Present Moments Retreat

Guerrero, Mexico

Present Moments Retreat offers wellness classes, yoga by the sea, meditation, qigong, and dance classes on the gorgeous and serene beach of Playa Troncones.

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Really Good 8.3/10

Based on 3 reviews
from US$2,077
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Really Good 8.3/10

Based on 3 reviews

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Natalie Ritenour

Natalie is a yoga teacher and massage therapist who has been spreading the light for Present Moment Retreat since 2007, specializing in Thai Massage. Originally trained in India, she has studied classical Raja and Hatha yoga at her ashram in Nasik, Maharashtra. She has spent about one year total in India seeking the ancient wisdom. She has led retreats and adventure wellness vacations in Mexico, India, Thailand, and Indonesia. She is also one of the local surf guides and can help you find a practice on the mat as well in the ocean.

Reviews 3

  • Joy De Lisser United States

    August 2017, BookSurfCamps

    Great location, beautiful beach, wonderful food, good instructors for mediation and yoga, good massages, hiking, kayaking, horseback riding. Great people / employees at the resort!

    Should provide bug replellent wrist bands on day 1!

    Need separate covered trash cans for each bathroom!

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    • Hillary W. Oregon

      TripAdvisor website

      I have been to Present Moment with my husband several times, I have brought girlfriends and I even convinced my very discerning old boss to do his first solo vacation there. And he just texted me a few weeks ago to tell me he was on route for another trip. Here is what I tell people: It's not the cheapest escape you will ever have. But you are guaranteed not to regret it. The grounds are immaculate. The staff, from kitchen to therapists to instructors are genuinely lovely. The food is 5 star. The yoga varied and personal. For the yogi and the non yogi alike. The beach and the town are safe and authentic. Rest and Refresh (or something like that) is the best deal. I have also done Be-Light. Which - is good for re-setting your engines, avoiding margaritas and having a good laugh (do it with friends if possible). I never left the resort for my first 4 trips (why leave paradise?) and then was convinced to do an eco-tour on my last trip which left me with a broader understanding and appreciation for the community. My only 'tip' is that there is a room called Solitude that faces the street. I stayed in it twice. The first time it was magical and the second time, just noisy. And I heard these complaints from guests on later trips. Also - most rooms are open air. Which I love - the lovely sounds of the ocean - but air-conditioned rooms are available. But - that's it. Treat yourself! You will go back!

    • a traveler United States

      TripAdvisor website

      I came to Present Moment retreat for a week long Yoga retreat at the end of January. I was a bit nervous initially as I was traveling alone, did not know anyone and wasn't sure what to expect. I am happy to say I had a wonderful experience. The staff at Present Moment was welcoming from the start and very attentive without being intrusive (they learned our names within the first day). The accommodations were well maintained and clean and I thoroughly enjoyed being lulled to sleep by the sound of the ocean. You can be as active or non-active at Present Moment as you choose. The spa staff was excellent and I highly recommend taking advantage of the various offerings (I had a shamanic massage session with Michelle and tried the Cacao Ceremony as well). Although I was here as part of a Yoga retreat, I did take advantage of a Yoga class offered by the staff and found it to be professional and beneficial, with personalized attention and readjustment to positions as required. The food was fantastic and definitely supportive of the "farm to table" initiative. I was able to try several different foods I had not had before, and I really enjoyed the way the local culture was interwoven into some of the meals. Overall, this was a very positive experience and I would highly recomment Present Moment retreat. I look forward to returning soon!

    • a traveler United Kingdom

      TripAdvisor website

      Present Moment retreat is truly one of the most healing, heart opening and blissful places one can visit. The staff are incredibly sweet and like a family welcoming you into their sanctuary, every class is of the highest calibre from meditation to dance to yoga. Every few days there is a beautiful cultural performance in their restaurant with space to dance. The food is exquisite and always beautifully presented. Perfectly located on a beautiful beach with a refreshing pool to swim in, not to mention the most comfortable luxury Palapa bungalow accommodation... Present Moment attracts incredible people from all corners of the globe- like a nest for similar minded people to come together to heal, relax and regenerate. In my experience at Present Moment everyone I spoke to never wanted to leave- we all found a peace in our hearts and minds at this retreat Centre. I certainly plan to go back as soon as I'm able.

