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Popular Summer Hashtags to Show off all the Fun You're Having in the Water

by Octavia Drughi

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Everyone loves to post some good old summer fun on their accounts, and by sharing and uploading photos they can recollect those fun times memories throughout the year. But how do you get your posts to stand out? Why, optimized hashtags, of course! Hashtags are everywhere, and if you really want to get noticed and reach your audience, you too must learn to use them.

Summer is the optimal time for fun, the great outdoors, beaches and a carefree attitude. It is a time to try new things or become better at what you’re already doing. Surfers, kitesurfers, water sports lovers and beach-goers are all over the social media, from Instagram and Facebook to Twitter and Google+.

First, let’s get better acquainted with the hashtag. Everyone uses them, but what are they? Hashtags define the ‘category’ in which a post falls under. The more hashtags you use, the more categories your post will fall into. The more categories, the better chances for your post to be seen and even go viral.

You can look at hashtags as a sort of connective tissue that glues together pieces of information from across the channel that would otherwise get lost. Tags are a fundamental part of social media and are also very descriptive.

Instagram limits each post to 30 hashtags, so sprinkle yours wisely! Follow me as we take a look at some popular hashtags you can use to describe your favorite water sport and get your photos and videos noticed.






According to the International Surfing Association (ISA), there were over 35 million surfers in more than 100 countries back in 2014. Their number keeps on growing. Today, the surf lifestyle spreads far beyond the sunny coasts of California and Hawaii. It is a fashion trend in itself, and surf parks and wave pools are making the sport highly accessible to landlocked cities too.

The global surfing market is currently worth $7.29 billion and is projected to reach $9.5 billion by 2022. The surfing industry continues to grow and change, and now that surfing will be included in the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo, it is set to become larger than ever.




There are currently over 16 million posts tagged #surf on Instagram. But that’s not the only hashtag you can use to grab attention:

  • #summer (almost 300 million posts tagged #summer on Instagram)
  • #instagood (over 600 million posts)
  • #fun (over 250 million posts)
  • #travel (close to 200 million posts)
  • #beach (over 150 million posts)
  • #sunset (over 140 million posts)
  • #sunrise (over 38 million posts)
  • #ocean (over 36 million posts)
  • #waves (over 15 million posts)
  • #surfing (over 8 million posts)
  • #surfer (over 2.5 million posts)
  • #surfboard (1.4 million posts)






Once an ancient mode of transportation, stand-up paddle boarding has taken the world by storm over the past decade and is currently the fastest growing water sport out there. A widely used hashtag that often accompanies #sup is #fitness. This should come as no surprise, given the fact that stand-up paddling has countless health benefits and is a calorie-melting water sport. In fact, SUP racing burns more calories than surfing and kayaking combined!

SUP can be practiced just about anywhere and by anyone. While surfing requires a certain fitness level and takes quite some time to master, stand-up paddling is easy to take up by people of all ages, from kids to seniors. You can even take your dog along for the ride!



Photo by Loren Chipman

There are currently over 3.2 million posts tagged #sup on Instagram. Here are some other hashtags you can sprinkle:

  • #fitness (over 200 million posts tagged #fitness on Instagram)
  • #instalike (over 230 million posts)
  • #dog (over 140 million posts)
  • #fit (about 90 million posts)
  • #sea (over 76 million posts)
  • #yoga (over 37 million posts)
  • #today (over 32 million posts)
  • #lake (over 26 million posts)
  • #seaside (around 8 million posts)
  • #standup (over 2 million posts)






An activity that’s as old as time, there’s really no use describing what swimming is. However, it might be worthwhile mentioning just how popular it is, both as a sport as well as a pastime activity. It one of the top sports activities worldwide, ranking at number 3 on a global level.

Often associated with summer, swimming can be taken up any time of year and just about anywhere you can find a pool, lake, sea or ocean. It is a great way to relax and cool of during hot days and to stay fit during winter (at the pool, of course!). Swimming is a full body workout that increases flexibility, burns calories (over 500 calories per hour!), improves posture, helps with weight loss and has many more amazing health benefits.




There are currently over 12.3 million posts tagged #swimming on Instagram. Here are a few other hashtags you can use to grab even more reach :

  • #love (over 1 billion posts tagged #love on Instagram)
  • #sun (over 162 million posts)
  • #water (over 46 million posts)
  • #bikini (over 24 million posts)
  • #pool (over 20 million posts)
  • #beach
  • #sea
  • #summer
  • #fitness
  • #nightswim






The first sailboats date back thousands of years ago and are believed to be of Mesopotamian and Egyptian origins. Since then, they have evolved from a mode of transportation to a recreational activity and even a competitive sport. The boats themselves changed drastically, but what remains the same is the fact that they rely on the wind to move – adding a motor changes the sailboat into a yacht.

