Before moving on to reveal the winner of “the Surf Camp of Your Dreams” giveaway, a big THANK YOU goes out to all our participants. It has been a real pleasure to review your submissions. But in the end, we had to let the public pick the winner through our Facebook contest.

And the winner is… Petra from Inreperta grabbed the most likes and shares, and will go on a surf camp of her choice with! Congratulations, Petra!

Here are Petra’s picture and write-up from her blog post:




Early turquoise Ionian Sea in Albania; returning to the Mediterranean would be nice - and a new adventure, a.k.a. windsurfing in Greece, would be wicked!! I've always been drawn to motorbikes rather than to cars, in the same way that sails got me hooked more than boards. Isn’t that a strong reason to try something new?


We wish you safe travels and happy windsurfing, Petra!