mind and body feels reinvigorated. I feel like I am going back to London a lot lighter and more equipped to face negative situations. Marta, Michael and Nicolau were warm and welcoming people who do everything they can to make sure everyone enjoys and gets something out of the retreat. I would recommend Pure Floe Motions to anyone who needs a break and has an open mind.

  • Sarah Davis Australia

    Pure Flow Motions

    This week has been fantastic- The retreat offered the perfect balance of relaxation, activity, energy and fun. The team was supportive, enthusiastic and inspiring. I would and will definitely come back!

  • Rosetta United Kingdom

    Pure Flow Motions

    I thoroughly enjoyed my week with Pure flow motions and would certainly recommend it to anybody who is looking for a good active, relaxing and healthy holiday. The hotel was excellent in every way. Martha, Michael and Nicolau were the best guides and teachers anyone could ask for. The food was fantastic. Many thanks to Anina also. The week has certainly delivered what it promised, and more – it exceeded my expectations :) Namaste!

  • Bunsi Sha United Kingdom

    Pure Flow Motions

    This retreat has provided the perfect mix of peace and energy for both the mind and body. I enjoyed every activity and they complemented each other so well. I feel totally relaxed but also energized. I have learned a lot about how to just be . I intend on taking back and putting into practice each day. Thank you so much to all of you, providing me with experiences of yoga, meditation, surf, walking and a great lunch every day!

  • George T United Kingdom

    Pure Flow Motions

    Fantastic – a truly wonderful retreat! If you don’t want to spend all of your time just doing yoga, throw in some surfing lessons and a bit of walking, then this will be the perfect retreat for you. The accommodation is excellent and the teachers are even better!

  • Anna Sharp United Kingdom

    Pure Flow Motions website

    I have never felt so utterly satisfied, grateful and happy with a holiday! It was a wonderful balance of activities. Also it was great that people can opt in / out activities if they felt like a quiet time. All of you guys are warm, kind, friendly and fantastic at what you do. Thank you, I have never felt so utterly satisfied, grateful and happy with a holiday. It was a wonderful balance of activities. Also it was great that people can opt in/out activities if they felt like a quiet time. All of you guys are warm, kind, friendly and fantastic at what you do. Thank you!

  • Ana Vandenberk Belgium

    Pure Flow Motions website

    A week to never forget! A week to find myself in the moment again. A week to reflect, where my life is going. A week to set priorities right. A week to find my Zen attitude again. A week to taste the niceness of surfing the waves. A week to discover the wonderful nature of Sagres. But most of all a week to meet wonderful and inspiring people. I just loved getting to know the retreat buddies and the wonderful positive retreat crew. Michael, Marta and Nicolau you are just great people. Thanks for the nice experiences, and food, and nice talks. I just loved the retreat. Just what I needed! I hope to see you guys again!

  • Mana Constantinescu Romania

    Pure Flow Motions website

    You are amazing, wonderful and very warm and generous peoples. It was a real pleasure to be here with you. You are doing a lot of efforts to satisfy our needs. We have a lot of comprehension and patience from you. I am really grateful for this week, and the new things that I discovered. A huge thank you.

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