    • a traveler Sweden

      TripAdvisor website

      I had an absolute wonderful stay at present moment! I never wanted to leave and kept extending my stay. I ended up staying for six weeks and I'm already planning to come back. I did the be light package with only raw food for the first two weeks, the most incredible raw food I've ever had. It's absolutely no challenge sticking to the diet with that sort of menu. The last month I had food from the normal menu as well and it was absolutely delicious. I never had a meal I didn't like. All food is fresh, healthy and absolutely amazing. I also did yoga everyday. You can choose to be a part of either relaxing or more active yoga. The teachers are incredible and help you in whatever state you're in. It's perfect for both beginners and more advanced yogis. In the evenings they often have music and fun entertainments. The location is fantastic, right by the beach. I spent all days just swimming in the ocean or in the pool, having fantastic food, doing yoga and most of all just spending time with the wonderful staff and guests there. All the staff -everyone in the restaurant, the kitchen, cleaning ladies, in the office and in the wellness team are absolutely amazing. So warm, welcoming and helpful. The most wonderful set of people. I can't wait to go back and meet them again! I am always very honest and make sure to bring absolutely everything worth mentioning up. I have no bad reviews to share though, the place is simply heaven on earth. Troncones is also a wonderful little city, with lots of beautiful nature and fun places to explore. I would recommend everyone and anyone to go there if possible! You'll not regret it.

    • John and Andrea Netherlands

      Present Moment Retreat website

      We had a wonderful week in our bungalow named 'Wisdom'. We have met so many beautiful, special, and amazing people here. It is all love... all around us. This retreat opened up my heart again and I will return home bringing with me a rare and authentic gift. My words on this page cannot possibly express my true feelings. Thanks to the entire staff at Present Moment for creating this magical place.

    • Ainhoa Garcia Mexico

      Present Moment Retreat website

      Present Moment, I just want to say thank you so much for everything! I've been coming here since 2007... 5 times so far... and every time I come, I just LOVE it more! Thanks to Tom, CJ, Natalie, Manuel, and Gaby... I truly love you all. We are leaving today, but I will remember each and everyone of you forever.. I love everything... just the thought of it; pina coladas, the ocean view, yoga every morning, the staff, all of the kindness that is shared with us, massages, and simply everything that is special in Troncones. Present Moment is the best... We love you guys! Hope to see you again soon... Thank you... Namaste.

    • Nancy

      Present Moment Retreat website

      Hello CJ, I hope that this finds you well. It has been around 2 months since I left Present Moment and I have thought of my experience almost daily. I want to thank you once again for providing the perfect, magical environment for me to celebrate a half century in this body. It is surely a week that I will never forget. In addition to all of your other stellar qualities, I hope that you feel wonderful about the fact that you provide such a positve space for people to heal, renew, and find their way. Thank you very much. I know that I will see you again in the very near future. Love, Nancy.

    • Hallie Whitney Bayfield United States

      Present Moment Retreat website

      Hi, Tom. I just wanted to let you know that I'm sorry I didn't get to meet you on my recent visit and share my impressions of your "paradise". I fell in love with CJ and your staff, and of course Present Moment. I really think that you have created a special place and the energy there is truly spectacular. Your taste in design, layout, and details is amazing... It is not too posh or overstated; in fact, very earthy, organic, and tasteful but also elegant and special, very special. I just wanted to personally thank you; it was worth saving up some hard earned cash so my mother, sisters, and I could have that magical week. Thank you. Good luck with all your endeavors and your new mountain retreat. Namaste.

    • Tina Boecker Austin United States

      Present Moment Retreat website

      This is the third night of my four nights' stay here at Present Moment Retreat. I am having the most wonderful experience with my best friend Amy and our yoga group. This place is truly amazing in every single aspect. I adore the setting, the staff, the cuisine, the rich experiences, and even the pets! I will miss this resort when I leave, but hope to one day find my way back. Thank you so much!

    • Myra Lazo United States

      Present Moment Retreat website

      Well needed vacation from the hustle and bustle of our daily life in USA. Present Moment is the perfect place to center one's self and listen closely to your being. The people here are amazing; I felt completely safe and supported. There is a grounding energy, along with a compassionate frequency, from the staff ; the pactice; the earth... I will definately return to relax and re-energize.

    • Clara Fon-Sing United States

      Present Moment Retreat website

      Tom and CJ, you've done a wonderful job creating this paradise; it's beauty and it's spirit. It is a truly special catalyst to come and discover whatever we are seeking inside... Rest, reflection, renewal. I hope that your partnership continues to grow, prosper, and sustain this precious retreat center, along with all of the generous people who work with you. Thanks for everything.

    • Carmen Canada

      Present Moment Retreat website

      Here's where we can let our Yin and Yang dance together until we become one with everything. Allow your inner energy to embrace dance and you will dissolve the tightness of your mind, body, and soul. Bliss equals heavenly happiness and look no further for it than here at Present Moment. You have created a great place to start a new day, a new year, or a new life... Let it be a new beginning for us all. Love and peace.

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