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Point Break Watersport Center

Point Break Watersport Center is a water sports center that offers comprehensive education programs to suit every need from basic up to advanced courses to perfect skills.

Instructors 5

Stefano Bellopede

Stefano's first encounter with kitesurfing was back in 2001 in Brazil when he was thunderstruck. From that moment on, all the decisions that he has made in his life have had everything to do with this wonderful sport. Today, after years of teaching, he manages the school along with this great team of instructors to give the best possible service to the customers.

Mario Zanetti

Mario has been kitesurfing since 2003 and he thought about becoming an instructor since 2008. One reason is to follow a dream and the second is to see the world. So he did it from Italy to Mexico, from Venezuela to Australia, and New Zealand. He tries to convey passion and responsibility with all the irony and professionalism you need.

Daniele Menesini

Daniele started windsurfing in Sardinia when he was 15, in 2008. He learned to kitesurf and later he received the title of instructor. In 2010, he came to live in Fuerteventura and started practicing surfing and stand up paddle boarding. The waves are his passion. In fact, he finds that he is most dedicated when he rides the wave.

Andrea Erci

Andrea started kitesurfing in 2003 and started to teach in 2005, becoming an IKO instructor. Since then, she started traveling and always tried to transmit this passion to others. After 2012, she has been living in Fuerteventura and now to her, this island feels like home.

Pol Palenzuela

Pol is 22 years old and has been surfing since he was 16. He's been teaching for more than one year. He has to say that his biggest gratitude is giving lessons to children.

Reviews 5

Valerie Partington

from Great Britain, March 2018

"windsurfing course"

Super-friendly and helpful staff. Everything was arranged from airport transfers to clean, convenient accommodation. Windsurfing equipment and tuition excellent.

Robert Mail

from Great Britain, December 2017


Gianpaulo was a great teacher with lots of patience. I managed to progress my windsurfing to a good extent and Gianpaulo was painstaking in his instruction. The accommodation villa was great and the vibe awesome. Giogia and Lorenzo took great care of us


from Spanish State, November 2017

"I've booked windsurf camp"

Accomodation was great, well located, clean and comfortable with enought space and garden

The windsurf classes were amazing, this travel helped to improve my level


from Germany, September 2017

"Windsurfing in Corralejo centre organised by Point Break"

Complete organisation:

The organisation was very good. Although my flight was delayed the transfer had worked without any problems. The accomodation and Windsurfing lessons were well organised by the wind and my time slots. Thanks Stef for managing it :D

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I've chosen the quadruple room. The hostel which was organised by an external company. The hostel was totally spotless. The included breakfast was simple, but good. At all I was suprised how good a quadruple sleeping room can be. At this point thanks to Laurenzo and Lucio ;D

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Lessons of windsurfing:

In the package had been included four windsurfing lessons. To my surprise it was also an external company, which was offering my windsurf lessons. Point Break seemed just to offer normal surfing and kite surfing lessons and rental. But the teacher of the external surf school at (Calle Bahia) was a nice italien guy. Very relaxed and easy going. Thanks for the lessons Gianpaolo :D

Testimonials 2

Adam Riley

Point Break Watersport Center Facebook page

It is the most excellent trip! It went above and beyond. Jasper had a great time with you, please call us if you're ever in the North East of England.

Agnieszka Prusinska Poland

Point Break Watersport Center Facebook page

Point Break Watersport Center is the best of the best. Thank you, guys for showing me this wonderful sport. I hope that from now, kitesurfing will be a part of my life. Thank you for those few wonderful days, especially for the professional approach to the student. Stefano, your knowledge and patience are amazing. Get ready because I'll be back here.

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