is telling you which 7 pieces of surfing equipment you need to get if you’re just starting out! Obviously, you don’t need to get all at once, because that will definitely break the bank. Be patient, go through our list and decide which items you really need right now and which can wait until next paycheck!


Surfboard… Duh!

This is probably the first thing you will need to get  if you’re a beginner surfer  looking to build your surf gear or even quiver. For beginners, we recommend a larger surfboard that will help you in the water. If you don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars on a new surfboard, it’s best to go the used surfboards route. Also, we recommend you go to a surf shop and get advice on choosing the surfboard from them. That’s their job and they usually have used surfboards  for sale!


A Good Wetsuit

surfing equipment for beginners

Asking how much is a wetsuit, is like asking how much is a boat! The answer will always be: that depends! So, before going online to check the prices and the suits, before setting your hopes up to get a good looking and awesome wetsuit, set your budget and always make sure you stick to it. Don’t let fancy adverts or cool features influence you. A good wetsuit should do its job, first and foremost: protect you from the elements!


Surf Leash

A surf leash is a must-have piece of surfing equipment. It’s pretty inexpensive, but it has the potential to save your life. A good leash should be as least as long as your surfboard, to allow you room to move when you fall off it and avoid getting hit by the board. Also, swivels are something that you need on your surf leashes (on both sides) because they make it hard for the leash to get tangled around your legs.


Surf Wax

Unless your surfboard has a traction pad, then you’ll also need some surfboard wax. What does it do? Well, it keeps you from slipping around on your surfboard. It adds texture to your surfboard when you apply it where your feet should be. It’s really inexpensive, and to be honest, everyone looks cool when applying the wax on the surfboard. It’s that classic surfer image that’s just  unmistakably cool!


Ear Plugs

surfing equipment for beginners

If you plan on surfing in cold water, then ear plugs are a must. If you don’t use them, you’re at risk of developing surfer’s ear, a condition where small bones grow in your ear channel. This is often painful and can lead to infection and even loss of hearing. Unfortunately, the only cure is  surgery, so do yourself a favor and get a pair of ear plugs and use them whenever you’re surfing in cold waters.


A Surf Travel Bag

If you plan to take your surfboard with you when you travel, then a surf bag should be on your wish list. The only downside to getting a surf bag is that they can be quite expensive. A good surf bag can be up to $400-$500! But this article is aimed at beginner surfers, so we know that you can’t really spend all that money on a bag. That’s why we believe that a great alternative would be to buy used surf bags. Search the Internet, there’s one out there for you and your surfboard.



surfing equipment for beginners

You can pretty much have the best time in the world with a surfboard and your  wetsuit, but there is one thing you simply need to have on you. It’s sunscreen! Skin cancer is no joke and you need to do your best to avoid it. But the sun does more than just increase your risk of developing skin cancer, it also speeds up the appearance of wrinkles, causes skin discoloration and various other things.  Apply generously, reapply every hour, especially if you’ve been in the water.


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