Ocean Republic

Ocean Republic is Asia's 1st internationally recognized (International Kiteboarding Organization) IKO centre. They offer kiteboard lessons, kit rental, accommodation, and kitesurf safaris.

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a traveler Germany

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I rented full equipment for three weeks and I was very happy with the service and had great time on the water. The guys were very helpful and friendly - until I get ready to go in the water the kite and the bars were waiting for me. On the water, it was not that crowded as some people fear - you just need to pass the first 50-100 meters, where the very beginner practice. In front of Ocean Republic, there were significantly less people than in the middle of the beach, which is much nicer when you go out or want to land your kite and great advantage if you are beginner. I appreciate also that I got some riding tips from time to time. Anytime again!

a traveler Australia

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This was the first shop i inquired about renting a board and Dimitri gave me an awesome price, not even close to the other kite shops, plus free use of the facilities. My kite was always pumped up by the friendly staff and assisted in launching and landing (which you will need in this narrow beach). My brother also had his first lessons here from Ben, who got him up on the board in a few lessons. They are very knowledgeable about the conditions and where to kite and avoid, so pay attention. These guys will always look after you, even when you need rescuing out on the reef which happened to one guy. or when you get your kite stuck on a tree (also happened to another guest while i was there). Now go kite and have fun.

Erik E. Australia

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I came to Boracay to kite surf, and I was keen to go out at every opportunity! The team at ocean republic made that possible, from the launching and landing assistance on the beach to the help fixing a broken valve or replacing the safety lines to an old bar. I can't recommend it enough, these guys and gal made it a great experience. Great facilities as well, even though sometimes the shower water is a bit smelly.

Brad P. United States

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A full quiver of slingshot kites, boards, booties, bars, and everything you need. The staff is friendly, helpful, and efficient. The kite caddies are awesome too. A very cool chill area with benches, pillows and bean bags right on the beach, so you can watch all the action, plus another chill area with couches and free coffee and water. Definitely top shelf in every way!

Zubin J.

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Melvyn and Nono were extremely accommodating in getting some lessons and then renting kit. The guys were very friendly and to be honest the few hours I had with Nono, made a huge difference to my riding. Nono especially is a fantastic teacher and I would definitely recommend him. If I am ever back here to kitesurf, I will definitely be coming back to these guys!

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