Recreational sailing is a popular sport worldwide. It is a great way to travel and explore new lands, do some island hopping and reach secret beaches you could have all to yourself. It is an ever-changing experience, as varied as the waters beneath your sailboat.

Sailing is all about being one with the water, the utter sense of freedom and independence. Fighting the currents and winds requires strength and stamina, and being able to control your craft using only your own powers will certainly boost your self-esteem.




There are over 4.2 million posts tagged #sailing on Instagram. Here are other popular hasthags you can use along:

  • #boat (over 13 million posts tagged #boat on Instagram)
  • #wind (over 4.4 million posts)
  • #yacht (over 2.7 million posts)
  • #captain (over 2 million posts)
  • #sail (over 1.3 million posts)
  • #sailboat (close to 1 million posts)
  • #sea
  • #ocean
  • #summer
  • #travel






There are many ways in which a person can go underwater – scuba diving, snorkeling, free diving breath-holding, helmet diving or even on board a submarine. Let’s start with recreational scuba diving. This is never done solo, uses compressed air as breathing mixture and does not exceed depths of 130 ft (40 m).

In addition to recreational scuba diving, there is also professional and technical diving. Professional divers are paid to dive, and do it for military, commercial or scientific purposes. Technical diving does not involve profit but exceeds the boundaries or recreational diving. Technical diving includes cave diving, very deep diving, mixed gas diving, etc.

Many of the world’s best surf destinations are located near awesome diving spots, so it’s no wonder that surfing and diving go hand in hand.




There are currently over 3.6 million posts tagged #diving on Instagram. Scuba is an acronym that stands for ‘self-contained underwater breathing apparatus’, and is a popular hashtag as is. Here are some others you can use:

  • #underwater (over 3 million posts tagged #underwater on Instagram)
  • #shark (over 2.5 million posts)
  • #snorkeling (2 million posts)
  • #scuba (2 million posts)
  • #sealife (over 1.8 million posts)
  • #scubadiving (1.8 million posts)
  • #reef (over 1.3 million posts)
  • #underwaterphotography (over 1 million posts)
  • #padi (almost 1 million posts)
  • #ocean






Kayaking is one of the fastest growing sports worldwide. With little instruction, people can have an exciting experience on their very first kayak trip. Kayaks are more stable than canoes, and paddling is a great cardio and upper-body workout that is just as effective as aerobics and Pilates. In fact, one hour of sea kayaking can burn up to 500 calories.

Kayaking is a great way to enjoy being on the water, be it the ocean or a lake. You can go at your own pace and enjoy the views from a mountain lake, or you can look for a more challenging ride out on the sea where you must also fight the currents and winds.




There are currently over 2.2 million posts tagged #kayak on Instagram. Here are 10 others you can use:

  • #nature (over 246 million posts tagged #nature on Instagram)
  • #adventure (over 44.6 million posts)
  • #camping (over 14 million posts)
  • #trip (58 million posts)
  • #river (over 19 million posts)
  • #fishing (over 16 million posts)
  • #paddle
  • #canoeing
  • #sea
  • #water






Thrilling and fun, wakeboarding is a surface water sport that involves riding a wakeboard while being pulled by a motorboat. Highly addictive and equally rewarding, wakeboarding provides a quick adrenaline fix and is an awesome choice for an exciting summer outdoor activity. Relatively quick to learn, depending on your previous experience with board sports, you could be popping ‘ollies’ even on your first go.

The traditional version of wakeboarding involves being towed by a boat, just as you would be when waterskiing. The boat creates the wake that gives you the kick-off to perform neat jumps and tricks. Cable wakeboarding involves grabbing onto a cable mechanism that takes you around a circuit that usually has obstacles and ramps.




There are over 1.3 million posts tagged #wakeboarding on Instagram. Here are some others you could use along:

  • #outdoors (over 25 million posts tagged #outdoors on Instagram)
  • #tricks (over 1 million posts)
  • #wave
  • #fun
  • #wakesurf
  • #lake
  • #wake
  • #freshwater
  • #slayingit
  • #wakestyle


Now that you know which hashtags to use to get noticed, it’s time to show off your skills. Go to BookSurfCamps.com and choose a wave surfing or stand-up paddling camp. Take some awesome photos and don’t forget to share them with your friends!

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