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10 Awesome Instagram Surf Accounts You Must Follow

by Cristina Costea

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It’s no secret that surfers are some of the greatest fun loving people out there! The best way to get in on the fun, aside from grabbing your surfboard and hitting the beach, is to follow some of the best surf accounts available on the web.

From surf legends to funny surfing pics, we are here to present 10 Instagram surf accounts that you simply must follow! 


10. Surfer Magazine


instagram surf accounts


Surfer Magazine’s Instagram account is one of the best out there to follow for surfing inspiration. They post several times a day and the clips and photos will instantly make you want to hit the beach. They also promote young surfers and surf photographers, so make sure you follow them!


9. Nick LaVecchia


instagram surf accounts


Nick LaVecchia is a photographer. A very talented photographer whose photos of surfers and the ocean are beyond stunning. Just look at how calm and out of this world the water appears in the above photo! Nick LaVecchia is an amazing surf photographer that you simply must follow!


8. Garrett McNamara


instagram surf accounts


A surf legend, Garrett McNamara broke record after record for surfing an estimated 100-foot wave in Nazare, Portugal. He’s an entrepreneur, a pioneer and an astounding surfer, so the question isn’t ‘why follow him?’ but ‘ what are you waiting for?!’


7. Stephanie Gilmore


instagram surf accounts


As a six-time world champion on the Women's ASP World Tour, Stephanie is a force of nature. She’s actually called The Tempest, which couldn’t be more accurate. Her Instagram account is a balanced blend of surfing and her personal life, which is inspiring and reassuring. Surfers are humans, after all!


6. Matt Clark Photography


instagram surf accounts


Matt Clark’s love for waves can easily be guessed from one look at his Instagram account. We believe no one captures swells as well as he does. Almost all of his photos appear to have an eerie calmness about them and are also quite inviting.


5. World Surf Lols


instagram surf accounts


World Surf Lols has got to be one of the funniest Instagram accounts out there. All photos are photoshopped to surfing perfection, as you can plainly see. We, surfers and non-surfers alike, all need a laugh from time to time and this account will surely provide all the laughs you need!


4. Luki O'Keefe


instagram surf accounts


Luki O’Keefe is a lifestyle, portrait and adventure photographer. She is also a passionate surfer and yogi. Her photography focuses more on women surfers, and we can all agree that the world needs more of them. Follow Luki and see the world of surfing through a woman’s perspective.


3. Kelly Slater


instagram surf accounts


Does Kelly Slater even need an introduction? He’s a surf legend and that alone is reason enough to follow him. Not to mention that from time to time he tends to drop various surf bombs on the unsuspecting fans, such as his wave pool.


2. Willie Kessel


instagram surf accounts


Photographer Willie Kessel creates surf magic with his photos. He catches movement like nothing we’ve ever seen before and his Instagram is full of surf photography gems. Do follow him and if you fall in love with any of his photos, you can even order some prints!


1. The Surfing Hobo


instagram surf accounts


The Surfing Hobo is one of the most hilarious surfing Instagram account, if not the funniest. They post doctored photos and call themselves a fake surf news source, which makes a lot of sense when you see the type of posts they do. Our favorite is the one above, where Kelly Slater’s face was put on Abraham Lincoln’s body!


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