Phuket Wakepark

Phuket Wakepark is an ultimate complex for sport activities, leisure, fun, and entertainment. It is located in a spectacular area in the middle of the Phuket Island.

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Hanna V. Finland

TripAdvisor website

Good obstacles and the cable is smooth. Two cables: 2.0 and big one. There was some kind of queue all the time. Morning ride was the best. Apartment was ok and so were the prices. Food was good. Close to beach and easy to use taxi or scooter. Friendly and helpful staff.

Libby Ho Taiwan

Phuket Wakepark Facebook page

I had a great time there. The staff are friendly. The accommodation is clean and nice.

It has an awesome venue. I’m coming back to visit for sure!

Far K. Verdier Thailand

Phuket Wakepark Facebook page

I had been there 3 months ago and found out that this place was such an amazing place. It has nice people and also a good trainer. I hope that I can go back there soon.

Anny Krasiy

Phuket Wakepark Facebook page

Super place! I've never try wakeboarding before, only surfing. I have had a birthday and decided to go to the Phuket Wakepark, because they have a free riding for birthday person. My friend, Alex, who is rider in this park, helped me to start on a full size cable. It wasn't easy at first time, but I did it! I learned edging and switch! Awesome birthday!

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