Pender Island Kayak Adventures educates and entertains using human-powered modes of transportation. One of our favorites is Stand Up Paddleboarding!

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A traveler Singapore

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I was scrolling through the pictures that I took a year ago ( October 2016), while being an exchange student in UBC and saw the pictures that I took during the camping trip then with Pender Island Kayak Adventures. The brought back memories that was still vivid till this day, the soothing sounds of the waves, the deers that appear in midnight to eat the apples, the fresh air of the woods, the jellyfish in the crystal clear waters... and yes, the elusive seals too! Hence, I have decided that I should write a review on it.

As I went for the trip in October, it was the rainy season and many other companies ceased to hold camping trips. However, as it was my first time in Canada and I really wanted to camp outdoors, I was determined to camp and Pender Island Kayak Adventures was the only company which still offered camping.

Overall, it was a great experience! Jay was a meticulous tour guide, who ensured that our welfare was well-taken care of. He ensured that the trips are tailored to our preferences ( I went with a group of 5 friends). Though it was the rainy season, the tents set up for us were comfortable and we were kept warm throughout the night. For the meals, Jay personally cooked for us using fresh ingredients, such as the dungeness crabs that were freshly caught that day and beans cooked using butter and garlic!

Other than camping, we also managed to kayak from North Pender to South Pender Island. We were brought up a hill and I managed to see one of the best sights ever!

In all, i will say that deciding to camp with Pender Island Kayak Adventure was one of the best decisions I have made!

Almina L

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Knowledgeable and helpful

Jay was very helpful to us. Exciting and gorgeous outing with a lot to see. Seals and river otter! Jay answered all of our questions.

A traveler Victoria

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We rented a double kayak for two days. Paddled one day to Hope Cove ànd were rewarded when we came upon newly opened chocolate and espresso shop. Day two took us to Poet's Cove, where we'd planned to have lunch, but sadly it was closed. Beautiful place though, and we enjoyed a hike in the nearby marine park on the way back. Lots of sea life around the Canal. Spectacular weather and location. Great service and equipment at the kayak shop.