Oceanside offers a wide range of surf camp packages including staying in Las Canteras, surfing courses at Quiksilver Surf school, and many other extras.

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Ricardo García

Rubén Berrio Galán

Ed Carlos Innocencio

Manuel Martel Reyes

Reviews (24)

Bartomeu Estrany Company

from Spain, February 2022

All monitors very friendly and instructive. The hostel Ventana Azul was perfect too, really nice ambient. I'm gonna return for sure!

Tomas Zajic

from Germany, June 2021

Christine Olaksen

from United States, October 2019

"Wonderful surf company and experience"

The staff were super helpful and friendly. Everything was clean and organized. The apartment was very nice and very convenient. Surfing location was right across from the shop.a snack was provided after two hours of surfing.


from Great Britain, August 2019

"Great experience"

Accommodation was clean, staff were friendly and helpful, location was superb.

Sarah Carson

from United States, March 2019

"Fun Experience"

We had fabulous instructors on the first and third day of our three day adventure. We enjoyed the ocean, found these two instructors knowledgeable and helpful and the equipment was good. We rented equipment on the fourth day without instruction, and found it a very good deal. The hostel was clean and quiet.


from United States, February 2019

"Amazing experience. "

Staff of hostel and Oceanside very professional and friendly.

Julie Ann Russell

from Great Britain, July 2018

"Short but excellent experience "

Everyone was friendly and helpful. There’s too much to remember but the instructors were really helpful and clear on explaining how things to be done. Surfing experience was amazing, didn’t managed to stand on the first day but second day was a little better, managed to stand up once but then floppped in to the water lol! Thank you once again for an awesome birthday! Everyone sang while stretching the Saturday and I was really touched. Accommodation was great too. The ambiance, the staff and the events they held there was great. Will definitely recommend it to friends and family.

Deepak Sharma

from Belgium, May 2018

"Fabulous experience. The surf camp was a real fun"

The trainers are really nice, school facilities are really good no hassles at all.

Learning surfing was much easier with the trainer Manual who kept on giving right inputs which helped me surfing much faster.

I wish I could had enrolled for more days there. But I will be back soon :) Adios


from Spain, October 2019

Every day a different instructor was fun and actually great cause each one of them focuses on one thing most!

All in all I had an awesome time :)

Myrthe Vollenberg

from Switzerland, August 2019

"super week"

Beautiful week at this place.

The welcome was very warm, they told us how to do everything.

Everybody is always smiling!

The teachers teacher us very fast how to surf! Super!!

Thank you!

Beautiful beach.