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7 Day PWF's Windsurfing Lessons for Beginners in Fuerteventura, Canary Islands

Pro Wind Freestyle, Fuerteventura, Spain

Windsurfing Camp Spain

Beginner difficulty

With a huge amount of experience across the windsurfing world, Pro Wind Fuerteventura's staff is highly knowledgeable, from judging on the European and world tours to running windsurf center’s here on the island of Fuerteventura. Pro Wind Fuerteventura understands that everyone wants to windsurf someone different. At PWF, they understand the need to roam, so take your gear and feel free to broaden your horizons.


  • 8-hour windsurfing lesson
  • Famous and incredible spots
  • Skilled and experienced instructors
  • A safe and exciting place for beginners
  • Including equipment and wetsuit
  • 7 nights accommodation

Skill level

  • Beginner


4 days with instruction
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Are you searching for a quiet place to stay? PWF will be glad to present the best place where you can stay during your holidays, from a simple apartment to luxury villas they have it covered. They offer houses for 2/3/4/6 people to fit all forms of budget.

  • Apartamentos Bahia Playa
  • Casa Risco Del Paso
  • Apartamento Hibiscos
  • Casa Villa Patio
  • El Coma
  • La Residencia


Windsurf lessons

If you always thought to learn to windsurf was too difficult then all Pro Wind Fuerteventura can say is you are wrong. At PWF, you can progress fast with highly qualified, skilled, and experienced instructors. Beginners learn fast with their latest generation equipment and their innovative methods of private coaching.

For those already with some experience, then Pro Wind Fuerteventura is able to teach anything and everything from water starts, footstrap position, freestyle moves, even the highly sought after forwarding loop. Just let them know what you wish to improve and Pro Wind Fuerteventura will teach you!

But what about communication problems? Forget it! Pro Wind Fuerteventura can teach lessons in 5 different languages.

PWF makes private courses, so it doesn’t matter what level, the most important thing is you. They believe that having just one instructor is the key to success; you will learn much faster and, with your trust, be pushed beyond what you thought achievable. Everyone can try and for sure you will fall in love with this amazing sport.


Spot guide

Just 2 minutes from PWF's shop, there is the famous beach of Sotavento and 5 minutes down the road is one of the most popular spots in the world, Risco del Paso. Famed for its clear blue waters, warm temperatures, and reliable constant winds, the huge lagoon that can be found there means the spot offers a safe and exciting place for all levels.

Just 2 km from Pro Wind Fuerteventura's shop there is also Matas Blancas, perfect for slalom, freeride and SUP. If driving further afield is your thing then you’ll find incredible spots for each and every discipline; peeling waves, point breaks, beach breaks, protected harbors, sheltered lagoons with constant wind and much more. Fuerteventura is highly considered as one of the best all-around windsurfing spots in Europe. There is a place for everybody!


This fabulous beach made the island famous for windsurfing. Since 1985 the world’s best windsurfers have battled annually here for the World Championship in the disciplines of speed, slalom, and freestyle. The spot is perfect for freeriding, freestyle or your first steps into funboarding.

On good days, the shorebreak allows a little aerial and some ramps will make you fly when sailing out. The safe separation between wind- and kitesurfers. It is the most consistently windy spot of Fuerteventura due to the thermal effect of the hills. If the wind in the north of the island is limit for planning, then you will be flying here! Windsurf center and rescue service right on the spot. Best season: all year around.

Sotavento Lagoon

A 4 km long, standing-depth area fills with sea water at high tide, across Sotavento beach. This turquoise water, heated by the sun creates a perfect schooling area. Although, from beginners to professionals, everyone has a good time here. Separated only by a bank of sand, you can swap between the open sea and the lagoon in less than a minute.

Risco Del Paso

This is the most southern beach of Sotavento and the place where the speed surfers during the former World Cup reached their highest velocity. The spot is perfect for freeriding, freestyle or your first steps into funboarding. On good days the little shorebreak allows an aerial and some ramps will make you fly while sailing out. Easy parking close to the shore. Side offshore wind enforced by the thermal effect of the hills. If the wind in the north of the island is limit for planning, then you will be flying here!

