Praia Kitesurf Southamerica

Praia Kitesurf is a mobile kite school in South America, but home-based in Colombia. They offer kite lessons, equipment rental, and kite expeditions.

Instructors 2

Lisa Gondesen

Lisa is one of the founders of Praia Kitesurf, and in it with all her heart. She is a certified IKO instructor and teaches in English, German and Spanish. She is also the one who will bring you a cup of tea if you have tummy troubles...

Jonathan Del Valle

Jonathan is a very experienced instructor and a studied sports teacher. After class he will impress you spinning some tricks on the water, and is always happy to share one of his crazy life stories with you over a beer!

Reviews 1


from Colombia, February 2018

Both Jonathan and Lisa were very friendly and I had a lot of fun with the two other guys of my group with whom I shared the room. I had most of my lessons with Jonathan (in Spanish), which were really good. Jonathan explains everything clearly and does not bother helping you from within the water, which makes it way easier to learn. The last lessons I had from Lisa, who has a more laidback way of teaching and prefers to stay on the beach if possible. Further, Lisa and Jonathan always make sure everything is arranged well during the camp and let the group decide if they want to do excursions and what type of dinner they would like to have.

Testimonials 4

Ina von Gersdorff-Schlüter Germany

Praia Kitesurf Southamerica Facebook page

Lisa and Jonathan are best teacher for kite lessons! Thanks for mobile fun!

Torben Weichaus

Praia Kitesurf Southamerica Facebook page

Praia Kitesurf is an amazing crew, which gives me an unforgettable holiday experience! Thank you guys!

Anita Hasi

Praia Kitesurf Southamerica Facebook page

Best crew ever!!! very good instructors and nice people!! I am looking forward to seeing them again!!!

Julius Deitmaring Germany

Praia Kitesurf Southamerica Facebook page

Best kite lessons I can think of! Awesome guys!

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