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BookSurfCamps.com’s 10 Best & Most Popular Surf Articles of 2017

by Octavia Drughi

The go-to resource for planning your surf camps. Find all you need to know about the top destinations and take your surfing to new heights.
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It seems as though another year has gone by in the blink of an eye. But when we look back at 2017, we can see that so many exciting things have happened, both in our personal lives as well as all around the globe. It has been the year of groundbreaking achievements, which only goes to show that we should continue to push past our limits in 2018!

At BookSurfCamps.com, it’s been yet another great year of helping people from all walks of life step out of their comfort zone and try surfing for the first time, as well as inspire and motivate seasoned surfers to train hard in order to see their dreams come true.

How did 2017 treat you? Did you see all your goals through? If you did, then kudos to you! If not, then you still have plenty of time to make them happen in 2018. Take a peek at our most popular surf articles this past year, which will hopefully give you the motivation and inspiration to continue doing what you love!


10. Surfing in Spain: A Useful Guide to the 12 Best Waves in the Land of the Setting Sun




Some of the best waves in Europe can be found on the Iberian Peninsula, so it should come as no surprise that surfers are heading to our blog for more information on where to find the absolute best surf spots in Spain.

There are almost 3,100 miles (5,000 kilometers) of coastline (the Canary Islands included) waiting for you to test the waters. From the powerful breaks of the Basque Country in Northern Spain to Cantabria, Asturias and Galicia, and all the way to the kitesurfing haven of Andalusia, home to popular spots like Tarifa and Cadiz, check out our list of the best waves and surf spots in Spain!


9. The 5 Best Surfing Spots in Asia You Need to See in Your Lifetime




Are you planning to go to Asia on your next vacation? Then you should definitely grab your surfboard! The stunning beaches, exotic weather, scrumptious food, friendly people and the rich culture will make you never want to leave.

From the legendary breaks in Indonesia to the off-the-radar surf spots in Sri Lanka, Thailand and the Philippines, as well as the picturesque bays of Vietnam, brace yourself and get ready to be blown away by the sheer splendor of Asia’s tropical beaches and world-class surf.


8. 7 Essential Pieces of Surfing Equipment (You Need to Have if You’re a Beginner Surfer)




If you’ve just taken up surfing, then you probably don’t have your own surfing equipment just yet. Chances are you don’t even have a surfboard. That’s perfectly understandable. However, if you’re serious about surfing, then you need to start investing in surfing gear.

Besides a surfboard, there are a few other essential pieces of surfing equipment that every beginner should have. We know how expensive surfing gear can be, but you can rest assured that the items we’ve listed in this article will get the basics covered, won’t break the bank and will keep you safe and sound while doing what you love most – charging waves.


7. Surfing in Indonesia: The 43 Best Surf Spots in the World's Largest Archipelago




The most renowned surfing destination in Indonesia is, without any doubt, Bali. The surf in Bali is world-class, the beaches are stunning, the cuisine is to die for and the overall vibe will make you feel right at home. But Bali is not the only surf spot worth checking out in Indonesia.

The Mentawais, Lombok, Sumatra and Java are home to long barreling waves, hollow breaks, fast and fun reef breaks, offering great variety for all levels and tastes. In this article, we revealed the best surf spots in Indonesia, from postcard-perfect Bali all the way to the lesser-known, off-the-beaten-path spots that hardly get the recognition they deserve.


6. Surfing in France: A Comprehensive Guide to the 38 Best Waves in the Country




As spectacular as it may be, France’s Mediterranean coast, unfortunately, generates small, inconsistent swells, which is why the best surf spots in the country are found on the Atlantic coast, where it is possible to surf all year round. Summer is the best time of year for beginner surfers, while winter months see some rad swells hitting the coast, producing gnarly waves that experienced surfers will have a blast riding.

French cuisine, baguette, cheese and wine, topless sunbathing and some of the best waves in Europe are the key ingredients that make France such a sought-after beach vacation destination. From fascinating and historically rich Normandy and Brittany in the north all the way to legendary Biarritz, Hossegor and Anglet towards the south, we’ve rounded up the sweetest waves in France to help you plan your next adventure.


5. 9 Surfing Spots in the Philippines (That You Seriously Need to Check off Your Bucket List)




Over the past decades, The Philippines has slowly but surely made its way onto the surfing map and is now one of the top surfing destinations of 2018. There are 7,107 islands in the archipelago, each of them blessed with surfing potential. The strong offshore winds between December and April stir up the Celebes Sea, the Philippine Sea and the South China Sea, bringing strong waves towards the shore.

Its white sand beaches, blue-tinged waters and its contagious laid-back island vibe make the Philippines an ideal destination if you’re looking to unwind. Check out these awesome surfing spots in the Philippines, including Siargao’s Island famed Cloud 9, and get ready to check them off your bucket list!


4. The Ultimate Surf Seasons Guide for the Perfect Wave Riding Trip [Infographic]




We can’t help but feel particularly proud of this infographic that we hope will continue to help surfers from far and wide find out when the best surfing conditions hit their favorite surfing spots and check as many awesome destinations off their bucket list.

Choosing the right surfing season can make or break a surf trip, and we’re here to lend a helping hand. Whether you are planning to go surfing in Africa, Asia, Europe, South America or the USA, this infographic will show you where and when you need to be to catch the best waves on the planet.


3. 5 Best Surfing Destinations in Europe (and Our Top Reasons to Go)




For the second year in a row, our article about the best surfing destinations in Europe made it on our yearly best surfing articles list. Home to picturesque beaches, historical landmarks, stunning mountains and perfect waves, Europe is the place to be on your next unforgettable active vacation. Not only that, but it also has some of the best winter surfing destinations on the planet. That’s right, surf’s up all year on the old continent!

When it comes to choosing the best place to spend our surfing vacation, we could all use a little guidance. From the UK and Ireland all the way to France, Portugal and Spain, check out the best surfing destinations in Europe!


2. The 10 Best All-Rounder Surfboards for Your Everyday Surfing Sessions




Surfers cannot help but develop a special relationship with their boards. After all, the surfboard is the most important piece of surfing equipment, duh! How else are you going to ride those waves? But not any old surfboard will do. The tricky part is choosing from oodles of models available the one that best suits your needs and (ahem) your budget.

It is possible to embark on a memorable surfing trip with a one-surfboard quiver. All-rounder surfboards are versatile, fun and easy to handle in a variety of conditions. In this article, we’ve rounded up the best all-rounder surfboards for all levels and tastes.


1. 10 Famous Surfing Quotes to Inspire You in 2018




Our most-read article in 2017 has been a collection of 10 quotes from famous surfers meant to inspire and help you stay motivated every single day of the year. Not only that, but these famous surfing quotes will also open your eyes and lead you on your path to becoming the best version of yourself.

Let the words of Laird Hamilton, Bethany Hamilton, Duke Kahanamoku, Kelly Slater and many more wise and experienced surfers guide your board on the waves and give you the strength you need to work hard and play hard, whatever it is that you love doing!


Start the New Year with a bang! It’s time to get serious about outdoor sports, so head on over to BookSurfCamps.com and choose among hundreds of surf camps for beginners or intermediate surfers that will help you polish your wave riding skills. 

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