Personal Surf Lessons offers surf lessons from different surfing spots in Los Angeles, California.

Testimonials (3)

Zach Texas

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Learning how to surf with Sergio is truly a blast! He is patient and will have you standing up in no time. Every lessons I took with Sergio would make me want to be in the water more and more. Big thanks to Sergio for successfully teaching me how to surf!

Claudia Te\

Personal Surf Lessons website

Sergio is patient, trustworthy, and makes the challenge of surfing fun. We had such a great time and improved as well. It was worthy every cent to find such a knowledgeable and kind teacher.

Ed Utah

Personal Surf Lessons website

Hi Sergio! April and I really enjoyed our lesson yesterday. It was a great introduction to surfing. I posted a few of the pics you took, thanks for doing that. Next time, I want one riding a wave ( I'm gonna train for it and it more Wheaties for breakfast on that day. Thanks again!