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Top 10 Surfing Influencers to Follow in 2019

by Elisa Abbott

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Surfing might be one of the coolest sports out there, and surfers are among the funniest and most interesting people. 

Even if you aren’t a surfer (yet!), surfing influencers can help you learn more about the sport as they share their passion through their social media accounts.

Whether you wish to follow some professional athletes or would like to learn more about surfing photography, these surfing influencers have you covered. From insane surfing videos and professional pictures to interesting and unique captures of surfers and their habitat, these Instagram profiles will have you scrolling for more. Here are some of the best surfers and surf photographers you should follow for a surf-inspired feed:


1. Clark Little


Having more than 1 million followers, Clark Little is one of the most famous surfing photographers you can come across. Based in Hawaii, he uses the incredible nature and his surfer friends in order to show the world just how majestic surfing can be.

Whether you take a look at his pictures of the island and its wildlife or the stunning surfing videos, you will inevitably start falling in love with surfing more and more.

Taking a surfing trip to Hawaii might just become the next thing on your bucket list!


2. Carissa Moore


If you’re looking for an amazing female surfer to look up to, Carissa Moore is definitely the one you should choose. Apart from her stunning looks and love for yoga, Carissa is a truly talented surfer who will inspire you to chase after those big waves yourself.

Through her Instagram, you will be able to catch a glimpse of not only her surfing activities but also her life on the island on Hawaii, her family and friends, and the beautiful scenery she is surrounded by.


3. Mark Healey


This professional big-wave surfer and photographer will truly help you travel the world through his posts. The now 38-year-old professional surfer has been known to perform various Hollywood stunts and loves to ride the biggest of waves in Hawaii.

One of the coolest things about him is that he can hold his breath underwater for six whole minutes. He is so in sync with his element that he is bound to motivate you to see surfing from a whole different perspective.


4. Shane Dorian


The professional surfer from Kailua-Kona, Hawaii, is known all around the world as a professional surfer who spent 11 years of his life touring the world and surfing in the World Championship Tour. After his retirement from competitive surfing in 2003, he has been focusing on dominating the biggest of waves back in his hometown.

Through his Instagram page, you will be able to catch a glimpse of some incredible surfing pictures and videos of him in his “natural habitat”. He also loves showing his followers moments of his daily life with his family and friends as well as some artistic captions of the beauty of Hawaii.


5. Woody Gooch


Surfing photographers usually capture pictures of people riding long waves and like to show bright colors and blue waters. Woody Gooch takes a more unique approach to taking surfing pictures.

Black and white pictures, endless sea and up-close and personal shots of surfers make up for a large portion of the pictures on his page. Through his pictures, you will get a new understanding of surfing and you will see how he and other professionals in the field of surfing actually feel while being in the water.


6. John John Florence


John John Florence is a Hawaiian professional surfer who is definitely one of the more well-known surfers of his time. If you don’t already follow him on Instagram, you should definitely become one of his 1.2 million followers, as he has a lot to teach you about competitive surfing.

A big reason why surfing is charming is the adrenaline rush it gives those who practice this sport. John John is definitely one of those people who loves to compete and has actually won the title of 2017 World Surf League Men’s Champion.


7. Morgan Maassen


If you’re looking for another very talented photographer to follow, Morgan is one of those who will help you get to know many new and talented surfers through his page. As he is friends with some of your favorite surfers too, you will be able to see artistic and beautiful pictures which will make you want to travel to the places you see.

His unique photographs and simple way of capturing silhouettes and surfing scenes will inspire you to go on your own surfing trip and give surfing photography a go.


8. Julian Wilson


The Australian professional surfer has been known through his successful participation in the Championship Tour since his arrival took place in 2011. Before his participation in the Championship, he was had appeared in Quicksilver’s acclaimed video, Young Guns III.

With three incredible Championship Tour victories to his name and a number three spot in the World Title race, he is definitely a surfer who will inspire you and teach you a lot about the way he performs on his favorite sport.


9. Benji Brand


If you love traveling and surfing, Benji is one of those surfers you will definitely enjoy following. Not only does he love traveling, but he also has a love for big waves. On his Instagram, which he often updates with awesome surfing content, you will find the coolest pictures and videos of him living his dream.

The Hawaiian surfer from Haleiwa has participated in the Men’s World Championship Tour and, at just 22, he has a lot to show you about surfing. He’s currently preparing for the Pipe Master’s Trials and will keep you updated through his Instagram, so make sure to follow him for more.


10. Ricardo Bravo


Last but not least, another surfing enthusiast you should definitely consider following is Ricardo Bravo. If you have ever wanted to visit Portugal and take a closer look at those unique beaches and big waves, Rica’s pictures will make you book a trip there ASAP.


Sharing the love for surfing

Surfing is a sport that really gives you that adrenaline rush you’ve been craving for. All the surfing influencers listed in our article will inspire you to embrace the surf culture and make surfing a part of your everyday life.


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