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Escape Haven Bali

Voted most popular women surf holidays in Bali. We believe that a woman can only give what she has – which is why we think it’s important for her to press pause and replenish her physical, mental, emotional and spiritual tank every now and then. Our belief is that by investing in her wellbeing and giving back to herself, a woman can live up to her full potential, fulfill her dreams, and ultimately, give back to others.

Pondok Pitaya

Experience a world of limitless adventure and sun-filled days in Balian..where you can live out your dream of being a surfer or enjoy a family holiday with few rounds of ice cold Bintang beers!

Caterina Stenta 

Caterina Stenta is a professional windsurfer, who blogs about winsdurf travels, achievements and dreams. 

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First in Surfing News: Whatever, Wherever, Whenever. If it happens anywhere in the world in surfing, Surfersvillage has it covered. Surfersvillage, the Reuters of surfing, publishes the latest surfing news, surf-industry news, surf-contest news, cultural news, and related information for the entire world, daily.

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