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Catching Waves in Adventurous Fiji

by Roxana Oliver

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A paradise for nature lovers, adventure travelers and water sports enthusiasts, Fiji is the place to go for a unique and exciting experience. These islands offer so much, but one of the first things that will wow you are the people who live there. The views will leave you breathless and the moment you go back home, you will want to get back on a plane and do it all over again!

Fiji’s main island is Viti Levu. After a day or two of exploring Suva, the official capital, head west to the tourist capital of Nadi and continue your exploration. If you are more interested in anthropology, the local culture will keep you entertained throughout your stay, but for most people, there is one thing in particular that they are willing to cross the entire globe for – surfing Fiji’s awesome waves.

Fiji has an abundance of amazing surf spots, and decree proclaimed that anyone can surf wherever they want in Fiji waters. It's very popular with us Aussies, especially the younger population, with Fiji schoolies being organized regularly. So, this is the perfect place to put down your board and give your all on the majestic waves of these fabulous islands.


Catching your first waves in Fiji



Photo credit: Bombtwinz via Flickr


If you are beginner looking to step on a surfboard for the first time, not all of Fiji’s breaks are going to be a good place. There are some you should definitely avoid. Actually, there are only a few spots that are recommended for beginners.

One of those is Swimming Pools, a right-hand reef break with waves that are significantly smaller than those of the surrounding reefs’. But that makes it no less enjoyable. It is also one of the best places to look for surfing lessons since the more advanced reefs only attract people who are no longer in need of lessons.


Independent surfers     



Photo credit: SBS


For people who have been surfing for some time and want to up their challenge, Namotu Lefts is probably one of the best places to go. On a good day, long barrels are nearly guaranteed and you will find yourself catching wave after wave, having the time of your life. It is also a fantastic place to check out if you are a longboarder or you are into SUP. Namotu Lefts has been called the SUP-ers’ paradise, and it definitely offers one of the longest rides in this region.

Another option is the famous Frigate Pass, but it can get quite crowded during peak season. However, the Pass is a real adventure. A steady sea can give you a fun, slow experience, but as soon as the waves get high, it gets very hard to manage, which might pose an interesting challenge for some. Even if you feel like you have a solid grasp of surfing, don’t ever go alone until you feel completely comfortable and in control of the board.

If you want something that is less exciting and more satisfying, give Wilkes Pass a try, since it’s said to be one of the most satisfying waves for intermediate surfers.


The real challenge



Photo credit: World Surf League


Anyone who has ever surfed has the dream of one day conquering the merciless waves of Cloudbreak. Being an Aussie surfer myself, this is a challenge even for my surfing resume.



Photo credit: seabreeze.com.au


A left reef break close to Namotu, Cloudbreak promises to give even the most experienced of surfers a rush of adrenaline. It is the most consistent wave in Fiji and offers a range of waves going from two to 20 feet (0.6 to 6 meters). It is unpredictable and unforgiving, providing hours upon hours of fun.



The second spot that is known all too well to surfers in Fiji is Desperations. This is the kind of the place that gives you waves even on days when it seems like the entire ocean is flat. However, this means that during the ocean’s slow days, Desperations is going to be crowded with surfers trying to catch at least a wave for the day. So, heads up.


Best time to surf in Fiji



Photo credit: Surfer Today


If you are looking to step on a surfboard for the first time in Fiji, you will want to opt for the summer season, since the waves are tamer and will give you plenty of opportunities to learn and have fun, without being too punishing or putting you in danger. Make sure you hire someone to teach you as you can never be too safe and, to be honest, you’ll want to speed up the process of learning and hit those waves as soon as possible.

However, if this is far from your first rodeo, the winter season is the time of the biggest waves you’ve seen in your life, and you will not want to miss them. The variety of breaks that the coast of Fiji provides is the exact reason why surfers consider this country heaven, and why they keep coming back year after year. So why not give it a try and test your skills on Fiji’s waves?


*Cover photo credit: Surfer Today

You can find out more about Roxana’s writing by following her on Twitter and Facebook. She is also one of the editors at Higstylife Magazine.

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