Nordes Surfhouse

Right in the center of the Galician Surf Country, where you can relax amidst green eucalyptus hills, surf crystal clear waves, and enjoy the wonderful cuisine.

Instructors 3


As a local to these waters, it was only a matter of time before Adri would grab a board and take to the waves. He first started back in 2009 and then he was hooked. This resident longboarder has surfed breaks in California, up and down the U.S. Coast East, Costa Rica (Pura Vida!) and of course Galicia! This guy is all about the nose ride and having a ton of laughs. Adri started working with Waverocker last year and is a great surf teacher because of his deep knowledge and understanding of the local spots and waves. As an all around waterman, this is the guy you always want by your side.

ISA-1 (Wave Surfing)


Manu first grabbed a board in the coastlines of southern Spain and shortly became obsessed with searching for new breaks all over the world. He has surfed swells from Morocco to England and has been to world famous spots like the Algarve, Hoossegor and Indonesia. From then on, he knew he wanted to share his passion with others and has been working as a surf coach in Morocco, Cadiz and Galicia for the past 4 years. Apart from being a technical surf teacher, Manu is the one you want to be with in the lineup, considering his knowledge of the local waves and his overall understanding of the sport.

ISA-1 (Wave Surfing)


This Swiss short boarder has surfed beach breaks in France, Portugal, as well as Morocco, also crossing the big puddle to catch breaks amongst the piers of Southern California. Fabi has also experimented with different water temperatures all the way from Norway to Indonesia. If that wasn´t enough to convince you, this surfer girl has managed her own small Surfcamp in Cantabria for the past two summers. Rarely do you see Fabi without a smile while riding a wave and you better watch out, her genuine joy is infectious!

Testimonials 3

Gian Marco Kaczmarczyk

Nordes Surfhouse Facebook page

great! we had an awesome stay at the surfhouse with adri, the most friendliest host.

Josiane Gareau Spain

Nordes Surfhouse Facebook page

Such an amazing time with these guys! Super professional and patient even though we were beginners. We will come back for sure!

Sonia Cervantes United States

Nordes Surfhouse Facebook page

Super professional, patient, cool and will definitely have you at least standing before the sessions over!

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