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Otzki Limited offers boutique wake surf camps, wake board camps, and 6 carefully-designed lakeside bungalows that enhance the joy of your self-achieving day.

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Gregg Hartnett

Sifu Gregg Hartnett has been practicing the Shaolin Arts, as taught in the southern temple, since 2005 under Grandmaster Wong Kiew Kit of the Shaolin Wahnam Institute. Having started with Kickboxing, he soon found the Wahnam Institute and discovered Chi and internal force and wanted to further his knowledge of this amazing art. He realized that one can incorporate Kung fu into one’s daily life in every aspect.

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David Gigon Switzerland

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What an amazing week I spent at Otzki Wakecamp in Thailand. How good is to meet people who convert their passion into a full time job 24/7 to really give you the most advanced way of thinking eating and learning. Good vibe, great people, great food. When you'll arrive at this place you will be surprise by the ambiance. So relaxing place you can believe the time stops, you go back to the roots in the middle of the jungle to really discover what is really important for you. A lesson of life I think. Sleep, ride, eat, relax and repeat. Thank you for everything Deen and Sarah! Don't forget 100% of your actions come from your thoughts, change your habits means change your life!

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