Now, Fanning just became the star of a fantastic photo shoot, after having surfed in Norway under the Northern Lights. “This is one of the prettiest surf I’ve ever had in my life” Fanning confessed. While it may seem as an understatement, the surf was indeed pretty outstanding, we may add.

The idea of surfing under the Northern Lights came to Norwegian photographers Mats Grimsæth and Emil Sollie. Photographing a surfer under the Northern Lights had been something they thought of since they met, in 2014. Sollie explains that the photography process isn’t an easy one: "There are so many elements that have to come together at the same time. Technically, this is one of the hardest pictures to capture." 


surfing under the northern lights


They all had to wait on location for two whole days and nights before the lights appeared. Fanning was sleepy but excited that he could finally do the thing they had come there for. He admits that the experience is something that he will remember forever. Most likely, it’s something that everyone involved in the shoot will remember forever. And looking at the pictures alone gives one just a hint of a wonderful experience of surfing at night, under the Northern Lights.

Keep your eyes peeled on because in the first months of 2017, there will be two episodes of Chasing the Shot featuring Mick Fanning and his stunning Northern Lights surfing. Filmmaker Matt Kleiner and photographer Trevor Moran joined Fanning, Sollie, and Grimsæth in Norway and their footage is stunning. That is one show you will not want to miss!


*Photo credit: Red Bull © Emil Sollie & Mats Grimsæth

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