In the past year, was lucky enough to interview some of the most well-known and accomplished surfers in the business. We’ve chatted with big wave surfer Andrew Cotton, windsurfers Steve Boden and Tatiana Howard, as well as the daredevil dirt-bike surfer, Robbie Maddison. They’re not just great athletes, who give their all on the board, and who love what they’re doing, they’re also inspiring and motivating.


Andrew Cotton  

Andrew Cotton Surf Quotes

I'm always working towards my goals and one is to surf the biggest wave ever. Hopefully I'll achieve that.

Considering that Andrew Cotton was there when Garrett McNamara surfed the biggest wave in Nazare, Portugal, we have no doubt that he will get to achieve his goal! Keep an eye on Andrew Cotton, you will be hearing his name often!


Andrew Cotton Surf Quotes

I take inspiration from everyone in some form or another, but the biggest influence in my big wave surfing has to be GMac. His big wave approach, his work ethic, and his belief that anything is possible if you want it enough. That's pretty inspiring!


Garrett McNamara, or GMac as he’s known in the surfing world, is much more than Andrew’s inspiration, he’s his mentor. And with a mentor like GMac, who most believe is the best big-wave surfer in the world, there is no way but up!


Andrew Cotton Surf Quotes

I’ve always just seen myself as a surfer and always felt very comfortable in the ocean. When the waves got bigger, I found it easier to surf!


This surf quote really does capture the beauty of surfing. Spoken like a true big-wave surfer, Andrew Cotton feels most comfortable when the waves are big! If he wasn’t born to be a big-wave surfer, then we don’t know who was!


Andrew Cotton Surf Quotes

Work to surf, surf to work!


Andrew Cotton was a plumber when he was young, to support his surfing. That type of passion and dedication can’t be anything but inspiring! You need to work hard to follow your dreams!  


Steve Bodner

Steve Bodner Surf Quotes

With windsurfing, it’s just you, the board, the sail and the wind.


Windsurfer Steve Bodner lives for windsurfing. Similar to Andrew Cotton, Bodner has a day job. He’s his own boss, which means that he can sneak to the San Francisco bay and windsurf pretty much every day!


Steve Bodner Surf Quotes

It’s all about enjoying the process and not focusing so much on the end result that has worked best for me.


Steve Bodner lives in the moment, which is the best place to live in and where all the magic happens. It’s the only way you can achieve your dreams and be the best that you can be! That’s one of the most inspiring surfing quotes out there!


Steve Bodner Surf Quotes

You’re never too old or young to start. It’s a lifetime sport that brings incredible amounts of humbleness and happiness and exposure to nature.


If you’ve ever wanted to start windsurfing and thought you were too old to start, listen to what one of the best windsurfer in the US has to say, because it’s true: you’re never too old to start windsurfing!


Tatiana Howard

Tatiana Howard Surf Quotes

                Follow your passion and enjoy every moment! Stay positive and spread ALOHA!


Surfers are very positive people, but you’ll still have to look long and hard to find a more positive and refreshing person than Tatiana Howard. She’s a professional windsurfer, a philanthropist and an all-around great individual!


Tatiana Howard Surf Quotes

Windsurfing is very special to me. To catch wind in your sail, glide across the water in whatever direction, be in the ocean when most people run away because of the wind is truly amazing.


This beach life quote is so motivating. The feeling you experience when you’re out there in the ocean, windsurfing is a rush of adrenaline, happiness and freedom. To go and look for that type of freedom is to take control of your own life.


Tatiana Howard Surf Quotes

Windsurfing. You have to live it. You have to learn to work with nature rather than fight or muscle against it. The more you can relax into it the better you will be.


Working with nature is how Tatiana Howard got to be so good at what she does. She understood that nothing good comes from fighting the elements and that windsurfing is not just taking advantage of the elements, but adapting to them!


Robbie Maddison

Robbie Maddison Surf Quotes

I feel fear in every situation, and I’m mindful of it, but I also let it guide me to the potential things that could go wrong.


How awesome and refreshing it is to hear this from a surfer/daredevil/stuntman. You look at these people and think that they never feel fear, but they do, because they’re human. It is how they deal with their fear – to use them to their advantage - that makes them good at what they do.


Robbie Maddison Surf Quotes

I constantly remind myself that as long as I’m following my heart, I can walk the tight rope of danger that surrounds every milestone I embark on.


With this surf quote, Robbie Maddison shows that he is indeed a surfing role model. Doing what you love, following your heart making your job, whatever that may be, so much easier. And in Robbie Maddison’s case, what he does is dangerous. You can’t do that every day of your life, without loving every single second of it.


Robbie Maddison Surf Quotes

Today I'm making my childhood dreams my reality. My parents gave me the foundation to bring this dream to life by taking me racing every weekend from when I was 6 till I was 16 years old.


Robbie is just the ultimate inspiration when it comes to achieving your dreams. He’s worked so hard all his life and he’s achieved absolutely everything he’s wished for. And it just goes to show how important it is to have the unending support of your parents, in life.


Robbie Maddison Surf Quotes

Believe in yourself, you are amazing! Love what you do and do what you love. You can do anything you believe in, as long as you take the right path, make the right steps at the right time and are in touch with reality.


Robbie Maddison is a man with a mission. He doesn’t seem to steer away from his dreams and always works towards fulfilling them! Working hard is the way to do it! And loving what you do, makes everything easier.


Robbie Maddison Surf Quotes

I just take each day as it comes, but I’m always mindful of what I want to achieve. Never say never!


What great advice! It’s so important to be mindful of everything you want to achieve and to work towards fulfilling your dreams with the tools that you have. This way, you get to be more focused, happier and also you’ll run into less issues along the way.


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