Nitro City Resort

Nitro City Resort is the world's best play-cation resort located at the tip of the Punta Chame Peninsula in Panama that offers wakeboard holiday.

Instructors 1

Jahir Esteban Lopez Rangel

Overall experience: 3 years and 6 months Other disciplines: Skate, Surf, MX, and Kiteboard Panamanian rider at the Jordan Ayla Cable Wakeboard World Cup 2018.

Testimonials 3

Rony Cheer Ronald Pitti

Nitro City Resort Facebook page

Jajaja my favorite place eveeer!

Stay tuned for more events #teamxtreme

Josh Rottman

Nitro City Resort Facebook page

Incredible place for thrill-seekers. Filled with like-minded people who will make you feel like family.

Krys Robinson

Nitro City Resort Facebook page

Went to Nitro City for the day. Awesome place. Lovely pool next to the beach and loads of activities. Food & drink not cheap and service takes a while. Went wakeboardibg with my kid and this was, hands down, the most amazing thing and the team taking care of everyone were great fun, great with kids, really polite but cool at the same time. We will be back, but for longer

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