Nosara Surf Academy

Nosara, Costa Rica

Nosara Surf Academy, the most experienced surf school in Nosara, Costa Rica, offers all-inclusive surf packages and walk-in surf lessons for all surfing levels.

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  • Traveler Mexico

    Trip Advisor website

    Fantastic instruction and equipment. Kim and Pato focus first on safety. They care about their students and are very responsive with regard to booking your trip. They are exceptionally knowledgeable regarding the local breaks where you will be surfing. I highly recommend Nosara Surf Academy for your surf trip to Costa Rica.

  • Traveler

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    Kim is fantastic! If you're looking to get wisdom from a well-seasoned surf bro, Kim is your man. He's been in Costa Rica for 17 years from Long Island, but you may mistake him for a local! He aides the group style lesson by doing every step with you before sending you off on your own, down to shouting "3..2..1..UP!"

  • Traveler Alaska

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    Geared with our multiple day instruction package (highly recommended), Kim and staff led us step-by-step through the fundamentals of surfing. We began by learning essentials of "popping up" and gradually advanced to independent surfing. I am particularly grateful for the focus on safety and wave etiquette. Make your surfing dream come true with the Nosara Surf Academy!

  • Scott United States

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    Very impressed by the level of service and quality of instruction! From my first contact with Kim thru email in planning this special trip with my son, he exhibited the highest level of responsiveness and professionalism. He gladly flexed with us as we worked thru last minute travel challenges and, when we arrived, provided us with top notch instruction. I was up on the first wave and my son was outside after the first lesson! Nelson and Kim were both patient and insightful in critiquing our form and identifying areas we needed to work on but were ever positive! The one on one focus we got made this trip a joy. Thanks Kim and Nelson!

  • Scott Texas

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    I had the chance to book a week of instruction here and loved everything about it. Stayed at the Gilded Iguana, literally steps away from NSA HQ. (HQ = office, boards and very useful outdoor shower/hose.) Which is located steps away from an excellent beach. I can't imagine a better place to learn. Water temp and conditions were wonderful (although air temperature is hot in April). Every morning, I'd walk over to meet either Nelson or Kim. Both were very patient with this middle aged guy who'd surfed five times before. Nelson is a great local guy, who grounded me in the basics and offered pearls of wisdom. Kim is the owner, who also offered fantastic instruction and helpful counsel. In the afternoon after a little rest and delicious local food. I'd grab an NSA board and head back out to practice what I learned that morning. By the end of the week, my skills had vastly improved and I had some impressive aches, pains, and bruises. (Badges of surf honor, my friend!) It was exhausting, humbling but incredibly fun and rewarding. Kim and Nelson were always encouraging and pushing me to the next level. As Kim reminded me, "sometimes, we all need a little push." Amen to that. I'd gladly recommend Nosara Surf Academy to you.

  • a traveler United States

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    Kim and his staff are five star, and in my view, the most thorough instructors in Playa Guiones. From beginner to intermediate, to expert instruction and coaching, they tailor based on your skill level. Kim's emphasis on safety plus his year-long knowledge of the ever changing, but consistent surf breaks at Guiones makes him my choice for future visits, especially with my family and their varying levels. "I know you rider." Thank you, Kim and your great staff.

  • Wendy Merz

    Nosara Surf Academy website

    Dear Kimbo, Butch, Mark, Johan, and Kimberly, I can't thank you all enough for the skills and memories I have taken away from your program. Having barely been on a surfboard before coming to Costa Rica, I could never have guessed that I would surf outside waves in a matter of three days. Your staff quickly turned that thought around; every instructor had something encouraging and helpful to say to help me become a better surfer. All of you were so friendly and welcoming, and I found myself wanting to wake up early to surf as many times a day as I possibly could! My mother and I felt a sense of trust and friendship from every one of you right away. You all helped me discover a love for surfing that I will take with me for the rest of my life. I know that many more people will walk away from the Nosara Surf Academy with the same amazing experience that I did. It was extremely difficult for us to have to leave, but we can look forward to being welcomed in Nosara by great friends in the years to come. I hope to see you all as soon as possible! Love.

  • Peter Paul Van Oosten and Roos De Haan Scheveningen Netherlands

    Nosara Surf Academy website

    During our trip around the world, we surfed a lot of different places and also took at these places surf classes to improve our surfing. I had a great time during my stay in Nosara Costa Rica. The waves were excellent and the surfing lessons we took at the Nosara Surf Acadamy realy improved our surfing. The staff was friendly, well equipped and they really knew how to teach you to become a better surfer. Thanks for the great time.

  • Deryk Bramwell

    Nosara Surf Academy website

    Hey Kimbo and Butch, a month after my 64th birthday, with zero exposure to surfing, and you persuaded me to take a quick lesson to see if I would like it. What a blast! The short land drills were just enough to make me feel confident in following your instructions once afloat, and then just body-boarding in a few times was actually as much as I had expected from the whole lesson. So, when you said "Ok, stand up now", and I did, and it worked. Amazing. That we then repeated the trick three more times is a testament to the instruction you gave me, and the care you exercised whilst I was in the water, ensuring that I was ready for the waves, lined up, and correctly positioned on the board. Looking forward to the rest of the series, and many, many thanks for opening up a whole new area of sport for me.

  • Lee Anne South Carolina

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    Best surf school ever! Kim is an awesome teacher!! I would recommend his lessons to anyone who is new to surfing in Costa Rica. We had a blast!""Kim runs a first class operation. He is an amazing surf instructor. My girls were catching waves on their own after the first day. My boys were able to switch out boards based on the waves. Love Kim and highly recommend him!

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