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6 Exciting & Relaxing Water Sports You Must Try in Malta

January 12, 2018

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In the heart of the Mediterranean Sea, nestled in between Sicily and North Africa, Malta is a mythic archipelago overflowing with historical sites, medieval towers, dungeons and churches, as well as pristine natural beauty. Water sports are undoubtedly one of the archipelago’s biggest draws and can be practiced on each of its three islands: Malta, Gozo and Comino.

Thanks to its multitude of stunning beaches and crystal clear waters that provide a window to its rich marine life, there are plenty of water sports in Malta to keep even the most ardent water lovers occupied for weeks on end. Read on for just six of these awesome water sports that you can look forward to on your active vacation in Malta:


Windsurfing & kitesurfing 




Windsurfing and kitesurfing are awesome watersports to enjoy while you’re in Malta, and spots such as St. Julian’s, Mellieha Bay, Thomas Bay and Ghallis Rock all offer the best of windsurfing. Experts recommend March and November as the best months to enjoy windsurfing, as water and weather conditions are more favorable for the sport then.



Photo credit: Windsor Garage via Flickr

The appropriate gear to wear for windsurfing and kitesurfing in Malta during winter months is a thick 4mm wetsuit, whereas you can easily do it in some board shorts and a t-shirt during summer.   





Photo credit: Juan Antonio Segal

Kayaking in Malta is a great way to explore the coastline of Gozo and Comino on a more intimate level, and it’s a favored activity among groups and families. Visitors also find kayaking around these islands particularly unique in that it takes you on a memorable journey to some of the islands’ most impressive sights, including the mythical Calypso Cave, the Knights of Saint John Watch Towers and the famous limestone cliffs to name but a few. 






Flyboarding is all the rage right now in the world of extreme water sports, and you too can get in on the action of this popular trend by booking yourself a vacation to Malta. As a fairly new invention, not many people are familiar with flyboarding. The activity essentially involves standing on a board that’s connected to a water pillar. This vertical water pillar is generated by a long hose, which in turn is attached to a fast-moving watercraft, usually a jet ski.

Flyboarding can get you as high as 40 feet (12 meters) while standing vertically over the water, and some have likened the experience to becoming Iron Man for a day. You can find out for yourself just how impressive flyboarding is by visiting one of Malta’s to flyboarding locations, all of which close during or after sunset and either 6 or 7.30 pm. 


Scuba diving



Photo credit: Rosscophoto via Flickr

Thanks to its highly agreeable climate and sparkling translucent water, Malta is a diver’s utopia. The sea water is warm all year round, and underneath, scuba divers often spend hours each day exploring and uncovering the secrets hidden under the Mediterranean Sea, including famous shipwreck locations, caves, an abundance of marine life and splendid sea creatures that are absolutely unique to the Maltese Islands.



Photo credit: Mal B via Flickr

The islands offer both shallow and deep dives, which makes them a suitable environment for beginners and experts alike, while instruction is given by well-trained and qualified divers from the local diving schools. The diving schools are internationally recognized, and attract hundreds of students each year, while some offer diving instruction packages that come with different levels of holiday accommodation to suit every budget.  


Yachting & sailing




The sailing and yachting in Malta are outstandingly marvelous. In October, the islands host the annual Rolex Middle Sea Race, where yachting enthusiasts gather to participate and watch record-breaking performances from excellent sailors from around the world. During summer, throngs of yacht owners flock to Malta’s shores to not only enjoy the beautiful Mediterranean sunset but also to take in the islands’ beautiful culture, history and marine life as well. 


Spending a day at the beach




We wrap up our list with an activity that involves arguably one of the simplest and yet most fulfilling pleasures in life: spending a day at the beach. Nothing beats experiencing a beach day quite like being in one of Malta’s world-renowned beaches, which are untouched sanctuaries of peace, calm and natural beauty. While there, you can relax with a good book and a good swim in between, and then cap the day with sundowners aboard a yacht to see the sun reflected on the ocean before it goes down. If for nothing else, be sure to visit Maltese beaches for their unique splendor. There is really nothing quite like it in the world!


*Cover photo credit: Giuseppe Milo via Flickr

Get ready to experience the charm of the Mediterranean Sea on an active holiday packed with exciting water sports. Go on a windsurfing camp in Malta or on a kitesurfing camp in Greece!

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