Matas Blancas

Flatwater spot just outside of Costa Calma. This is the most northern beach of the island which receives the thermal wind effect of the hills. Perfect for freestyle or for your first steps into funboarding: Planning your first meters along the beach or carving your first 360’s. Park and rig right on the beach, easy!


One of the best spots on the island in terms of waveriding. When it’s classic you will get mast high glassy waves for down the line windsurfing. Some powerful aerial sections will make you totally stoked!

Needs Calima (east) wind from the Sahara, this is side-offshore. If the outside is oversized you will be able to sail the inside down the bay. Some years Majanicho delivers about 30 sailing days, other years not one day.

Watch out: The Calima wind can be strong in the morning but drops afternoon, sail back when you feel the wind is dropping to avoid an hour of swimming.

La Caleta

Another one of the best spots on the island in terms of waveriding. When it’s classic you will get loads of wind and mast high waves with powerful aerial sections. Down the line sailing allowing up to four turns. If it’s big you will be able to sail the smaller fun wave inside the bay. Some years La Caleta delivers loads of sailing days, other years not one day. Needs a southwest wind which can bring (finally) rain.

Punta Blanca

Side onshore jump spot which allows a good snap coming in. Needs a small swell to be perfect, although it’s sailed all winter with big waves. In winter, however, it is usually the inside reform which is mostly sailed. Best at low tide with a small northeast swell in summer and with the high tide during winter.

Isla De Lobos

La Concha is located at the south of the island of Lobos. Just the trip out there makes it a unique experience: Launch at Flag Beach with starboard tack, sail over the 3 km crystal clear channel and arrive in one run waveriding with port tack.

A powerful bowl will make your day complete. Only sailed with high tide, famous mast snapper. Be aware, there is no surf shop on Lobos. Needs a huge swell to make it pump. When it’s small and windy, you can jump as well.

Glass Beach

The best summer spot in terms of waveriding! It's located in the middle of the dunes of Corralejo. When it’s classic you will get mast high glassy waves allowing up to three turns. Perfect spot for aerials. Needs first several days of northeast trade wind to create waves.

When the wind eventually turns north to northwest, Glasbeach will deliver side to side-offshore conditions. The peak breaks on a reef but you can launch from the beach down in the flatwater bay. This is also a surf spot. Be patient and give the surfers their time, the wind picks up normally afternoon and this is when windsurfers take over the peak.

Rocky Point

When the North Shore is getting big, a peak breaks out in the bay off Corralejo. It starts outside as a mellow shoulder who can get mast high. Once you arrive closer to the shore the wave gets more powerful, this is the moment you should start wavering. If you are not stoked enough yet, you can get some massive jumps sailing out. West wind is best, which is side - side onshore. Tip: Launch behind the corner at the little beach to avoid a long 'rocky' walk.

El Cotillo

Powerful beach break, often closes out when swell is overhead or tide is wrong for the banks. Banks improve after winter scouring offering makeable barrel sections. The cliffs at the north end offer some north wind protection. Picks up north to west swell. Good intermediate spot. All year round, if it’s not too big or too small.

Puerto Lajas

Big bay located just above the capital of the island. Sailable with all directions, but north to the northeast is best. When it’s sideshow the long rebuilding left at the north of the bay will let you rip up to six turns. There is a small aerial section on the inside.

In the middle breaks a more powerful one-move a-frame. When it is (side) onshore, the reef at the south of the bay offers great waves for jumping. In summer it needs a northeast wind swell, in winter a big groundswell can reach the east coast.



  • Stand up paddle boarding
  • Surfing
  • Windsurfing


  • Beach


  • Board rental
  • Car rental

What's included

  • 7 nights accommodation
  • 4 8-hour windsurfing course
  • Equipment and wetsuit included

Cancellation Policy

  • A reservation requires a deposit of 16.94% of the total price.
  • The deposit is non-refundable, if the booking is cancelled.
  • The rest of the payment should be paid on arrival.
7 days / 6 nights
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