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7 of the Best Places to Surf for Beginners (+ 4 that Beginners Should Avoid)

December 30, 2017

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The holidays are the perfect time of year to spend some leisure moments with your family, friends and loved ones, and to take a break from the daily monotonous routines. With every moment meant to be exciting, adventure-filled outdoor holiday vacations are the best, be it for anniversaries, picnics or a short escapade. 

Beginner surfers, as well as the more experienced riders, all look for places where they can spend as much time surfing as possible. For those looking for an exciting surfing experience, I have rounded up the best places to enjoy surfing if you are a beginner:


1. Biarritz, France




If you are planning to travel to France anytime soon, then Biarritz should be on your bucket list. This lovely surf city is located on the southwest coast is home to some of the best surf spots in France. With long white sandy beaches and plenty of surf schools around, you will definitely love surfing in this seaside town. There are various designated sports for surfing, however, when the sea is rough, surfing in places such as Miramar is not allowed. 


2. Belhaven Bay, Scotland



Photo credit: magicseaweed.com

In Scotland, Belhaven Bay is located within John Muir Country Park on the east side of the East Lothian coastline. With average wind speeds of 22km/h (14 mph) and low tides, it is one of the safest spots to surf in the UK. The numerous surf schools along the coastline provide expert coaching to first-time surfers. The open air and grasslands offer excellent sightseeing, walking and coastal hiking opportunities.


3. St Ouen’s Bay, UK



Photo credit: richwainwright.com

Who would not love to sunbathe on an eight-kilometer (5-mile) golden sand beach while watching water sports lovers roving on water? St Ouen’s Bay in Jersey, also known as the 5-mile beach, is located on the west coast of the largest of the Channel Islands, between England and France. Beginner surfers have the advantage of low tides and mild humidity. More experienced surfers will be thrilled to know that Ouen’s Bay is a renowned host of British and European surf championships.


4. Byron Bay, Australia




For Australians, as well as for those who are visiting Australia for the first time, then surfing at Byron Bay should be on your to-do list. Located in New South Wales, the site is ideal for first-time surfers since it has a an average water temperature of 23°C (74°F), an average humidity of 84 percent and wind speeds of 8 km/h (5 mph). Byron Bay is known for its exquisite beaches, which provide an exhilarating experience for surfers. However, when the sea is rough and the tides are strong, surfing is discouraged.


5. Lagos, Portugal




Portugal has one of the best surfing spots in Europe. In the Algarve region, Lagos offers spectacular views of its old walled city and washed cliffs. The town is also a popular destination among water-sport enthusiasts, as there are numerous surf schools and rental shops, as well as hotels, bars and restaurants.


6. Waikiki, Hawaii




In Honolulu, Waikiki Beach is located on the south shores of O’ahu Island and is a legendary surf beach surrounded by other notable attractions, such as Pearl Harbor. You simply cannot miss the exciting surf lessons on the shores of this exciting place.

Coupled with mild humidity, favorable temperatures and average wind speeds, beginner surfers will have some quiet time for themselves. The beaches are also home to cocktail bars, hula beach shows and various kinds of sea animals. 


7. Newquay, UK 




England’s Newquay serves as one of the best places in the UK to surf, go for a picnic or simply do some sunbathing. Located on the north coast of Cornwall in South West England, the beaches at Watergate Bay are a safe place to learn to surf.

The water here has an average temperature of 11°C (42°F) and 97 percent humidity, therefore, offering perfect conditions for surfers. For beginners, surf schools are available along the coastline with well-experienced tutors.


The above-reviewed destinations are examples of the best places to learn to surf and embark on an exciting adventure or simply have a picnic or celebrate an anniversary. And now, let’ s take a peek at five surf spots that you should avoid:


Places to avoid




1. Puerto Escondido, Mexico

One of Mexico’s port towns, located on the Pacific coast in the state of Oaxaca, this beach does not provide an excellent spot for surfing. It has characteristic low waves, high tides, and cliffs which are dangerous for first-time surfers. The low humidity and high temperatures are unfavorable for surfing. Waves can be strong and drive you further into the sea. Therefore, it is highly advised to swim in the presence of a lifeguard.


2. Port Elizabeth, South Africa


Port Elizabeth is safe by day but is recommended to be avoided at night. Located in the Eastern Cape province in Algoa Bay, the various beaches at the port are not secure when there are high tides and strong winds, which are not favorable for surfing.

Beach lovers who cannot withstand a humidity of 64 percent are advised to stay away from the beaches. The ocean has a sharp bottom, which is not safe for beginners. With its robust marine life, sharks and scorpions and different dangerous marine life pose a threat to swimmers, beach walkers and even suffers who are enjoying their time on the beach


3. Coolangatta, Australia


Found in Australia, this is a beach that I would advise anyone to avoid. This is one place that is rampant with crime ranging from murders drug trafficking and smugglers taking advantage of innocent tourists and travelers. Located in the southernmost part of Australia, this place should be avoided because of lack of necessary facilities such as ATMs, cheap accommodation and emergency facilities. The crystalline sandy beaches here can cut travelers feet while moving around on the beaches.


4. North Shore, Oahu, Hawaii


If you are a beginner, you should try to avoid the North Shore of Oahu. The beach is populated with the best surfers in the world, giving you a limited opportunity to enjoy your time on the beach.

  • The beach is coupled with strong waves and coral reefs that pose a significant danger to swimmers and surfers.
  • The beach experiences different weather changes.
  • Shark attacks on unsuspecting beach lovers and travelers are a constant threat to the lives of many vacation lovers.
  • If you are in a perpetual hurry, then you have to avoid the North Shore because of regular heavy traffic.


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