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Top 5 Aspects to Look for When Booking a Surf Camp

by Cristina Costea

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In this day and age, when we have access to so much information, it is easier than ever to do research when booking a surf camp or a trip. But, if you’ve never been on a surf vacation, then you probably need some tips on what to look for before choosing your surf camp.

As surf camp experts, we are ecstatic to share some pointers on what aspects to look for when researching and planning your surfing trip!


Surf Camp Destination


Tips on How to Book Surf Camps


The destination is everything when it comes to a surf camp or a surf vacation. It’s the first thing you need to think about when deciding to book a surf camp. There are many stunning places for surfing in this world and whether you are a noob or an experienced surfer, you will want to ride the waves in as many places as you can. In Europe, for some of the most rad surf spots, we recommend you check out Portugal, the Algarve region in particular, and Spain. Australia and Bali, Indonesia are also stunning surf destinations and we’re not even going to mention Hawaii, USA, because that’s just a perfect surf spot!

Another thing you absolutely need to take into consideration is the weather. Some surf camps will have an all-year-round availability, even though the weather there won’t be surf-perfect all-read-round. For example, if you want to go on a Maldives surf camp for beginners, know that the Maldives are a magical place where the weather is surf-ready pretty much all the time. Instead of just Googling the weather of your surf destination, you can try this tool that tells you all about the winds and weather, in general, and it is specifically aimed at surfers, kitesurfes, windsurfers and sailors.




Tips on How to Book Surf Camps


You’d be interested to know that you can go on a surf camp for as little as $400! That said, expect to share your room and have only breakfast and a limited range of activities included.  Alternatively, you can go on a surf camp for $1,000 and you’ll be treated royally.

The bottom line is that no matter how much you want or afford to spend on a surf camp, know that the price itself is not a reflection on the quality of the surf school, but more on the quality of your stay. Surfers, in general, are laid back people and surf schools and camps reflect this, which is why we recommend you don’t fuss too much about the price. We can guarantee that you’ll have just as much fun on a $500 surf camp as you will on a $1,500 one.


Quality of the Surf School


Tips on How to Book Surf Camps


There are so many surf schools around the world that it can be difficult to choose one. Our advice is to read the reviews first and get the general feel of the place. The online reviews are a good and reliable source of information. It’s the first thing you should do after you decide on your surf destination. It is very important to learn about and from the experience of others. Read all the reviews available and, if possible, ask questions. Most people are more than happy to answer them. But keep in mind that we recommend you take everything with a grain of salt!

Then, after you’ve checked out the reviews of several surf schools and found some that appeal to you, we highly recommend you check out their website. Read about what they’re offering and who their teachers are and research them too. Google is your friend, but also try surf forums or Facebook surf groups. Only then, you should pick up the phone and talk to them directly. Make a list of questions and don’t be afraid to ask away. They should be able to offer an answer to your questions and be polite. If you like them, they’re in luck!


Surf Camp Accommodation


Tips on How to Book Surf Camps


Generally, when you book surf camps, you will be sharing your room. Depending on the price, you could get a double room or a shared room with bunk beds. If you don’t want to share it, there are single rooms available – that is if you are willing to pay for a single room supplement. Either way, we recommend you spend as little time as possible inside your hotel room and as much time in the water, practicing your surf moves.

One more thing, transportation is almost never included in the price of the surf camp! Make the arrangements as soon as you book your surf camp, to make sure you get the best price. Better yet, why not look into booking a surf charter? This way you can travel fast to the destination of your choice, which means that you’ll only spend more time surfing and less time traveling!


Selection of Activities


Tips on How to Book Surf Camps


All surf camps include various activities, aside from the expected surf lessons. Some will include daily yoga, others meditation. If you’re going on a kitesurfing holiday, your surf school could offer some introductory windsurfing lessons. If you’re staying at a hotel that has a swimming pool, you need to know if that swimming pool is available to you at no extra cost. All you need to do is make sure that nothing takes you by surprise once you get there.

You should know beforehand which activities are included in the price and which are available at an additional cost. So, if you’re going on that Thailand surf camp that you’ve been waiting for all year, you should know what activities are available and what is included in the price!


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