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7 Emotions You Will Probably Feel After Your First Surfing Experience

by Scott Mathews

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If you’re looking for a sport that’s both beneficial and challenging, you should give surfing a chance. The crashing waves join forces with roaring winds, unpredictable currents, and picturesque views to create something that is more than a sport.

Due to its degree of difficulty and challenging mechanics, people often hesitate to try surfing. Beginners often find surfing time-consuming and challenging, but that’s the crux of its beauty. However, over the past two decades, surfing has grown in popularity and, with the help of the increasing number of accessible surf camps, more and more people are giving it a try. 

The physical benefits of surfing are numerous; you can lose fat, gain muscle, and improve your fitness levels in a short period of time. While these bodily benefits are well-known, not enough attention is paid to its mental benefits.

Surfing can give birth to a lot of pleasant and positive emotions, which can improve many aspects of your life. We’ve explored the amazing emotional impact that surfing can have, and rounded up seven key emotions you will most likely experience.


1. Frustration


Make no mistake. Bad emotions are sometimes good for you. Frustration is a beneficial emotion. Despite the negative impressions surrounding it, therapists around the world encourage their patients to embrace their frustrations and use them as fuel to better their lives. But how does frustration work exactly? Let’s dissect it and see how does frustration rise in our minds.

For every human being, it’s normal to have expectations before entering an unknown situation. When those expectations don’t end up being met, we end up being frustrated.

Surfing is a great way to induce frustration, and that’s exactly why it is considered such a healing activity. Beginners expect to get the hang of it in one afternoon, but they’re in for many falls, slips, and dips. Things will not go as expected and you might end up being frustrated with yourself and the entire process.

The healing powers of frustration lie in the lessons that we take from frustrating situations. As we get used to things not going our way, we become calmer and humbler. As you learn to stop being frustrated, you will approach every situation in life in a much healthier way.


2. Excitement


Just picture it – the waves, the sunshine and the swift moves you’ll be able to perform. Surfing is the embodiment of excitement and is amongst the most exhilarating outdoor activities. Due to its challenging nature, ocean surfing keeps you on your toes until you try it out. As you feel more and more excitement while the date is approaching, you will begin to see that challenges are everywhere around you. On an everyday basis, you will be able to recreate that excitement.

Immediately after you step on the board for the first time, the experience will begin replicating itself. Knowing that you’ve conquered an activity as challenging as surfing, a feeling of reinvigoration will engulf you.

Every sport is great for a reason, but surfing involves many unusual things. From residing in nature to getting wet and balancing on a board, it will switch things up in your life. Excitement is an underrated emotion.


3. Anticipation


Here we have yet another underappreciated emotion. Ever since childhood, we learn to value that feeling we get between finding out about something and actually experiencing it. Anticipation is a valuable teacher that allows us to cherish our time.

When we are young, we tend to get overly excited and spend the entire anticipatory period thinking about the thing we’re going to get or the experience we’re about to feel.

Surfing is an ideal activity for inducing anticipation. Before having your first experience, you will imagine how it feels like and how will it play out. Energy will flow through you before and after you do it. While anticipation will surely be felt before, the true burst of this emotion will be felt after it.

Once you experience surfing for the first time, you will anticipate your second contact with it. By mixing the excitement with the anticipation before the next lesson, your life will take a turn for the better.


4. Amazement


There is just something special when doing something for the first time. When we’re all grown up, there are fewer things that we get to do for the first time. Surfing can be one of those few things.

By joining your first surf lesson, you will be amazed by everything that the ocean has in store for you. The falls, the success, the “wrestling” with the board – everything will take you to an entirely new world.

A common problem for many people working 9-5 is falling into a routine. As less and less amazement is present in your life, you will feel worse with each passing day. Adding a pinch of that child-like amazement to your life is all that it takes to turn things around.

“Unusual” activities such as surfing are ideal for adding that little bit of pizazz your life desperately needs. Once you feel amazed after your first surfing experience, you will look at everything from a new perspective.


5. Joy


Joy is the essence of all positive emotions, and surfing is the best possible source of it. By joining a surf lesson, you will realize many things. Beating a challenge will start feeling addictive, and you won’t be able to stop.

To keep that feeling going, you will try harder and become a better surfer. After you’re done with your first lesson, you will look back and see the great accomplishment you’ve made that day.

From a psychological standpoint, joy is essential in building other emotions. You’re going to feel an urge to feel it again. Motivation will thus be born. With motivation added to the equation, accomplishments will keep on piling up, and that’s how self-confidence will arise. For this particular chain reaction of emotions, surfing is ideal for team buildings and character strengthening.

The moment you feel that joy again, you will start to look at things with exhilaration and positivity, something that most people lose in adulthood. As your outlook changes, you will be a better and healthier person in more ways than one.


6. Dread


No, surfing is not a dreadful activity! The dread you will feel will stem from frustration with yourself. As you realize how amazing trying something new is, you won’t be able to understand how you ever managed to stay in your comfort zone for so long.

With that inability to understand your past self, you will begin to dread the thought of going back to your old self. And that precise dread is the best preventive measure when it comes to avoiding bad habits.

Dreading a worse version of yourself is an integral part of self-improvement. Surfing will provide such a sudden change to your daily routine, and it will cause a ripple effect.

Once you create a better environment for yourself, the dread will turn into drastic changes on multiple levels. The healing process will be in full effect, as you’ll be able to avoid any returning to old ways.


7. Appreciation


Being thankful and appreciative is the key to a healthy lifestyle. After you experience surfing for the first time, you will look at everything in a different light. By being thankful that you’ve embarked on that journey, you will feel more in sync with your wishes and capabilities.

For that reason, solely, it’s important to have bucket lists and do things that you’ve wanted for a long time. To some, it may seem silly, but doing something out of the ordinary will allow you to visualize how good your life is.

By thinking about how much worse your day would be without going out for a surf sesh, your entire mentality will change. Every good thing that happens will echo much more strongly, and positivity will be the theme of your every day.

Don’t be afraid and do things that aren’t common for you! 


Final words

Don’t have second thoughts. Surfing is a challenge unlike any other. While it is undoubtedly hard, it’s also beneficial and therapeutic. Every fall from the board will give you the opportunity to value your hard work. By being alone on the ocean with nothing but your surfboard, you will also learn to respect nature and everything else that is beyond your control. Through feelings of joy and excitement, you will start to feel a dread of living a dull and monotonous life. All seven emotions that you will feel are vital ingredients for a pleasant and productive life. 


Are you ready to reap the many benefits of surfing? Join a surf camp and get ready to experience all the strong emotions listed above. Learn to master them as you learn to master your surfboard, and be on your way to becoming the best version of yourself!

Scott Mathews is a professional content writer at Brillassignment.co.uk. Contact him on Facebook and Twitter.

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