6 Days Paradise Surf Camp in Chiriquí, Panama

  • Private Panama Surf Island, Quebrada De Piedra, Tolé, Chiriquí, Panama

6 Days Paradise Surf Camp in Chiriquí, Panama

  • Private Panama Surf Island, Quebrada De Piedra, Tolé, Chiriquí, Panama

Bracing Panama Surf Camp

Secluded, relaxing, warm, tropical, and gorgeous are all words that describe this surfers’ paradise. Imagine being able to surf in 80-degree water in a remote location with no pressure from other surfers. Private Panama Surf Island offers a truly private surfing experience where you and your friends can feel comfortable. Come and get your own surf experience here in Panama!


  • Daily surfing sessions
  • Daily boat trips to the surf spot
  • Chance to surf 10 different breaks on 3 islands
  • Pickup from and to Guabala
  • 5 nights of accommodation
  • 3 meals per day
  • 5 days with instruction
  • English
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You will stay in a private cabin chosen by Private Panama Surf Island.

This camp will take place in Panama on an island called Shangri-La. The scenery around the camp is jaw dropping and so are the waves. You will see monkeys, parrots, dolphins, sea turtles, and all different types of life around the surfer paradise.

During this retreat, you will have 10 different breaks to choose, so no break gets overcrowded. There are 5 different left breaks you can choose, which are Emily's, The Point, P-Land, Leftovers, and The Wedge. They would be considered intermediate to advanced breaks depending on swell size. There are also 5 right breaks to choose, which are Nestles, El Toro, Snickers, Sand Bar, and Chapels.

Small Island, Big Kahuna Waves

The smaller island is about a 30-minute boat ride. This is the island of the largest waves. When the waves are small everywhere else, you'll find 6-8 feet faces here on average. This is the place where you'll find the left breaks like P-Land, which is really two breaks, and Leftovers. The right break on this island is Nestles, described as the most exciting 30 seconds of your life.

Emily's is a fun point break

Emily's is a left point break that peels and peels forever. This could be your favorite wave of the whole trip. Emily's is one of the most fun waves at the surfer paradise. It may not be the biggest wave, but it has some really workable sections. Emily's is recommended for intermediate to advanced surfers because of the lava rock / white coral reef bottom.


Nestles is located on the outer island called Silva. This wave is big and steep, some even compare it to the box. Nestles is recommended only for advanced surfers.


P-Land is located on the outer island called Silva. This wave is a left and is usually the most consistent break all year round. P-Land is recommended for intermediate to advanced surfers.

The Point

The Point is a world class barreling wave.

The Sand Bar

The Sand Bar is south of the big island. The wave goes for about 400 yards breaking both left and right. It has been described as the perfect wave you draw on your notebook in high school that just keeps going and going. Not a fast wave, but a long, long playful wave. The Sand Bar is recommended for any surfer that can stand up and turn.

You will be served 3 meals per day with a variety of dishes made from fish, chicken, shrimp, tropical fruits, etc. Private Panama Surf Island can accommodate vegetarian diets.

  • Diving
  • Exploring
  • Fishing
  • Hiking
  • Ocean kayaking
  • Ping pong games
  • Relax in a hammock
  • Snorkeling
  • Spearfishing
  • 3 meals per day
  • 5 nights' accommodation in a private cabin
  • Daily boat trips to 10 different breaks located on 3 islands
  • Pickup from and to Guabala
  • Bus
  • Hotel stay in Panama City
  • Surf lessons
  • Taxi
  • A reservation requires a deposit of 100% of the total price.
  • The deposit is fully refundable if the booking is cancelled before the arrival date.

Quebrada De Piedra, Panama

Private Panama Surf Island, opened since 1998, offers surf packages in the surfer paradise which is located on a small private island off the coast of Panama.

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6 days / 5 nights

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